Bits & Pieces of Health Tips

I have said all along that everyone’s body and health issues are different. Our chemical makeup is different. Things to be considered are your gender, age, weight, height and once in a while the family genetics. YOU NEED TO KNOW YOURSELF! When taking supplements, ask yourself, how do I feel now as opposed to how I felt before. As with the allergies in the prior blog, what foods are you eating and how do they make you feel. When you back away from caffeine, smoking, alcohol…how do you feel. These 3 things, as most of you know are the hardest habits to kick. But, when you feel better, keep that feeling in your mind, be strong, be in charge, your body will begin the healing process so it won’t need to use caffeine to keep you awake, a cigarette to keep you from eating, alcohol to supposedly help you feel better about yourself – or get in the mood – or forget whatever it is you want to forget. GET ON WITH LIFE! Continue reading “Bits & Pieces of Health Tips”


It’s Spring, and what comes with Spring? Allergies. Here in Florida, it has seemed like summer all winter, during which we have experienced a lot of pollen. The pollen is continuing into Spring….and it is bad. The people I talk to are blaming their allergies, illnesses and everything else on the pollen. I have to wash the pollen off my car at least once a week. If it rains, even if I don’t need to go anywhere, I drive my car around in the rain to let the rain wash the pollen off the car. Usually the rain helps to lower the pollen count, but this year, it didn’t. So the cry is Allergies, allergies, allergies. What do I do?

What does Allergy mean? According to the Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary – Allergy is “an altered reaction of body tissues to a specific substance (allergen) which in nonsensitive persons will, in similar amounts produce no effect.” What is an Allergen? ” Any substance that indicates a state of, or brings on manifestation of allergies.” Among common allergens are “inhalant’s (dusts, pollens, fungi, smoke, perfumes, odors of various materials); foods (wheat, eggs, milk, chocolate, strawberries); drugs (aspirin, antibiotics, serums); infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, animal parasites); contactants (chemicals, animals, plants, metals); physical agents (heat, cold, light, pressure, radiation);” etc. Allergic conditions include eczema, hay fever, bronchial asthma, hives, mumps, measles, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, etc. which, also, considered symptoms, stem from a cause.

Most folks are familiar with all the above, however, I would like to focus on fungus and nasal issues – generally considered to be hay fever or sinus problems. Continue reading “Allergies/Fungi/Sinusitus”

FYIHealthtalk Test Kitchen

Funny thing, I decided to add a Test Kitchen section to my blog. I am always trying new things. The Kitchen will present new recipes that I have concocted. The one for today will be a New Prickly Pear Smoothie. However, before I get to the recipe, let me tell you how I got there.

I have a neighbor who grows the Prickly Pear Cactus. It has the most beautiful flowers that change into the Prickly Pear Fruit.

The flowers on his plants are yellow like this picture. However, depending on the species the flowers can be other colors as well. The prickly pear cactus is grown in many areas. Here in the US they can be grown in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and I assume on the desert in Texas as well. They are also grown in other countries to include Mexico. I doubt anyone thinks about them being grown in Florida, but they are. Here in the area I live many people grow a bush or two in their yards. The only desert like places are the sands of the beach, but they are not grown there….probably too much salt in the sand. I had one in my yard, but they can grow very big and I didn’t like the needles – stickers on them so I disposed of them before they bloomed. I have seen them grow as high as the house….and they are heavy. I helped a neighbor take one out that wasn’t really very big, but it weighed a ton…had to put a rope around it and pull it out, then cut it up into little pieces to dispose of it. Continue reading “FYIHealthtalk Test Kitchen”

Healthy Aging!


It has been indicated in the past and is still the knowledge of today that energy is the life force that fuels our physical, mental and emotional well-being regardless of age, or sex. The world is full of folks who complain everyday that they have no energy, are tired and experience fatigue on a daily basis, and feel they are just making it from day-to-day. Many factors can cause this such as pollution, stress, improper eating habits such as skipping meals, eating too many processed foods, pushing our body’s support system to the limit when exercising, chronic low-grade health problems developed over a long time which can include, headaches, weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, nutritional deficiency, etc., etc.

What can a person do to reverse this downward spiral from being energetic? Detoxify, rebuild, re-energize, commit to free oneself from addictive habits – substances, and dependence on prescription drugs, any drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, toxic foods and beverages (soda). In simple language…it is changing ones lifestyle. Getting back to the basics in all aspects of your life. Continue reading “Healthy Aging!”