Joint Pain

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I hear it said over and over, “My knees hurt; my hips hurt; my ankles hurt; my back hurts; my whole body hurts.” Then comes – “I guess that is part of aging – I’m just getting old. Because my joints hurt…the doctor tells me I have arthritis.”

All words that end in ‘itis’ means that there is inflammation somewhere in the body. Most joint pain is – or so it is said by the doctors, is experienced because of arthritis, of which there are two forms, osteoarthritis (the most common form), and rheumatoid arthritis. Other forms of joint pain include gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia.

For years, folks have been told that arthritisjoint pain is simply a sign of aging. I find that many folks thrive on that belief…it gives them something to talk about with their aging peers and a reason to go to the doctor. It has also been believed that it cannot be fixed or reversed. Today, this is a hot topic of many conversations.

What one must realize, is, that to experience joint pain is to experience inflammation. Yes, joint pain is a product of inflammation. To control inflammation is to control joint pain. And AGAIN – the safest, most powerful and consistent way is an anti-inflammatory DIET. However, doctors are constantly treating joint pain with ibuprofen, acetaminophen and a myriad of prescription pain medications. These over-the-counter and prescription meds have risks (side effects) which can include gastrointestinal damage, anemia, hearing loss, hypertension, cardiac arrest, to name just a few, and can cause opioid addiction – which is a topic of discussion today as reaching dangerous epidemic proportions.

Again this method of treatment is treating only the symptoms PAIN, and not the cause the STAD (Standard American Diet).

I know, I sound like a broken record – preaching to the deaf ear of “I can’t change what I eat.” “Oh no, I’m in my comfort zone, so don’t ask me to not eat this or not eat that.

Well folks – GOT JOINT PAIN? Start consuming an anti-inflammatory diet. Begin with –Stop the milk and cheese consumption…in fact all dairy products. Why? You say. Because these foods are like glue – causing mucus buildup etc. The University of Michigan research team found that “the casein in cheese binds to opioid receptors in the brain. It changes the brain circuitry.” Research also shows that Cassia (a gum which comes in powder form and comes from evergreen trees) is, as well, used in cheese making. It is used as a thickener, emulsifier, mucilage, foam stabilizer, moisture retention agent and texturizing agent. This additive may not sound inhibiting to you – but it is – it is, as already mentioned, ‘like glue causing mucus buildup.’

Milk as mentioned in an earlier blog is linked to a wide array of health issues. Did you know that cow’s milk is the blood of the cow without the hemoglobin (the red part of the blood). It is well-known that pasteurized and processed dairy products are very difficult for the human body to process. The inflammation triggered is a sign that your body treats these foods (milk and cheese) like it would a harmful foreign agent. Researchers say it is no longer believed that milk builds strong bones. Yes, technically, milk contains calcium, but not enough to matter. Research now correlates milk with bone weakness and fractures, and is an overall risk of mortality. It is also linked with leaky gut syndrome, and systemic inflammation which links to JOINT PAIN.

It is a challenge to cut milk and cheese out of your diet…these are staples that you are in love with – especially cheese. Cheese was one of my addictions. Every time I ate it, I would experience body inflammation and my joints would hurt. I quit eating it; all the symptoms went away…and my brain circuitry reset so I don’t crave cheese anymore – well maybe, once in a while. I am working on developing a strong constitution. I never was addicted to milk.

A dairy free and gluten-free diet has been shown, through research, to significantly reduce JOINT PAIN, and improve the leaky gut syndrome (where toxins leak into the bloodstream triggering systemic inflammation).

What to do?  Again, QUIT DAIRY!  If you must have milk, learn how to Make your own milk – out of almonds, coconut, cashews, etc. If this seems like a chore then buy these milks at your local grocery store, or health food store. Experiment with them on your cereal and with cooking and baking. Let your brain circuitry reset to these New Milks – mm good!  Soon you will no longer crave or need cow’s milk. Young children will benefit greatly by this ‘quit dairy’ change. Milk allergies could become nonexistent, immune systems will get stronger, and soon “look Mommy, I am not sick!”

You will never know if cutting out dairy products works until you try it. You will be surprised as you experience less inflammation and joint pain.

I will be donating blood for the folks in Texas. Support their recovery efforts by finding your own way to give to those in need. We here in Florida know what they are experiencing. We have been there and done that. Keep those folks in your prayers!



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Summer and seasonal weather changes go hand in hand no matter where you live. Here in Florida – summer weather means hurricane season. However, life goes on.


DETOXIFICATION? Is it different from DIETING?

We all, at one time or another, have gotten caught in the Terrible Triangle of overeating, poor nutrition and dieting. It is important to know that detoxification and dieting mean a lifestyle change and commitment. Doing both will help a person to lose weight if that is their goal.

Let’s not call detoxing, dieting. Detoxification is the process of reducing the toxic properties of the poisonous substances we take into our system, or body, by what we eat. (See my earlier blog).  Diet refers to ‘a way of living’ – the liquid and solid food substances regularly consumed in the course of normal living. Dieting is the regulated food allowance in the system. Or, in other words, eating foods specifically prepared for restrictive diets. Restrictive dieting is difficult for anyone who wants to lose weight, and stay fit.

In my last blog, you learned how to Detoxify. Detoxification and Dieting are two different things.

Today, I want to discuss DIETING. Dieting is thrust into our lives in many ways. You see programs on TV, hear programs on the Radio, see articles in Magazines and who can keep count of the subject in thousands of Books.

Diet can refer to: bland diet; calcium (high and low) diet; elimination diet; low-fat diet; feeding diet, fluid diet, liquid diet, roughage diet, salt-free diet, sippy diet; soft diet, gluten-free, and etc. There are diets for all of your ailments, to include: diabetes, for energy, for depression, for heart maintenance – you name it, someone, somewhere will dream up a diet to fix everything. Herein lies the danger  – going along with the present day flow of dieting if ands and buts. Think, are they good for you, do they work, are they safe. I could write a book on dieting, but the world doesn’t need another ho-hum book on how to diet.

Use common senseBE CAUTIOUS!

In SUMMARY: A diet should contain these basic elements of nutrition: water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, roughage, and vitamins.   Simply put: Water – keeps the body hydrated and helps with the consumption of roughage, Carbohydrates are needed for energy and for the vitamins and minerals they carry, Protein builds muscles and repairs body tissue, Fat (the right kind) is needed for energy, for insulation and lubrication, and for various cellular functions involving fat-soluble vitamins, Roughage  – is indigestible fiber of fruits, vegetables, and cereals which acts as a stimulant to aid intestinal peristalsis. What a person needs to do is find a sensible balance of these nutritional elements. I say sensible because diet hopping…trying this and that and whatever changes your metabolism and alters your body chemistry, makes you more likely to gain weight – as if you had never dieted, brings on illness, causes
dis-ease (disease) throughout the body and puts your health in jeopardy.

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Exercise – is also a critical factor in weight control and good health. Muscular activity burns fat. Exercise also increases the lean body mass. Aerobic exercise is the most successful type of exercise in reaching and maintaining your goals. However, it is not for everyone. I find low impact aerobic exercise is better. Walking, jogging (if able), bicycling, swimming, hiking, and my preferences, Tai Chi and Yoga are all good ways to exercise – you don’t have to run out and sign up for all the FAD exercise methods on the market today. HOWEVER, in choosing instruction in any of these genre – do your research to find out what works best for you.

Keep in mind – ALWAYS, that Poor Nutrition is modern man’s luxury. We are what we eat. Look in the mirror – do you like what you see? If losing weight is your goal, put your effort into the following steps:
1) check with your doctor.
2) Begin a regular exercise program.
3) Adjust your diet by reducing the amount of fats and sugars that you eat.
4) Plan your meals to include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, eating no red meats (beef, pork, lamb) – but instead eat white meats (chicken, turkey, fish), however – sparingly.
5) Finally be patient. Permanent weight loss can be a slow process…as was the weight gain.

As a normal healthy individual – to stay healthy, AVOID THE TERRIBLE TRIANGLE of overeating, poor nutrition, and – at this point, Improper Dieting.


Basic Starter Detox Cleansing Program

My Detox Diet Plan was posted as a blog early on. However, some of my followers have requested that I post it again…so here is an Update of the original version. Enjoy!


1.  FASTLemon Juice Fast. Do for 1-2 days. DO NOT EAT ANY OTHER FOODS.
2.  BASIC MENU FOR 2-3 WEEKS: Do 7 days a week.
*  BREAKFAST: Any combination of fruits you like – or Melons. However, if you choose Melons do not mix it with any other fruit.
*  SNACK: Any dried or fresh fruit, or freshly juiced vegetable or fruit juice
*  LUNCH: Any Fresh Fruit you like. Buy what is in season in your area. Avoid (for now) pineapple and cranberry).
*  SNACK:  Any dried or fresh fruit, or freshly juiced vegetable or fruit juice.
*  DINNER: Large raw vegetable salad (do not use iceberg lettuce as it constipate’s). You can put anything in it you like. Use Balsamic Vinegar dressing or just sprinkle it with fresh lemon juice and light extra virgin olive oil. OR you can have a small dish of Vegetable Soup (no tomatoes). MAKE IT YOURSELF.


2 tbsp. Lemon or Lime juice (fresh squeezed)
1/2 to 3/4 tbsp. Real Maple syrup or Honey
pinch of Cayenne Pepper (optional)
1 – 8-10 oz glass of cold or warm water)

Combine the ingredients. Do not use canned, bottled, or frozen lemon or lime juice. The Cayenne Pepper adds an additional increase of vitamin C and B-complex, as well as an additional lift. You might want to make this a quart at a time because you will be drinking it all day.  You may drink as much as you want and as often as you want. Remember to only drink this and eat no other foods or drinks. It is an easy 1-2 day fast.

1.  Drink 1-8 oz. glass of water before you eat and after you eat, but not as you eat. You can drink water anytime during the day, just not at the same time as you eat – because it dilutes the natural digestive juices which you don’t want to do.
3.  DISCONTINUE THE USE OF COFFEE, TEA, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, AND OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS IF THEY APPLY. You can keep taking any prescription medications as needed until you don’t need them any more per your doctor’s okay.
4.  You may experience weakness – so GET PLENTY OF REST. The detoxification has begun.
5.  Exercise only mildly or not at all during the Detox Period. Walking is okay. Let your body dictate what you can and cannot do.
6.  A ‘DETOX EXPECTATION AND HEALING CRISIS’ pamphlet is available on request.
7.  HERBAL DETOX FORMULAS – are available for you to purchase at our Store site: ( – easier to select if you have had consultation.

AS A ‘LEVEL II DETOXIFICATION SPECIALIST’, I AM AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. I counsel on how to begin your NEW LIFESTYLE and the HERBAL FORMULAS needed that relate to your specific health issues. The  consultation is FREE!

CONTACT INFORMATION: Ilse C – Email me at:

AND: YES, you will be able to eat some of your favorite thingsONCE IN AWHILE – that is if you follow the program.

Dragon Fruit…

DRAGON FRUIT- MM good – but what is it?       

Botanical Name: Hylocereus undatus     Image result for free pics of dragon fruit
There is a Vietnamese farmer who lives across the street from the golf course where I play golf. He has a large variety of fruit trees on his land. I wondered, after I purchased a Dragon Fruit at a roadside fruit stand, whether he might have this fruit on his farm. As I cruised by on my golf cart – lo and behold, right in the middle of his Lychee trees there they were, a whole plot of Dragon Fruit trees.

Image result for free pics of dragon fruitI was so excited, I had to find out more about this delicious fruit. The one I bought looks like the picture above. This is the pitaya dragon fruit. It is indigenous to Central and South America, along with other Asian countries and as well it can be grown here in Florida. Actually, it is a cactus species. The trees can be grown from the seeds or if you are lucky you may find one already started in a nursery or who knows, maybe even Wal-Mart. To be a tree the cactus has to be staked. If not staked it will spread out over the ground. I like the tree effect. They produce beautiful pink or yellow flowers – sometimes called the “moonflower” because they bloom from evening to midnight. The flowers are pollinated by bats and moths. 

Dragon fruits have red or yellow skin. They look like artichokes and when cut open the pulp has many, many, small black, edible seeds.Image result for free pics of dragon fruitThey have a mildly sweet flavor, like a blend of kiwifruit and pear. The woman I purchased them from showed me how to cut them by simply slicing the fruit lengthwise. You can scoop the fruit out with a spoon, but I find it easier to cut in quarters and then just peel the flesh/skin off. It is easy to peel. Eat only the white part with seeds. Any residual pink parts, if it is left on the fruit makes it taste bitter. There is a variety where the inside is pink with seeds instead of white. 

The Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants. They contain vitamin C, several B vitamins, carotene, protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus for healthy blood and tissue formation. They are beneficial in many ways, as they strengthen the immune system, help to heal bruises faster, and aid in respiratory problems. They contain phytochemical captain, used as a medication to treat heart problems and the oil in the seeds work as a mild laxative. The seeds also are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders. I can go on and on with the benefits of eating dragon fruit to include: ridding the body of heavy metals, improve eyesight and lower the risk of prostate cancer risk. The one caution would be to eat the fruit in moderation – it does contain natural fructose which could be harmful to your health in excess.

Eat as you would any fruit – in moderation. They can be eaten alone, in fruit salads, added to smoothies, grilled, and just about any way you might want to invent.

Dragon fruit shortly after being harvested can last for up to 2-3 weeks in a plastic bag when kept in the refrigerator. You can also freeze dragon fruit, but the texture is altered a little bit, making it best to be used in a sauce or made into a sorbet.

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Test Kitchen is Back! – Radish

RADISH, I love radishes. We grew them in our “Victory Garden,” as gardens were referred to during the world war two years.

Radishes were idolized by the Egyptian and Greek cultures and in Mexico they even celebrate these root vegetable at their ‘Radish Festival’.

Image result for Free pics of Mexico Radish FestivalRadishes may be small but they are packed with nutritional power to include Vitamin B, C, sulfur, iron and iodine. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is known to have a positive effect on asthma symptoms, whooping-cough, gastric discomfort, gallbladder problems, arthritis, gallstones, and kidney stones.

Radish comes from the Latin word, radix, meaning ‘to root’. My dad loved the hot radishes, which belong to the mustard family. We called them horse radishes (white)Image result for free pic of a horseradish – also known as Daikon – the hot comes from the glucosinolates they contain. Other radish varieties include red, black (have never seen), white and gold (have never seen). When buying any radishes, look for unblemished, bright-colored skin, firmness and with healthy looking leaves. The smaller radishes taste better. It was an exciting day when I learned you can eat the radish leaves. I separate the leaves from the root and store them in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator. I put a paper towel in with the leaves the same as I do when I separate lettuce leaves for storage. This keeps them fresh longer and can be stored this way for 2 -4 weeks.

Clean the radishes in a vinegar bath (to rid them of the pesticides, etc.), rinse in clean water and dry them. Eat them whole or slice them to be put in a salad. Radishes can also be pickled, braised, put on sandwiches, and the leaves can be added to smoothies. (By the way – radish leaves don’t even taste like radishes).

My Favorites – Braised, and Radish/Avocado Sandwich

2 T Honey
1 T Lemon Juice
1 T Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 T Coconut oil
2 Bunches Radishes halved or sliced
1 tsp Sea Salt
1/2 ground pepper
1 T chopped fresh chives

In a small bowl, mix honey, lemon juice and vinegar together with a whisk. Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add radishes and saute’ for 2 minutes. Add honey mixture and stir to coat. Reduce heat to medium, cook 5 minutes stirring occasionally. Add salt, pepper and chives. Serve as a side dish. MM Good!

1 whole avocado mashed
1 tsp lemon juice
diced radishes (cut up in smaller than sliced pieces) – as much as you want to add.

Mix the above together. Salt to taste. Spread the mixture over bread rounds. Spray with more lemon juice if you wish to. Eat open-faced.

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These are my tests for today. TRY THEM and ENJOY – YUMMY, YUMMY!