simply put – is clearing the human body of years of TOXIN build up.

Detoxification addresses the cause of disease (dis-ease). It alkalizes, cleans, and regenerates the body.

Today it is a subject discussed on Talk shows, read about in magazines and newspapers; as well it is pushed onto the public in TV ads which encourage you to buy products that are suppose to cure your problem within just a few days or weeks.

Speaking for Jimmy Microbe, he would tell you – get ready folks – you are in for a big lifestyle change.

Today DISEASE is described as weakness in the glandular systems of the body, to include: Adrenal, Lymph, Endocrine, Kidneys and Liver. Scientific facts have proven that most chemicals weaken and destroy body cells. Radiation, for example, as used in cancer treatment, burns and destroys cell tissues. Detoxification, does the opposite, it assists your body in healing itself!

Your goal, like my goal, hopefully is geared toward VIBRANT HEALTH! Lets make it FUN, Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.



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