Many folks have asked me “just what do you mean by detoxification?”  Detoxification is the process by which toxins are removed from the body. Toxins are what makes the body organs break down causing dis-ease factors. Toxins get into your body not only from what you eat, but the air you breathe, handling cleaning products, skin care products, smoking or any tobacco use, alcohol consumption, coffee, paint, etc. and I could name many more.

In my earlier blog I mentioned the ‘Basic Starter Detox Cleansing Program’. Whenever you start a new program such as a Detox Program your body rejoices, yet at the same time can make you feel ill – which is the body’s way of letting you know it has started the self-healing process. This ‘ill’ feeling is referred to, in alternative medical terms, a “Healing Crisis”. Most allopathic doctors have a limited understanding of what the detoxification process is. Simplicity is the key, when you understand what truly causes the illusion called disease (dis-ease).

Nature is always seeking to rebuild, restore, improve and expands itself to include your physical, emotional, and mental state of being. There will be times when detoxification and a healing crisis is too much for you to handle. In that moment it is an overload on your body which warrants the need to slow down the process. As a whole being, you need to keep yourself in balance mentally, emotionally, and physically as much as possible. Modern medicine, in my opinion causes disharmony and imbalance causing disease. This stagnation needs to be cleaned out of your body so the new can enter in.

The detoxification process is needed for you to grow and change, keep yourself in balance, and regenerate your body and soul. It requires a lifestyle change, consistency and committment.

The following are things you may experience, and suggestions for fixing them when you are going through the detoxification experience:

  • LOSS OF ENERGY – EXHAUSTION: as toxins are broken up from detoxing, and released from the tissues back through the lymphatic system, the side effects of that particular toxin or poison may be re-experienced. The older you are the greater the accumulated toxins are. This includes glandular weakness, chronic acidosis, unhappiness, chronic lung disease, thyroid issues, adrenal weakness and mal-absorption issues. All are factors that can cause serious energy loss. Sugar imbalance – a huge issue today, for many people, is a big culprit for causing energy changes. More rest is needed, especially when you constantly use stimulants like coffee, tea, refined sugars and especially proteins (which are a big thing focused on when making smoothies). These need to be removed from the diet. You think these stimulate your energy – WRONGthey sap your energy and over long-term use weaken the true energy centers: the glands. When you stop the intake of these stimulants you will experience big time fatigue. This will pass as you stay on my Basic Starter Detox Cleansing Program, with the ingestion of living foods and juices. I cannot emphasize too strongly that the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is weakening your physical body, not strengthening it. Most of the foods in the S.A.D. create inflammation and toxicity in your tissues, thereby weakening the thyroid and adrenal glands. These glands must be regenerated if you want to overcome chronic fatigue.
  • SWELLING AND ITCHING:  Many swellings that erupt from the skin are called tumors. Tumors can become larger before they are dissolved.  Most swellings however, are short-lived. Eating fruit during these times can help in these cases. Itching is another issue in detoxification – mostly caused by fungal or candida involvement. Itching and redness of the skin can develop anywhere. I find Aloe Vera, applied topically to be helpful in easing the itching. When itching occurs because of fungal infestation – it needs to be killed. A good herbal parasite formula “Parasite M” sold in the FYI Health Talk Store ( is an extremely valuable product for this particular problem. Fungi live in lymphatic congestion and need to be removed which can be done by, again, eating fruits and using the herbal formula “Parasite M”, along with participating in a regular exercise program each day – even if it just ‘walking.’
  • BOWEL MOVEMENTS: a big problem with many people, who, I find, try to rationalize it away, and think using the over the counter supplements on a regular basis will fix the problem. It is vital that you have at least one bowel movement per day, however, two or three times would be better. Dr. Robert Morse puts emphasis on “having a bowel movement about one to two hours after each meal” which is ideal for bowel health. If you have 3 to 6 bowel movement per day you may have what is referred to as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This is a catchword for inflammation within the GI tract, to include: Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach); Enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine; Colitis (inflammation of the colon or large intestine; Diverticulitis (inflammation of bowel (intestinal) pockets, which form from our Standard American Diet and especially the red meats. How to Fix those loose, runny, diarrhea stools – use a good herbal bowel formula (also sold in our store). They help to remove the toxicity and inflammation that causes these problems in the first place and firm your stools. A raw food diet is essential, as well, in helping to heal, repair, and strengthen the tissues of the GI tract. If you have discomfort from using these formulas – be relieved, the discomfort  will only be temporary.
  • CONSTIPATION: is the opposite problem and is very hard on the body, to include the absorption of putrefaction from foods that are being held in the intestines. This is where the destruction of the intestinal wall begins, especially if these food residues become impacted. Keep those bowels moving with lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Using our corrective formula is great for cleaning the colon and keeping it healthy. Use until your stools are back to normal. The formulas sold in the FYI Health Talk Store are created to restore, rebuild, strengthen and tone the bowel without addiction to the product. Unlike those products people use from the over-the-counter section of the supermarket or drug store – our formulas also heal the inflammation and ulcerations from acid food eating. As Dr. Morse would say “Remember, the bowels are the hub of your body!”
  • ACHES AND PAINS: Believe me, you will experience many aches and pains during the cleansing and healing process. I remember when I started, I hurt so bad I could not even stand up straight. I thought for sure I was going to die. Dr. Morse’s response. “Yeh, the healing process has begun!” Aches and pains are triggered wherever there is a weakness and/or degeneration in the body.  The body proceeds to tug, draw and pull the toxicity out of itself. These aches and pains are normal during the detoxification process and should not be feared. Most will last anywhere from a few hours to a week or sometimes a little more – depending on the degeneration or weakness location. After the ‘crisis’ (healing), you will notice that particular area becoming stronger than before.
  • All the above is a thumbnail version of the Healing Crisis Process – but is what you will experience the most when you begin the Detoxification Program.  I just want you all to be aware – as I have had folks ask me the feelings they can expect. Those, of my clients,  who go through with the Detox Program, always have an affirmative response. FEAR NOT – ALL WILL BE WELL!

I would love to hear about your experiences. Send a response by clicking on the Contact button at the top of the page and writing a Comment. If you like my blogs let me know. Follow me and every time a new Blog is Published you will get it automatically. Thanks to you my readers  – and may God Bless you always! 

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