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Exercise, working out and physical activity are all interchangeable because you are working the muscles as well as all the other parts of the body to support strength, agility, and physical coördination, etc. to keep the body in a healthy state of being. Whether you are young, middle-aged or elderly, exercise should be a part of the preventive measures taken with regards to your health. Do it not just for yourself, but also for those you care about. You have to make your health a priority. You can stay young as you grow old. You can live longer to experience the moments that mean the most to you.

The 94-year-old World Master Rowing Champion, Dr. Charles Eugster stated, “We have confused illness with the process of aging, which can be thoroughly healthy. Illness is not a necessary part of aging!”

Look at yourself in the mirror (full body view), do you like what you see? If you are young, of course you do, but as you age you have a tendency to like yourself less and sometime to the point of, and I have heard it said out loud, “I don’t care what I look like, I’m not changing a thing. You only live once, if I die tomorrow, so be it.”  I say, “if you see a broken body in the mirror – one that needs a pill to put you to sleep at night, and another one or more pills, plus a cup of coffee to wake you up, so you can function, in the morning, something is terribly wrong.”

Most humans are born healthy and happy – unless the mother was on drugs and/or abused her body and the father did the same by eating the SAD (Standard American Diet), smoked, and abused alcohol etc. There are many folks out there who think doing these things has no bearing on the health of a new-born baby…but they do. They weaken the male sperm and/or the woman’s egg causing a myriad of health issues for the child. If you are healthy the chances of the baby being born near perfect and healthy are very good.

As humans grow old they think that with age, their bodies are going to naturally break down….and that it has nothing to do with how we live, eat, and/or take care of ourselves. To be healthy and stay healthy well into the senior years, a lifestyle change must take place, to include physical activity, what foods should be eaten – starting with real food, clean, organic and rich in natural nutrients, free of artificial junk and other chemicals. Also taken into consideration, should be a time schedule for eating (such as no eating or drinking a lot of liquids after 6:00 p.m.), and, what, besides food, such as drugs, is the person taking. Over time, addictive things that people think are good for them like caffeine, chocolate, sweets, red meat, dairy, etc. will play havoc with a person’s well-being.

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Physical activity (exercise), does play a part in being well and healthy. Most folks look at exercise as being a weight loss tool. Yes it is a tool, but only one of the tools to weight loss. As scientists and experts in the field of health have said many times, a healthy lifestyle involves physical activity along with consuming a diet containing nutrient rich foods. Weight loss and health is all about balance. Balance has many meanings, the general meaning is to equalize, and I add, to bring all the parts of being healthy into focus. A change of lifestyle is needed. A gradual change of lifestyle works best. That is why, in my Detox Plan Diet which is a detox starter program, along with eating fruits, berries and melons, I include other foods such as fish, turkey and chicken to help balance out the detox. If a person wants to detox fast – which can be done – a different approach would be the protocol, set up by a good detoxification specialist.

Physical activity (exercise) should be done in a safe and right way. Keep in mind your age, sex, size and current health. DO NOT EXERCISE AND NOT EAT. You need to eat to keep up your stamina. The old way of thinking when I was growing up, was that everyone should eat (3) three hearty meals a day. That way of thinking has changed with the experts saying, that eating more than three times a day and eating smaller portions is a better way to eat. The Detox Plan Diet Program encourages this. Breakfast can be fruit or a smoothie/shake, then you snack – lunch is similar to breakfast, then you snack – dinner consists mainly of a salad, and/or soup, and sometimes a small portion of fish (I suggest wild caught), or chicken, (no red meat). Also no pasta, bread or dairy. If a person is doing excessive physical exercise a good plant-based protein powder can be added to the smoothie or shake. As you can see (5) five portions of food a day are to be eaten, which makes digestion easier and causes the body’s metabolism to work better. When the body’s metabolism is in sync and balanced, over time one usually experiences weight loss. And, don’t forget to drink plenty of water as needed.

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IN SUMMARY: With a good and safe exercise program in place, along with a nutritious eating plan you should be well on your way to BECOMING A NEW YOU! It is not easy, and the effort should be made to NOT FALL BACK INTO OLD HABITS. AVOID all processed foods, junk foods, all dairy, artificial sweeteners, bread, pasta, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs. NOTE: If you are taking prescription medications, continue taking them until your personal physician tells you to stop taking them or that you no longer need them. (I have seen where that does happen, when the body has repaired itself). Usually, the doctor says something to the effect of, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it.”

When you commit to a Lifestyle Change, and it is all about commitment, you are – TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH. 

Have a great day and GOD BLESS!



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