Toxic Load

I know – you hear it again, and again, and again….but repetition is good if it is for our benefit.

Young and old alike complain about the same ailments to include: hard to stay physically active, loss of energy, fatigue, depression, stress, etc. These complaints are all the aftermath of a TOXIC LOAD caused by the SAD (Standard American Diet).

The bogetty_rm_photo_of_cryptosporidiumdy, if it is more acidic than it is alkaline succumbs to parasites. Yes, we all have parasites, fungi, and other harmful orggetty_rf_photo_of_roundworm_in_petri_dishanisms invading our bodies which deplete the body of necessary nutrients. Toxins are all around us: in the air, the food, the water, in our homes, the office where we work, stores, church, and all public places. The acid/alkaline balance should be 20% acid to 80% alkaline.

Toxins and chemicals are contaminants weimgres come in contact with on a daily basis in products such as soaps and all the cleaning agents, carpeting, plastics, mercury fillings in our teeth, industrial materials and fish. Mercury, of which we are warned almost daily, is dangerous as is attacks the master gland (posterior pituitary gland) that regulates the Endocrine System, which regulates the Reproductive System. Mercury suppresses all these systems and more as it destroys the helpful antioxidants in the body.

The older one gets the more toxins are accumulated in the body. These toxins create glandular (thyroid and adrenal) weakness, lung problems, inflammation, sugar imbalance, etc. These symptoms are triggered by the use of stimulants like coffee, tea, refined sugar, alcohol, etc. Eating the correct diet of foods will help regenerate these glandular systems.

grape-1548453__180How does aimages person lift this burden of toxicity? It can be done by detoxifying with the healthy intake of raw fruits and vegetables. If your detox is going well, you can eat freshwater fish – not farm raised. Exercise regularly to strengthen those weakened muscles, and set goals to keep you motivated. Natural whole foods contain more nutrients. The Detox Diet Plan mentioned in an earlier blog is loaded with antioxidants. A good night’s sleep, and taking supplements and corrective herbal formulas is also beneficial.

The time is now – gear up – empower yourself against an early death. Live longer by doing the right thing. The body will heal itself.

God bless!

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