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THE DENTIST – DO I HAVE TO GO?  Then the tears start to flow. I have seen this in children as well as adults.

It used to be that a trip to the dentist was not a traumatic adventure. And besides, if you needed something done that would cause pain, the dentist always gave you Novocaine. For some it was the sight of the shot needle that caused the trauma, even though the patient knew it would take the pain away.

I am a rarity to my dentist as I request no novocain or knock out medication of any kind. The dentist tells me most people beg for the novocain shot.

With Dental Health being the topic, what about dental health is there today, that is different from the past. You go to the dentist to have the teeth checked for cavities, to have teeth pulled, straightened, beautified, and for many other reasons. Dentists today push to give you fluoride treatments – supposedly to keep you from getting cavities or rotten teeth in general. However, fluoride is a poison to the system. Another poison is mercury, which all fillings used to be made from. These 2 chemicals ‘fluoride and mercury’ are not biocompatible with the human body and can lead to chronic disease in susceptible individuals. So, what can be done to avoid this? Eliminate them from being a part of the dental procedures. Most dentists are doing that now by using other mediums such as Porcelain to fill the teeth. The metal Mercury can impair both immune and brain function over time. Mercury is the second most dangerous toxin to humans after radioactive plutonium. We as patients have not been educated to this information. Dr. Martina Mallery, DDS tells us that “when a patient receives a mercury filling, a trace amount of mercury is vaporized on a recurring basis and released into the bloodstream where it can bioaccumulate in the organs and cause numerous chronic – or even terminal – disease in some people.”

Dentistry today is slowly getting on the ‘bandwagon idea’ that if you maintain a healthy body it will include the good health of the teeth. This is referred to as ‘conservative treatment and/or preventative education. I have been talking about the toxins in the body causing many overall health issues. It is the toxins in the mouth that cause most mouth and teeth problems. It is important that you as patients make sure your mouths and bodies are protected from toxins in the environment. This includes ‘organic nutrition, naturopathic remedies and biocompatible modalities’ or so says Dr. Mallery (DDS). She also feels the “patients health should be the focus of attention more than the financial gain.” How can this be done? Examples include rebuilding a tooth and restoring its function instead of just telling you that a crowning of the tooth is needed, which is an invasive procedure.” The use of a composite resin material will preserve as much of a healthy tooth structure as possible which will help to restore the tooth. “Teeth are organs connected to the rest of the body – they contain their own blood supply, nervous system and lymphatic drainage.”

“Root canal therapy can also be problematic.” This information is for those who are not aware. A root canal is done when a tooth that is infected or abscessed is embalmed in the mouth, so it can be preserved without needing to be extracted. I just had that procedure done to a tooth that was neither infected or abscessed, however, it had been crowned. The old crown fell off after 19 years and the dentist would not put it back on. Instead, he insisted I needed a new crown. He put on the new crown and then directed me to an Endodontist who said I needed a root canal procedure done to alleviate any pain I might encounter. I tried to avoid this procedure, but since the tooth was old and already had been disfigured I let him do the procedure. I am praying that all will be well and stay well, even though I know the tooth is now a dead tooth. According to Dr. Mallery, however, I could end up with an autoimmune disorder after all these procedures.  God help me with this one.

This is all “water under the bridge” which cannot be changed. I am now looking for a holistic dentist – which are few and far between in the field of dentistry. Maybe I had better go to Dr. Mallery….but she resides a long way from where I live.

Wishing you all only happy experiences in the dentists chair. GOD BLESS!

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