Exercise, Working Out, & Physical Activity!

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Exercise, working out and physical activity are all interchangeable because you are working the muscles as well as all the other parts of the body to support strength, agility, and physical coördination, etc. to keep the body in a healthy state of being. Whether you are young, middle-aged or elderly, exercise should be a part of the preventive measures taken with regards to your health. Do it not just for yourself, but also for those you care about. You have to make your health a priority. You can stay young as you grow old. You can live longer to experience the moments that mean the most to you.

The 94-year-old World Master Rowing Champion, Dr. Charles Eugster stated, “We have confused illness with the process of aging, which can be thoroughly healthy. Illness is not a necessary part of aging!” Continue reading “Exercise, Working Out, & Physical Activity!”

The Prostate


I love it when my readers ask me questions about health issues that affect the masses. One such question was on the prostate – an issue particular to men. How can you avoid prostate problems? How can you keep it healthy?

Think of the total body as being like a car. The efficiency  of a car depends on the car having all its parts. Take one part away or a part starts to break down and the car becomes sluggish and eventually won’t run or work at all, and finally the car needs to be fixed. Our bodies work the same way. The body only works efficiently when all the parts are intact. Take a body part away – as through surgery, damage a part – by accidental means, or purposely – as by drug use etc., and the body begins to break down or malfunction. It is at that point that the human begins to worry, even panic. What am I going to do – how can I fix it? As with most folks they call the doctor – the allopathic doctor, who fixes them with surgery or prescription medications. But, HAS THE INJURY OR MALFUNCTION BEEN REPAIRED? Probably not – as those methods of healing usually fix the symptoms and do not repair the cause. Granted, medical doctors are an important part of the medical community and they are there for good reasons – BUT, often, many body function issues can be fixed or repaired by alternative methods. Scientific research is proving this every day.



NOW, what about the PROSTATE GLAND?


The PROSTATE GLAND is an organ of the human male reproduction system. It is clam shaped, consisting of three lobes. It surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra. It is partly glandular tissue and partly muscular tissue. The glands are exocrine and have ducts that open into the prostate portion of the urethra (the tube or canal that urine flows through) from the bladder to the outside of the body. The prostate gland secretes a thin semi-clear alkaline fluid which makes up 30% of the seminal fluid. This fluid is used as a lubricant, but also stimulates active sperm movement. The cause of Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) is acidosis. However, the most contributing factor is hypoactive adrenal glands, which creates low steroid production. This leads to prostate over-stimulation and inflammation.

The muscle fibers of the prostate act as a sort of valve mechanism which shuts off the urinary bladder so that urine does not come in contact with the male sperm cells.

When the prostate becomes infected it can be because of gonorrhea which shows all the signs of infection to include a rise in temperature, pain, often a discharge, sometimes abscess – it then needs a surgical procedure.

Most commonly, the condition affecting the prostate is a simple enlargement that comes on with advancing years. The exact cause is not known. Signs of this include: impeding urination, a need to urinate more often – thus the nighttime trips to the bathroom. Also there may be some retention of fluid in the bladder – so it does not empty completely during urination. In earlier times and still today, modern treatment is surgery. However, today the death rate from this surgery is minimal. Medical doctors usually suggest surgery if the prostate issue is cancer related, – benign or malignant tumors, kidney disease related, calculi (stone in the prostate), or nodular hyperplasia (excessive proliferation of normal cells) is present. These are common, particularly in men past 60 years of age. Many of these issues can be holistically treated – especially if the problem is old age related.

The prostate gland has broken down – much like a car part. How can the prostate gland be fixed? It can be repaired by the use of natural herbal supplement formulas. It needs special cleansing, strengthening and regenerating. You start by detoxifying the prostate gland. Also, note in the first picture how the prostate gland is connected to other glands and organs in the body. In order to keep the prostate gland healthy, the organs and glands it is connected to must also be kept healthy. Correct detoxification – which is the only way the body can eliminate the cause of any abnormal issue, needs to include those organs and glands as well.

Our store has just what is needed to eliminate the cause, not just treat the symptoms. Click on the FYI Healthtalk Store, under Health Links (to the right of this blog) for product information. For help on the correct product/s to use, and a good detoxification program, it would be wise to consult a detox specialist – who is knowledgeable regarding the products needed to perform the detox task.. I am available for a free consultation via email. You can contact me by leaving a comment on this blog. I will respond. All consultations are private, and all information is kept confidential.   


Keep working, everyone, to become a healthier you! May God Bless!

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Fungus/Fungi – Did You Know?

This is a short blog, about something that plagues almost everyone at some time in their life.

FUNGUS is “A vegetable cellular organism that subsists on organic matter.” It belongs to the division Fungi. FUNGI is a division of plant like organisms that includes molds and yeasts. Fungi grow as single cells as in yeast or multicellular as in molds and mushrooms. They are dependent on a parasitic existence.

FUNGUS can be the cause, is the cause, or is the symptom of many bodily function issues. Most people are familiar with NAIL fungus-finger, toe, and skin. However other issues to be concerned about are: liver problems, diabetes, psoriasis, dry skin, dandruff, hair loss, fatigue, prescription drugs, dark urine, leg tingling, ringworm, Parkinson’s disease, Athlete’s foot, and heart failure, etc. Fungus growth begins usually as a symptom, with the root cause starting from inside the body, and, has to do with a poor immune system. “Fungal spores are everywhere and are difficult to get rid of” according to Dr. Jiang – a Chinese Medicine doctor.

DETOX– it is necessary to clean fungus from the body’s main organs or systems within the body. It is a must to heal the organ or cause to revive the immune system and allow the body’s natural healing process to kick in. A good detox diet/program needs to be done at the same time you are using topical or other methods. Check out my DETOX DIET PLAN (an earlier blog). A good detox program will be cleansing the toxins/fungus from the body, from the inside out, thereby allowing the body to start the self healing process. This will ‘revive the immune system’.

Basically, natural antifungal – to include: activated charcoal (which binds to the cells wall), Oregano Oil – which can be taken internally or used topically, pure Organic Natural Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) to be taken as what I call an ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ Cocktail – or you can bathe the area with just the Apple Cider Vinegar, and finally, olive oil taken internally or used on the affected area topically. My favorites are the Oregano Oil (my clients say it works), and the Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail. Another thing I have found useful is swabbing the affected (if external)area, or soaking (if toe or finger nail) with Hydrogen Peroxide – then use the Oregano Oil, rub it on the nail bed and around the nail area until absorbed.You have to be consistent in applying any of these methods, as the healing does not happen immediately or just overnight.

{Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail: Using a pint jar, fill 3/4 with honey and 1/4 with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Stir until well mixed and store in the cupboard. This is the mixture. For the Cocktail, put 1 Tablespoon of the Mixture in an 8 oz. glass and mix with 8 oz. pure or distilled water. I add ice cubes. Drink as often as you like during the day. It is also a good cleanse for all the organs of the body.} This formula will not work with the regular store-bought Distilled Vinegar, as it has very little nutritional value.}

I hope this helps some of you who might be frustrated with this problem. There are many products being sold today for use on nail fungus issues. What I hear from folks using them is that they don’t work. When using NATURAL sources – the good news is that you can continue using them after the problem is solved, to keep the healing intact and maintained.

PATIENCE my friends, PATIENCE. It all takes time.

God Bless!