Supplement Facts: Ceremides vs Wrinkles

What do you know about a ‘ceremide’?

Anatomical Structures of Human Skin

Ceremides are lipids and pertinent to aging…for the young and the old. Ceremides are contained naturally in a young persons skin which in appearance is moist, plump, and wrinkle-free. Ceremides (per Life Extension Magazine), “are major skin components that help form the “glue” that holds surface cells together. Aging skin loses these natural lipids.” “Ceremides are contained in four layers of the epidermis creating the natural barrier that holds in moisture, keeps out infection and prevents wrinkles.”

For the benefit of the aging, scientists have developed “plant-derived ceramides.”  Referred to as phytoceramides, these can be taken orally as a supplement. They are absorbed into the bloodstream and inner layers of the skin. Working from the inside out they hydrate, smooth and rejuvenate the aging and wrinkled skin throughout the body.  Ceramide produced in food – such as wheat and rice – is not enough to provide sufficient quantities to optimally rejuvenate aging skin. It was determined, by the scientists that “the decline in ceramide content in mature skin may stem from a decline in the enzyme activity that normally promotes the delivery of ceremides in a usable form to the skin.” And, that because of the loss of ceremides during the aging process, it is important to boost ceramide levels not only on the surface – through the use of lotions, etc, but deep inside the skin cells by the use of internally taken supplements. Topically, skin creams have contained ceramides for years, but these are found by most women – including myself, to deliver only minimal improvement. Other skin conditions and issues that are the result of low ceremide levels include, atopic dermatitis, cellulitis, and bacterial induced skin infections, etc.

NOTE: Clinical trials using 200 mg daily were given to women for 3 months to test skin hydration. The women experienced improvement in skin hydration, reduced dry patches, roughness, and itching.

In Summary – the skin takes a beating day in and day out from solar exposure, pollutants, stress, and aging. I agree, that skin problems need to be treated from the inside out as well as topically. This is where a good diet of fruits and vegetables is needed. See my Detox Diet Plan in an earlier blog.

There are many topical products on the market today. After trying many of them myself, I have seen little improvement with topically used creams, lotions, etc. I do see improvement with a good diet, and internal use of supplements – of which there are many as well. You do your own research. I find the herbal ‘Skin Formula’ available at the Fyihealthtalk Store an excellent product. I as well like the Life Extension products.





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