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In one of my earlier blogs (September 28, 2016) I laid out a Detox Diet Plan. The word “Diet” in this plan was not meant as diet in respect to being a weight loss diet. It could be reworded to be a ‘Detox Food Plan’. However, if you committed yourself to my Detox Diet Plan, because of the foods required for consumption, you would surely lose weight. You would lose weight because raw fresh fruits and vegetables clean out the gut, thereby releasing the garbage and toxins accumulated in the colon, and all parts of the body.

In the Detox Life Plan, I want you to start with basic reasoning for not just good, but GREAT health. The life plan targets your physical and mental health. It is time to get rid of the lingering effects of poor health. It is time to take control and become a healthier you.

Focus on a new mantra – Health is

Starting the new Detox Life Plan may sound difficult – or you may say I have heard it all before. Remember, however, repetition helps one to stay focused. The success of a lifestyle change begins and ends with YOU!

Things to keep in mind are Exercise, Diet (meaning the food you eat), and Avoiding Stress. There is an old saying, “it’s easier said, than done.” But fear not. Think of the new Detox Life Plan as being reborn – learning about life from the beginning as a baby: rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing, taking that first baby step until you are soon walking and then running.


1. EXERCISE:  Assess your situation. Do you exercise on a regular or non-regular basis? How long has it been since you exercised in any way? You are now in the standing stage of the plan. Start with WALKING485004904walk a short distance, walk around your block or neighborhood. The first time I  did this, I couldn’t walk even 1 short block. But I didn’t give up. I was soon jogging and then running 5K’s and 10K’s. I loved it. I ran my last 5K  in 2012. Keep in mind, as you go through this phase, what kind of physical condition you are in as well as your age. If it feels right, then go for a jog or a run, and maybe add more activity, such as Tai Chi, Yoga, tennis, golf etc. something you know you will enjoy doing. Wise exercise is all about LONG TERM SUCCESS. I do Tai Chi, Simple Yoga, and weight exercises for the old muscles. A personal coach once said, “if you – whether you are a senior or not, should do at least 10 to 30 push-ups everyday.”  So I do 30 push-ups every morning. You don’t have to do them on the floor, you can do them against the door or a countertop (which I do). All methods keep the muscles from atrophying. The point here is, be committed. Include a friend – it helps you to stay focused. Start slow and easy, built up to the hard stuff. Stay active. Activity improves all the body’s functions, and especially improves the heart’s health. You will be in better shape to deal with issues that cause stress.

2. DIET:  Maintaining a pimage014roper diet is essential for good health. For Detox purposes eat plenty of raw foods. They have a higher nutrient value. Cooking lowers the nutrient value as the nutrients drain out into the water, the water gets thrown away and the disposal becomes healthier than the human. If cooking is pertinent, saute’ or steam the food, usually vegetables. Raw is best, however, in the fast paced world we live in frozen, freeze-dried, and dehydrated are my next best choices. Because of the preservatives in canned foods, it is better to avoid them if possible. Eating raw is healthy and builds the immune system against the ravaging illnesses that are prevalent today.

3. SLEEP:  “Life gets in the way” is a common statement that I hear over and over thagain. Soon you find yourself ‘sleep deprived’. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep definitely increases the risk of developing serious health problems. If you get plenty of exercise and eat healthy foods sleep seems to be a natural derivative. Yes, it can be difficult. Set up a schedule for going to bed at a regular time each night, but DO IT! During sleep is when the body heals itself. Without enough sleep the body gets sluggish and fatigued resulting in health issues, especially on a long-term basis of no sleep or not enough sleep.

4. AVOID STRESS:  Seniors of my era are always saying, “life was simpler when we were young.” Today lifeth is not simple and ‘stress’ is accepted as part of life. It doesn’t have to be. Yes, difficult situations are all around us, however, you can fight the stress from those situation….and you must for the benefit of your health. Here is where the ‘mental’ comes into play. Mental means a variety of things which include age, deficient intellectual ability, disease (a disorder of the mind), fog (loss of memory), hygiene (maintaining healthy mental and emotional responses which prevents the development of psychosis), illness (any disorder that affects the mind or behavior), and retardation (mental deficiency). Our concern is with the ‘hygiene’ – maintaining healthy mental and emotional responses.

To fight off STRESS one must exercise, do deep breathing, meditation, prayer, and put a support system in place to include your family, loved ones and friends.

In life’s situations, issues and emergencies come and go but good health can stay with you forever as long as you are willing to put in the effort and commit. Yes, it will take some lifestyle changes. No one ever said it would be easy – but it will be worth it.

Include these basics in the LIFE PLAN along with my DETOX DIET PLAN (blog dated Sept 26, 2016) and you will have started your journey to change your life and your health.

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Comments are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting my site. Until next time – God Bless!

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