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Who has ever heard of Cortisol as being anything other than a scientific term? If you read the ingredients on the packaging of supplements you may have seen it mentioned. Apparently, as I researched this one, Cortisol is referred to as being “destructive.” I feel it is of great concern in regards to a persons longevity and overall health.

CORTISOL – is a glucocorticoids hormone that is essential for life. Too much can be “destructive.” What causes this?  One thing is stress. “Stress inflicts deadly damage by raising cortisol levels. The result is accelerated aging that wreaks havoc throughout the body.” The increase in cortisol does this by aging the internal organs and thereby makes one seem older than he/she really is. Stress is an underlying problem with many of today’s chronic health problems, to include, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

What kind of stress are we talking about? All kinds – emotional, psychological, physical or biochemical. All of these kinds of stress raise the levels of cortisol. It is a good idea to lower any level of stress you may be experiencing. However, stress is not always easy to get rid of. It seems to be a normal part of everyone’s lives. So, what can you do to help keep your cortisol levels low? Polyphenols!

Scientists are excited about natural compounds capable of lowering cortisol levels. Read on!

Close up fresh lychees with leaves on isolated on white background.

Lychee Fruit! The “lychee fruit has been grown in China since at least the 11th Century. It is rich in polyphenols that promote a variety of biological activities, most notably the ability to fight oxidative stress, inflammation and lower cortisol levels.”

I found this amazing. There is a family, near where I live, that grows Lychee Fruit Trees – often referred to as a ‘lychee nut’ tree. They harvest the fruit, ship them to China and then China sells them back to the U.S. This was interesting, as I found and purchased them in the produce department at a Wal-Mart store in Canada. I found them to be very delicious. I also found them canned, in Wal-Mart here in Florida.

Scientific human studies were done with a lychee-green tea blend supplement, because they found “most lychee polyphenol products available in stores….are not easily absorbed in the intestinal tract.”  Other extracts tested were “from the bark of the Magnolia and Phellodendron trees which were shown, in combination, to lower cortisol and reduce manifestations of stress.”

In Summary – per Life Extension (my source) magazine; “high cortisol produces all of the manifestations of overmedication with steroids: central obesity, rising blood sugar, hypertension, and lipid disturbances, while also softening bones and promoting neurodegenerative issues.”

Bottom line – “There are compounds that can be taken/used that offer safe, effective reductions in circulating cortisol levels, thereby helping to promote improved metabolic health and supporting healthy aging.”

I found this information to be profound and something that should interest everyone. The senior years come more quickly these days. It is up to each of you to HELP YOURSELVES TO BETTER HEALTH. Use the information on my blog pages wisely as they pertain to your health issues. Consult your physician as you feel the need to.


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