Microwaved Food!

Every once in a while I come across information that I feel everyone should know about or at least become aware of. However, the information is too extensive to just put in the ‘Tip’ part of my blog page.

Microwave oven Stock Photography

The following is just such information. Just about every person in the world has a Microwave Oven. You can’t buy a house without one being included. You are bombarded with TV ads, magazine ads etc. about how to make cooking your food fast and easy. In fact – in the past 30 years microwave ovens have practically replaced the traditional methods of cooking food. This is because there are so many people on the go, barely stopping to eat, that is, unless the food can be cooked in 2 minutes or less. The grocery store shelves are loaded with “instant cook” food, packaged (just add water and stick it in the microwave), and/or frozen, which you don’t even need to thaw out first. Microwave oven’s today, will even thaw frozen foods, such as meat, out for you to supposedly save time.

BUT – what do you really know about the microwave oven? Are they no more than timesaving machines for cooking? A Swiss Study found that “food which is microwaved is not the food it was before !”

Just the other day I was asked if microwaved foods were really not good for you.  And, if so, why not? Here is what I found out. You can check it out for your self.

“The microwave radiation deforms and destroys the molecular structure of the food – creating radiolytic compounds. When microwaved food is eaten, abnormal changes occur in the blood and immune systems. These include a decrease in hemoglobin and white blood cell counts and an increase in cholesterol levels.” Just that information alone should be enough to scare the living daylight out of a person (an expression used in the good old days).

There was an article in Pediatrics journal warning that microwaving human milk damages the anti-infective properties it usually gives to a mother’s baby. How many of you are or have been guilty of warming the baby’s milk in the microwave? And, you wonder why your child is sick all the time, is susceptable to every flu bug that comes along? I am sorry, I just have to say it the way it is. There were studies done at the University of Warwick in Great Britain that warned, “microwave radiation is damaging to the vital electromagnetic activity of human life vibrations.”  This is scary stuff.

I am as guilty as the rest of you who got caught up in the microwave revolution. I find that the older generation – seniors – are still caught up in it as many are heard to say, “I just don’t feel like cooking,” “if it weren’t for my microwave oven, I probably wouldn’t even eat.” I do have a microwave (it came with the house). I very rarely use it. The food cooked in a microwave, and eaten, is dead food with no nutritional value – but it does fill you up and take care of your hunger pangs.

The question I ask myself and you should be asking yourself is – do you want to die of radiation poisoning at your own hand? Isn’t that considered to be suicide? It just takes longer than if you were exposed to radiation by an atomic bomb blast.

My solution – a convection oven would be much safer. Might take a little longer to cook with, but is MUCH SAFER.! I own a NuWave oven. It cooks food as good, if not better, than a microwave oven. Also you don’t need to thaw the frozen meats or anything else before you cook it.


Tooth Decay a.k.a. Cavities

Being the daughter of a Dentist (who is no longer with us), I learned a lot about the benefits of oral health. I remember my dad saying, “you can tell a smoker by looking at their teeth. You can tell a soda pop drinker by the look of their teeth. You can tell a drinker of alcohol by the look of their teeth.” He was right then, and it is still true today. No wonder everyone wants to have their teeth whitened. (I chose a picture of naturally white teeth with healthy gums.) We may not all have teeth this straight, but a good Orthodontist can correct the crooked teeth problems.

A quote I ran across by way of the Michigan Dental Association says,  “Sweetened soda is to teeth as cigarettes are to lungs.” WOW!

Maybe this blog should be a continuation of the blog, I just posted, about  Soda Pop. How does tooth decay relate to Soda Pop or anything else for that matter? My sisters and I were not allowed to drink soda pop as children. I never had a cavity in my teeth until I was 21 years old and in the child-bearing stage of my life, where a mother-to-be is encouraged by the doctor to take supplements, because the baby takes the nutrients from the mother’s body, to include the teeth. The good news is, that because I never got addicted to soda pop, I very seldom drink it today. I never encouraged my children to drink it, I never bought it, I never craved it. Research facts do tell you that “a steady diet of soft drinks is a leading cause of tooth decay.”

So…how do you get tooth decay a.k.a. cavities?

It is not just from the lack of flossing or brushing your teeth.

  • Sugar – the sugar in soda pop combines with bacteria in the mouth to form acid. Also called “tooth demineralization.” True of sugar from any source.
  • All soda pops to include diet and/or “sugar-free” contains its own acid.
  • The acid in a soft drink whether it contains sugar or not, is the primary cause of weakening tooth enamel. When the body becomes acidic, minerals are leached out of your teeth and bones. You need the alkaline balance that I have mentioned in earlier blogs (80% alkaline to 20% acid), to keep this from happening.
  • Each acid attack on the teeth lasts about 20 minutes or more as you continue to sip or drink the soda pop.
  • These continual acid attacks weaken your tooth enamel.
  • The tooth enamel breaks down and the bacteria in the mouth causes the cavities.
  • If you notice your gum line receding (which it often does as you age), then the acid does more damage especially below the gum line.

Cavities are a sign that your body doesn’t have the necessary nutrients to keep your teeth healthy.

Fillings, which most of you get to repair the teeth, are merely a band-aid. They don’t treat the cause.

I feel that the dental community today does not warn the public enough about the damage soda pop, alcohol, and cigarettes, etc. can do to the teeth and gums. I cringe every time I see anyone offering a child of any age a can of soda pop; or a child begging their parents for a can of soda pop. I have seen children with rotten – yes rotten teeth because they are addicted to soft drinks. I also feel the caffeine – even the caffeine free soft drinks are a danger to the health of anyone who drinks it. I have seen children, who are addicted to soda pop with caffeine in it, ask their parents for coffee….why, why, why? And, I cry inside when mom, dad or any adult gives it to them.

                                                   This is only the beginning!

You can drink soft drinks in moderation; use a straw to keep it away from your teeth; swish your mouth out with water afterwards; read the labels; floss; use fluoride toothpaste (that is another story); or whatever else you do to lessen the effects of the damage soda pop, nicotine, alcohol or anything else in the ‘not good for you’ category does, but, in my mind these are just rationalizations for justification.

The bottom line, according to the Michigan Dental Association, is that “There is no nutritional value in soft drinks. In regular pop all the calories come from sugar. In addition to cavities, heavy pop consumption has been linked to diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. One fifth of all one and two-year-old children drink pop. Today, teens, drink three times more pop than 20 years ago. Soft drink companies pay high schools and middle schools big bucks to offer their products. Sealants only protect tooth chewing surfaces. Soda Pop decay tends to occur where sealants can’t reach.” This actually is true for decay from any source.

Parents need to talk to their children about the effects of soda pop, as well as any other tooth decaying sources – especially sugar based. I know it is hard to do when you are addicted yourself. I hope your dentist is telling you to monitor, not only yourself, but especially your children about how much they, and you, drink or eat and when. Encourage your family, and provide for your family healthy alternatives such as water, and though the dentist might urge cows milk – I encourage drinking the nut milks, and natural juices as well.

Train yourself and your children to – MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES!!!!

NOTE: There are many diseases associated with the mouth – to include canker sores, bad breath, abscesses, etc. Do your homework, do your own research. Today, we live in a cyberworld of information. As a precursor read my earlier blog on Soda Pop.

                                                       SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!



Soft Drinks

I came across some information on soft drinks that I thought might be of interest to you all. You see the TV inundated with ads to drink cola’s in many forms by many manufacturers and some all by the same manufacturer.

Did you know:

  • One 10 ounce soft drink robs your body of 16 trillion oxygen molecules!
  • Given a soft drink with a pH of 2, it would take 35 glasses of water with a pH of 10 to get to just a pH of 7 – which is neutral – and which your body’s blood value should be.
  • There is an enzyme in your body that literally dissolves your bones in order to keep your blood pH at its proper pH levels.
  • Humans only lay down bone density for the first 25 years of life; after that it is a fight to prevent loss of bone. And you wonder why you, eventually, have osteoporosis?
  • Soda robs the body of bone density!
  • The phosphoric acid in soda bonds to oxygen, robbing the body of the potential use of said oxygen.
  • Sugars are also a culprid…that is one of the reasons why manufacturers of Soda are taking it out of their products. However, the artificial sweeteners or zero sugar does not change that the oxygen in the bone is depleted….robbing the body of bone density.
    In my opinion the consumption of Soda is just another crisis of epidemic proportions.

     Look at the labeling – oh so true!



Knee Joint Illustration

It has come to my attention lately that more and more folks are having Knee Surgery or getting Knee Replacements. Some of these surgeries or replacement are successful and some aren’t. In this short blog I just want to share some information I found about this subject.

“As with any surgery, knee replacement surgery carries risks.” Physicians Rehabilitation wants to remind you of some of the complications:
*  Infection
*  Blood clots in the leg vein or lungs
*  Heart Attack
*  Stroke
*  Nerve damage
*  Allergic reactions to anesthesia
*  Post-surgical pain

Concerning knee replacement surgery, it is important you know that there can also be failure of the artificial joint…because even with the strongest metal and plastic parts, they eventually wear out with daily use. You also need to be aware of the types of activities you take part in, because the risk is higher if you stress the joint with high impact exercises and excessive weight.

“In this procedure (knee replacement or surgery), a gel-like fluid called hyaluronic acid is injected into the knee-joint. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the synovial fluid surrounding joints. It acts as a lubricant to enable bones to move smoothly over each other and as a shock absorber for joint loads.”

Osteoarthritis lowers the normal concentration of hyaluronic acid in the joints.

My advice, be sure you do your research before you consider any type of knee surgery. Be sure the facility and/or doctors are highly qualified and specialize in this kind of management and treatment.  You want the results of this kind of surgery to be pain-free, so medication is zero or minimal.