Connecting the Body Parts

I don’t remember the words exactly, but there was a song that went somethings like this…..

“The Head Bone’s connected to the Neck Bone,thumb16
The Neck Bone’s connected to the Shoulder Bone,
The Shoulder Bone’s connected to the Backbone,
The Backbone’s connected to the Hip Bone,
The Hip Bone’s connected to the Leg Bone,
The Leg Bone’s connected to the Knee Bone,
The Knee Bone’s connected to the Ankle Bone,”

And somewhere in there should be an Arm Bone, Finger Bones, a Foot Bone, and Toe Bones. I’ll add, and what’s 200px-anatomical_male_figure_showing_heart_lungs_and_main_arteries44952957-human-organ-anatomy-set-illustrationall that stuff in between?
It’s as the pictures show…it’s the muscle, connective tissue, tendons. membrane, cartilage, blood vessels, veins, all the internal organs, and etc.

Did you know that “the Brain and Nervous system cells are the highest energy centers of your body”?

Did you know that “Vegetables are builders of muscle and skeletal tissue. And, “that seeds and nuts are structural foods that strengthen the body as a whole”?

Making bad food choices can upset the whole body system…changing the chemical balance, which in turn causes toxin build-up that can permeate the whole body.  This is not how God meant it to be.

Here I will reiterate that if you are following the Detox Diet Plan it is for a committed 2-3 weeks. After that, Herbal Formulas and Supplements need to be integrated into the Plan for which you need the advice of a Detox Specialist. I can advise you in that process and gear it to your specific needs. Go to my Contact page and leave your e-mail and/or any comments or questions. I will respond ASAP.

We are in this together – building healthier bodies.  Life is good!



The human body is unique.  All the parts of the human body have a purpose. They work together in perfect harmony, like a machine, providedsk-female-anterior_1 none of the body parts have been removed.  In that case, alterations are usually made. Depending on the circumstances and/or issues, for various reasons, the Body Chemistry of all humans starts out the same. However, in time, because of each person’s lifestyle and eating habits the Body Chemistry changes.

Eventually everyone ends up going to a Doctor.  In the old days the doctor advised folks about the foods they should eat, their activities, and how important a good night’s sleep was for the healing process of the body.  During the war years (1940’s) everyone here in the United States was asked by the beets-1584454__180government to have a Victory Garden.  Almost everyone on the block on which you lived grew their own food. We did. I remember standing on the plow while Daddy pushed it (we lived in the city), making the row’s to plant the seeds – good seeds – not genetically modified (GMO) seeds. We grew potatoes, beans, peas, corn, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, all the good health basics.  We also had just about every fruit bearing tretree-304259__180e: to include peach, apricot, apple, pear, Bing cherry, plum and as well, strawberries, raspberries, all kinds of melons, grapes, rhubarb and anything else that would grow during the Utah summers. Then my mother would preserve all she could so we would have good food to eat during the winter. We had, what was called a Fruit Room, in the basement of our house, to keep the preserved food from spoiling. It was like having a built-in refrigerator, as it stayed cool all year. As a child, eating healthy was the way of life. I never had a cavity in my teeth until I left home. Once away from home I became exposed to all the processed foods and created bad eating habits. When I was too busy to eat healthy I took shortcuts – which put me on the downside of the roller coaster.

Today, doctors give you a pill for all your ill’s. There seems to be a pill for everything. In the 1960’s, a friend (a vegan) who was the wife of a doctor, was the first to alert me to how important it is to read the inserts, that back then, came with all the prescription medications. She pointed out that the inserts had warnings, which the drug companies were mandated by the government, to release to the public. Today you see and hear about the warnings in TV ads and magazine ads for prescription and over the counter drugs. It is a General Warning that if you take this or that medication, beware, as it can also do this, or cause that.  The medication fixes one problem, while at the same time, creates one or multiple other problems. WHAT IS ONE TO DO? WHO SHOULD ONE LISTEN TO OR TRUST?

LISTEN to and TRUST YOUR OWN BODY!  Learn your body, how it reacts to this, to that. e.g. My body stores. The directions on an Aspirin bottle says take 1 tablet every 4 hours for pain.  If I did that I’d end up in the hospital. The effect of 1 aspirin in my body lasts for 3 days. How much do you know about how your body reacts to prescription or over the counter medications?

Read the warnings. Do you want to deal with heart problems, kidney, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and a myriad of other issues?  START TODAY – LEARN YOUR OWN BODY!

Life is good!  God Bless!

A Little More About…….

OBESITY.  In a prior blog it was mentioned that there are many causes for becoming Obese – such as overeating, anxiety, stress, anger, andthyroid_parathyroid_glands internal issues. I mention this last because it needs to be understood first. When I say internal issues I am referring to the glandular system which consists of the adrenal, endocrine, lymph, and especially the Thyroid Gland.  Obesity can be a big issue when the thyroid is compromised. The thyroid can be overactive (hyper) or underactive (hypo). Hypo is related to obesity in that the thyroid is not working normally and the adrenal cortex has become hypoactive.  That is the connection between the adrenal and thyroid gland activity, which causes weakness in both glands, which causes obesity. Another gland involved is the pituitary.

Food sousugar-1rces in the diet that contribute to obesity include: complex sugars cereals-1417868__180(processed), and starches (grains) which are acid forming and not easily digested. Grains are gluey. That is why they feed grain to cattle and other animals – to fatten them up for market.  Is that what is happening to you? The genetic connection is that every cell in the body is a genetic cell….some strong and some weak. The weak ones are the ones passed from generation to generation.

All of this can bbrain-544403__180e changed.  It begins in your mind emotionally and mentally. Our nation has become a nation of “comfort food” eaters. It doesn’t matter whether one is happy or sad. Mankind has become “sit in front of the TV” snackers; and if not in front of the TV they are at sporting events, picnicking, or boating.  They are participating in activities which make them too busy to eat properly.  Excuses include: “but I eat out a lot and I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of my friends and family.” “I hate fruits and vegetables.” “People will just have to accept me the way I am.” We are all going to die anyway so what does it matter what I eat?” “Fruits and vegetable don’t have any protein and I need meat for protein.” “What do I feed the kids?” “I just don’t have the time.” “My husband/wife does not want to eat the way I do so do I fix two meals, one for him/her and one for me?” The answer to that one is YES if that is what it takes for YOU to rebuild YOUR body.  A frugivore diet is good for the whole family, which includes the children.

The Detox Diet Plan, can be adjusted to suit individual needs as the detox progresses.  It depends on where your health issues were at when you start the Plan. If you have only minor issues the Plan can be adjusted just for those issues.  If you start the Plan for losing a small amount of weight, the Plan can be adjusted for that.  After you have reached your goal and just need to maintain, the Plan can be adjusted for those needs. But in order to do it right it would be wise to speak with a Counselor who will help you make those adjustments based on your needs.  Doing it by yourself doesn’t work. Nine times out of ten you will end up in the same condition you were in when you started the Plan. Send me an e-mail on the Contact Page.  I will be happy to assist you with a free consultation.

What you are reading in my Blog is now being touted on the TV, and in the Media.  A caller just the other day told me “I heard on the radio this morning, everything you have been saying.  Now, I understand what you have been trying to teach me.”

Last, but not least, are the highly promoted High Protein Diets, of which there are many. Keep in mind that High protein diets are acidic and toxic to your system…especially when it comes from an animal source. The downside is that it can harm the Liver, Pancreas, and Kidneys. Muscle tissue also begins to break down and you experience weakness’. Your body can deteriorate to the point of death.  As mentioned in a prior blog, acidity causes inflammation and mucus buildup in the body, which in turn weakens the immune system. When the immune system is compromised the body’s cells become weak. Death can be the end result.

REMEMBER we are frugivores. The sugars in fruit are simple sugars. Humans can survive on berries, melons, many varieties of fruits, and vegetables.  Keep it simple. A diet changed to fresh raw fruits and salads result in feelings of, as my mentor put it, “thin, light and clean.”


Have a great day and GOD BLESS!

Cause and Effect

If anyone has tried the Detox Diet Plan, let me know how you are doing. Just leave a comment. And, I thank those of you who are wanting to know more.

Many are trying the Plan to lose weight. Obesity has always been a problem here in the United States.  It used to affect only the adults but now it is leaking down to the preschoolers. You say this is old news.  I say old news with a different perspective. Obesity can be avoided, by changing old life habits and eating clean.  Repetition in my opinion, is good as it helps one to stay on track. Detoxing is the best way to start the fight against obesity. It is thought of by many practitioners as a disease (dis-ease), and should be treated as such.  You must address the cause not the effect.  It can be caused by internal problems, mental problems – such as stress, and rarely is genetic.  However, I heard on the radio just the other day that “Scientific evidence is now saying you can no longer blame FAT on your genes.”

It is important for you who are braving the Diet Plan that you understand the purging of toxins process.  I like to call it as my mentor calls it, “The Healing Crisis”.

The Diet is the mild form of the detox process. You will experience only the mild or minor effects of the “Healing Crisis”, which are listed below:

1.  Cold and Flu like symptoms – sinus drainage, coughing, etc.
2.  Sore Throat, congestion
3.  Low grade fevers 99-100
4.  Minor aches and pains
5.  Mucus in stools and urine
6.  Itching and rashes
7.  Mucus in eyes
8.  Mild Headaches
9.  Ups and downs in emotional feelings
10.  Minor short term nose bleed
11.  Minor blood in urine
12.  Weight loss (8-15 lbs. average: but can be as little as 2 lbs.)
13.  Loss of energy
14.  Numbness/tingling in hands and feet
15.  Etc.

All of the above are easily old symptoms of past diseases or weaknesses resurfacing. However, they are short lived and disappear quickly as the body starts the healing process. During the process, observe your body – keep a daily diary with the following information included on it:

What did you eat today?
Midmorning Snack

Make notes: How are you feeling?  Any stress? Did you experience any physical effects? What other cleansing procedures are you doing? Are you getting Exercise? What is your Water Intake?

Also, you need to understand that the Plan is only the beginning. You will hit a plateau whereby you will want to go back to your old ways of eating. That is when you need to contact me regarding the adding of herbal formulas and supplements to the Plan; and the restructuring of the Plan to fit You as You progress to becoming a healthier You.

RESULTS of following the Plan can include: Weight loss, normalized blood sugar, normalized blood pressure, less stress, fewer headaches, etc. 


kitten-rope-small-striped-scottish-tabby-breed-animal-hanging-isolated-white-background-35813269HANG IN THERE – THE RESULTS ARE WORTH IT!


checkmark-_skinny_24 JUST CHECKING UP!
How many of you are braving the new territory that has been presented on the pages in this blog? Have you put your “toe in the water” to start the Detox Diet Plan? If so, how do you feel? To put you all at ease, I am doing the plan right along with you….have been for years.  The light at the end of the tunnel is when your doctor says “I don’t know how you did it, but your blood work is great and you are in perfect health.  Make an appointment for a year from now.”

The biggest hurdle for most clients is getting past the:



pile_of_cigarettes_anti_smoking_cg5p852045c_thNO SMOKING
NO MEAT  italy-1264104__180  This is huge.

It was also suggested – NO DAIRY or GRAINS.  Remember the song, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”? You will be encouraged to let go of a few of your favorite things. However, it will not be to your detriment, but for your good.


In COFFEE AND TEA you are dealing with CAFFEINE. Caffeine is an addictive habit-forming drug which is actually a depressant. The high which is a false sense of energy is good for about 30 minutes – maybe more in some folks, but then the energy dissipates. In excessive amounts it causes jumpiness, heart palpitations, restricts liver function, reduces mental acuity, causes headaches, leaches vitamins from the system and etc. etc.

What the “coffee” guru’s  don’t tell you about caffeine is that there are two kinds. The first is the pure caffeine from the coffee bean that has not been processed.  The second is the caffeine residue left after the processing procedure.  The first (pure) can have beneficial effects, while the second (processed) has only detrimental effects. What is being sold in the super markets is not pure; it is processed. When QUITTING  the coffee habit, it is wise to do so slowly. Withdrawal symptoms can include: headaches, constipation, aches and pains and irritability.

ALCOHOL….in essence is a drug. It depresses the central nervous system, and harms the organs of the body, specifically the liver and intestines. It is an addictive drug. As a diuretic, it leaches water from the body. It deletes the vitamins from the system which can lead to a wide range of diseases. Body toxicity is the result and eventually death.


SMOKING. In smoking, the big word is NICOTINE. Smoking causes cancer mortality, and death. Cancer involvement is usually in the lung, larynx (voice box), esophagus, bladder, stomach pancreas and etc. Smoking harms the majority of the organs in the body and contributes to a wide range of diseases to include: immune system disfunction, the common cold, peptic ulcers, tooth decay and gum disease (learned this as a child, my dad was a dentist), bone decay, thyroid, eye, and bronchial issues.

It is amazing that despite the detrimental effects of smoking that anyone would even try smoking for the first time.  Once tried, however, a resistance is built up in the body and it becomes an addiction.

Tobacco in the early days was used as a bruise-healing herb for humans and for sick cattle. It does have some medicinal properties for sick animals, but still must be used with caution.

MEAT: Iimages2n Detoxification class, the instructor indicated the eating of red meat is the equivalent of eating dead meat and of eating dried blood. That did it for me. Studies today are showing meat to be related to an increased risk for cancer, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and heart disease. Red meat, specifically is associated with liver and lung cancers. When you stop eating red meats you will improve your health. You will get adequate protein from healthier sources. You will experience less inflammation and improve your gut health. Of course, we can see that it takes years and years of eating red meats to see how devastating it can be to one’s health. Pork, in all forms, is also considered a red meat, as is Lamb.

NO DAIRY and NO GRAINS will be discussed in a future blog.

I hope you have been enlightened on the WHY of the NO-NO’s in the Detox Diet Plan. It won’t be long before you will crave FRUIT. Remember, humans are FRUGIVORES – not CARNIVORES.

Until tomorrow.  Stay safe. LIFE IS GOOD!



alphabet-3359584A lot of terminology has been thrown at you in my blogs. Some familiar and some not so familiar. In the dance studio I owned, terminology was taught as part of the curriculum. The lack of terminology made it difficult for a child/adult to learn how to dance. Terminology refers to specific words and terms associated with specific businesses or special subjects. It is a necessity for you to understand what I am talking about when the health terminology is over your head. The following is a review of some of the terms already used and some new terminology to be introduced.

ALKALINITY – disperses, moves and cleans the body. It is also the key to the bodies regeneration and restoration. 80% is preferable to nature.
ACIDS – coagulate, form mucus and stagnate the body. 20% is preferable to nature.
INFLAMMATION – in health talk, is a localized response to cellular injury as marked by redness, heat, and pain in the damaged location.
GASTRITIS –inflammation of the stomach.
ENTERITIS – inflammation of the small intestine.
COLITIS – inflammation of the colon or large intestine.
DIVERTICULITIS – inflammation of the bowel (intestinal pockets).
S.A.D. – the Standard American Diet, which is now being proven to weaken the body instead of strengthen it.

In the future, you might want to remember that anything with “itis” at the end is related to inflammation.

Are you overwhelmed yet?

Thanks for wanting to continue your education on health concerns.  As always….God Bless!


The Detox Plan recommended the consumption of a lot of fruit.


I can hear the questions now – WHY so much fruit?  Because it is the start of Detoxification.  WHAT fruits should I eat?  Will be listed below. HOW can I eat just fruit and not get tired of it?  Fruit can be prepared in many ways, be creative. WILL eating that much fruit spike my blood sugar?  It shouldn’t as the sugar in fruit is NATURAL and not manufactured or processed. WHAT if my doctor tells me not to eat fruit? Research the facts and make your own decision.

searchThe world is abound with many varieties of fruit.

To help make the selection easier for you all, the fruits are categorized as follows and with combining suggestions.


SWEET FRUITS – include: Bananas, Persimmons, Dates, Figs, Raisins, Prunes, Jackfruit, and dried fruits.  These fruits work best when not used with Acid Fruits. They combine well with Lettuce and Celery.

imagesSUB-ACID FRUITS – include: grapes, Pears, Apples, Peaches, Plums, Papayas, Blueberries, Raspberries.
These can be combined with Acid or Sweet Fruits, but
not both at the same time.  Good with lettuce and celery.

searchACID FRUITS – include: Grapefruit, Oranges, Limes, Kiwi, Pineapple, Strawberries, Pomegranate, Lemons and Tomatoes.  These work well with Sub-Acid, but not with Sweet Fruits.  Good with celery and lettuce.

unnamed MELONS – include: Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantelopes.

The seasons of the year are not the same in Different regions of the world. It is wise to eat the fruits in season where you are located. However, don’t shy away from trying some of the exotic fruits sold in the fruit department of your local grocery store, or health food store.  Do clean the fruit before you eat it. Today there are many pesticides and poisons used to produce what the government calls Super Foods. This can and is detrimental to the health of everyone.

Take a chance, use the Internet to do your own research regarding all of the above and more. This is the start of the regeneration of the new YOU!

Veggies are next on the agenda.  Happy eating and may God Bless!