I tell my clients all the time that in order to achieve quality health they have to make a life long life style change. Everyone’s change will be different depending on what their life style is. The responses I’ve met include:  “I can’t, I’m going to die anyway so why change what I like doing.” “I’ve been told that by my doctor, so you are not telling anything I don’t already know.” “I have tried, but it’s too hard.” “Why can’t I just do it for a little while.”

What does this sound like to you?  To me it is ATTITUDE! The magic word – ATTITUDE!

While cleaning out stuff, which we all do every once in a while, I ran across a piece of paper I have saved for a long time. It was actually starting to turn brown and get crumbly. As I read what was on it, I decided it was important enough to share it with you, my readers. So here it is!


“It is our ATTITUDE at the beginning of a task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.

It is our ATTITUDE, toward life which determines life’s ATTITUDE toward us.

We are independent. It is impossible to succeed without others, and it is our ATTITUDE toward others that will determine their ATTITUDE toward us.

Before a person can achieve the kind of life he wants, he must become that kind of individual. He must think, act, talk, walk, and conduct himself in all of his affairs as would the person he wishes to become.

The higher you go in any organization of value, the better the ATTITUDE you will find.

Your mind can hold only one thought at a time and, since there is nothing at all to be gained by being negative, be positive.

The deepest craving of human beings is to be needed, to feel important, to be appreciated. Give it to them, and they’ll return it to you.

Look for the best in new ideas. As someone said, “I never meet a person that I couldn’t learn something from”.

Don’t waste valuable time broadcasting personal problems. It probably won’t help you – it cannot help others.

Don’t talk about your health – unless it’s good.

Radiate the ATTITUDE of well-being, of confidence, of a person that knows where he’s going. This will inspire others around you, and you’ll find good things will begin happening to you.

For the rest of the week, treat everyone with whom you come in contact as the most important person on earth. If you’ll do it for 30 days, you’ll do it for the rest of your life.”

This quote – as the one in my Quote Column on the right side of my blog, is from Walter Dale Scott – Northwestern University.

Now, as I re-read this quote, I know why I kept a copy of it. I think I will frame it and hang it on my wall. In my opinion, it is something everyone should keep on their mind throughout life. I feel it can be a wonderful basis for healing what ails us all during the good times, as well as the bad times most of us face during our lifetime. Put it to the test. Do you need to change your ATTITUDE?

God Bless!


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