…what is it? Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary tells us that metabolism is the sum of all physical and chemical changes that take place within an organism; all energy and material transformations that occur within living cells.

My blog focus is, and will always be, on wellness instead of illness.

Food can do a lot for you, but it must make a difference in your life. I care about you, my readers and clients and the results of your journey to great health. YOU ARE YOUR OWN STUDENT IN YOUR SCHOOL OF HEALTH.  I want you to understand what you are doing as you bring back balance to your body’s chemistry and emerge as a ‘NEW YOU’!

The food you eat (the SAD – Standard American Diet) is at the bottom of all ill-health via sugar overload, chemical additives, preservatives, processing, pasteurizing, artificial sweeteners, dairy products, wheat, corn, soy (all genetically modified), and even the water you drink. I could go on and on. It is no wonder you are fatigued, depressed, sick too often, obese, have chronic inflammation, and are stressed out.

This blog is one of a series of articles I plan to write to explain how the body works when it comes to food and your body’s chemistry.
(References from Haylie Pomeroy – Nutritionist and Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. and biochemist).

YOU have all the resources you need to fix your health issues and become a ‘New You’! You can’t fix something that is broken without knowing how it is made and or functions. You are a God created biological masterpiece, with the God created intelligence to fix the self-broken you. THE TIME TO START IS NOW!

1. Weight – a body in the starvation mode finds food – it eats upon the muscle for fuel.
2. Stress – slows down the metabolism minimizing the thyroid burn.
3. Ingestion – each time you eat food – a series of biochemical reactions takes place within the body.
4. Detox – detoxing is a whole new way of thinking, and a whole new way of living. It’s putting your body in a mode of REPAIR.
Food Labels
– anything you don’t recognize as food, is not food, and shouldn’t be consumed. They are toxic, e.g. aluminum, cellulose gum, artificial color, etc.
6. Real Food – fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and fiber used by the body for the good of the body. It is up to you to create a healthy relationship with the foods you eat to maximize your physical body’s strength and energy.

In essence – your body is your temple! You need to know what is going on inside of it. In order to improve your health, for starters, the major players include your glands – yourImage result for free pic of adrenal gland Adrenal– located on top of each kidney and is possibly the most important gland in the body.  Your ThyroidImage result for free pic of thyroid glandtwo lobes in the anterior portion (front) of the neck. Its job includes increasing and/or decreasing the metabolism; the ability of cells to absorb and use glucose; the use of fats; rate and strength of the heart beat; the rate of calcium absorption from blood, etc. Image result for free pic of pituitary gland Pituitary – the ‘master gland’, one of the main computers of the body. It releases hormone-like substances that stimulate other glands and tissues to produce or release specific hormones, steroids, neurotransmitters and others. It controls the function of most other glands.Image result for free pic of kidneys Kidneys – of which most people have (2) two. They are shaped like an ear and are purplish-brown in color. I will refer to them as “your sewer system” as they are part of the elimination system forming urine from blood plasma. They play a major role in the regulation of your blood and bodily fluids, eliminating your metabolic and toxic wastes.Image result for free pic of endocrine gland Endocrine glands, the most overlooked system in the body, even though it is the “master computer” telling your cells what to do and how much to work by the release of hormones like steroids, neurotransmitters, serotonins, enzymes and such. Approximately 75% of all ‘disease’ symptoms can be attributed to the failure of the endocrine gland system of which the other glands are a part of. Image result for free pic of liver The Liver – can be compared to a huge chemical factory that supplies a whole city with its functional (metabolic) needs. It has so many functions that researchers still haven’t discovered them all. It is the largest organ in the body, situated beneath your diaphragm, level with the bottom of your sternum. It has (4) four basic tasks: Storage and Distribution, Conversions, synthesis, biological transmutations, Secretion, and Detoxification. I will go into detail on these in a later blog.

This is just the beginning. This is a lot of information to digest (mentally), so I will teach you the particulars of each gland in the body, in baby steps. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me. For herbal formulas to get started using in order to move any glandular issues forward healthily, check out the Fab Four formulas at our store -


For now – HAPPY EAT SMART MONTH! The American Heart Association has declared November as the Happy Eat Smart Month. Change a little, change a lot. I urge everyone to JOIN THEIR MOVEMENT.

EAT SMART – ADD COLOR (Fruits and Veggies) – MOVE MORE – BE WELL!


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