The Spleen

Continuing on the subject of organs that doctors might remove from the body with the idea in mind that they are, or are not important to the health of the human body.

THE SPLEEN – is many times removed when it seems to be destroyed because of an accident injury. The SPLEEN is the largest collection of reticuloendothelial cells in the body. An elongated, dark, oval-shaped organ lying in upper left quadrant of abdomen posterior and inferior to the stomach. It is composed of sponge like tissue (splenic pulp) consisting of lymphatic tissue differentiated into white pulp and pulp infiltrated with red blood cells (red pulp). It is enclosed by a dense capsule from which trabeculae extend into substance of the spleen. On one side is the hilus through which enter the splenic vessels and nerves.

FUNCTION: Blood formation: In the embryo all types of blood cells are formed but in the adult only lymphocytes and monocytes. Blood storage: Smooth muscle and elastic tissue fibers in the capsule and trabeculae enable the spleen to contract and discharge blood cells into circulation. Blood filtration: By which bacteria and particulate matter, wornout red blood cells, are removed from circulation.

DISORDERS: Acute and chronic infections and infection like states, hypersplenism, primary splenic thrombocytopenia, primary splenic neutropenia, Felty’s syndrome, Banti’s disease, congestive splenomegaly, tumors, thrombosis, splenitis – inflammation of the spleen, etc. The list goes on and on. (reference: Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary)

To simplify this medical jargon into words the average person can understand – the SPLEEN is an oval-shaped, semi-dark red organ. It is located on your left side, to the left of and behind the stomach. (reference “The Detox Miracle Source Book” by Robert Morse N.D.)

Further explanation tells us that in the embryo stage of birth, the spleen serves as a red and white blood-cell creator. After birth, the spleen produces only lymphocytes and monocytes and is full of the lymphocytes called macrophages. Macrophages remove pathogens and toxins of all kinds from the blood and lymph. The spleen “acts as a blood reservoir or holding-tank where blood is stored for emergencies. The spleen also, ‘destroys weakened, toxic and old blood cells.

The above sounds to me like a pretty good reason for keeping the spleen in tact, unless it is dangerously injured due to accidental or other causes e.g. carcinogenic. Some medical doctors, however, still choose to remove it whether it needs to be removed or not. (You see it done a lot in fictional medical movies or on TV).  Don’t let fiction and old wives tales influence your common sense thinking. Be aware of your body parts and their purpose in maintaining a healthy functioning body.

The spleen is an organ that plays a role in a person’s overall immunity. This small organ affects the body’s ability to fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses by filtering the blood and removing any foreign antigens. If the spleen is removed, then a person’s immunity may weaken making him more susceptible to infections like pneumonia.

Keeping the spleen in tact and healthy keeps the immune, lymphatic and blood systems healthy. Your spleen does affect your physical body’s health status. IT IS AN IMPORTANT part of your body’s working system.

If it is removedwhat then?  (WebMD) tells you, “Doctors typically give patients without spleens vaccinations to immunize them against dangerous bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumonia about 14 days after emergency surgery, and about 14 days prior to scheduled surgery. Children who have had their spleens removed often need daily doses of antibiotics to protect them against bacterial infections.”

Once the spleen is removed, Natural resources, as well, can be applied to compensate for the loss of the working spleen. The best natural antibiotic is garlic. No, you don’t have to eat it and worry about having no friends because your body reeks of the smell of it. Garlic can be taken in ‘odorless’ capsule form – one a day – 3000 mg. works; or more if you wish.
In our store we carry a Cellular Blood Formula that, along with Spleen, Adrenal, Lymph, Lung, and an Ultra Immune System formula, will aid in keeping your body systems in balance. Contact me for more information and counseling.

Everyone needs to keep all the systems of your body revitalized, cleansed of toxins, healed of the causes of disease in order to maximize the healing power of nature.

God blessed you with the “freedom of choice”. It is up to you! What do you want for your body? I enjoy giving you information to help you make choices – but it is up to you to act on those choices.

( Always consult your physician, and get yearly health exams when in doubt about any health issue you may be concerned about.)

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