and to all a Good Night.

Many songs have been written regarding the birth of Christ – ‘While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks’ was one of many. Have you ever wondered about the origin of some of the songs. The text of this song, familiar to all, was written by Nathan Tate (1652-1715). The music: Yorkshire Carol (ca. 1800)

A part of the Christmas story loved by child and adult alike is the narration concerning the humble shepherds who were the first to hear the announcement of the Christ child’s birth. We love to think of their amazement and delight, and we love to think on the nature of a Father who would choose lowly shepherds to receive this announcement.

The hymn text is a poetic rendering of the visit of the angels to the shepherds as told in Luke 2:8-14. Today, the text is popular throughout the English-speaking world and is paired in various hymnals with several different tunes, of which Yorkshire Melody is one of the most familiar.

All of the Christian related Christmas Songs are a wonderful tribute to the Holiest of Holy – our Savior, Lord, and King – JESUS CHRIST. May we all on this special day, rejoice on His birth.


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