Understanding Viruses. COVID-19


CoronavirusTaking over the news is the COVID-19 virus. Is it all HYPE?

‘FACT NOT FEAR’. Well folks I don’t know about you but in my opinion the FACTS they are feeding us are putting most of you in FEAR.  Why? Because there are so many versions of the facts, so much so, that one does not know what to believe. Many of what they are calling facts are theories of people who have blown the truth way out of proportion.

COVID-19… what do you know about a VIRUS? Just what is a virus?

Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary tells us, “A virus is a minute organism not visible with ordinary light microscopy and a parasite dependent on nutrients inside cells for its metabolic and reproductive needs. Viruses can be seen by use of electron microscopy. They consist of a strand of either deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA, but not both, separated by a capsid, a covering of protein. Viruses cause a variety of important infectious diseases, among them the common cold, smallpox, yellow fever, most childhood diseases, and the majority of infections of the upper respiratory passages. A virus was first synthesized in the laboratory in 1967. This was done by using natural virus DNA as a template for forming the synthetic virus DNA.”  I am going to leave it at this, because my purpose is to ‘simplify’ this so as humans, and as non medical or scientific people, you can understand it.

To help me obtain knowledge and understanding I have been researching this subject from all angles…watching scientific videos, doctor’s videos, politician videos, reading, etc.

I like Dr. Robert Morse’ definition of a virus.  Simply put, he stated in his video: “A virus is a protein. There are many, and all different types of viruses. Basically viruses are nucleic acid, which is RNA or DNA with proteins wrapped around them. For years, they have been studied as a form of germ warfare. They can easily be reproduced in a laboratory.” (Dr. Morse as well as being a Naturopathic doctor is a BioChemist, and Herbalist.)

So, what does this have to do with the COVID-19 virus?

It has been hinted in the news, and was mentioned in my research by scientists and doctors, that the Corona Virus could well be a man made virus (made in a Laboratory). Fact, the city of Wuhan China has 2 of the largest virus producing labs in the world. Ted Cruz referred to the possibility – in an article in the Washington Post that the Corona Virus could be one of the viruses they were working on when it accidentally was let loose to become the biggest pandemic ever. I also watched a YouTube video where; “China Implies Coronavirus Leaked from Lab?” China is trying to find a way to let it be known to the world without them being blamed. The explanations and reasoning I listened to was unbelievable. This information came from a site called ‘China In Focus’. The Chinese people seem to be unhappy with their Government claiming ‘they have not been told the truth.’ This gives one a lot of ‘food for thought’.

I am not discounting the seriousness of any of this. We are experiencing a pandemic, and everyone has an opinion as to what to do about it. In order to know what to do about it, and handle a ‘virus’ outbreak, you need to know how viruses work. Since the purpose of my blogs is about health, I will try to enlighten you about ‘viruses’.

The body is exclusively made up of over 100 trillions of cells. The body has 2 chemical sides that needs to be focused on – ACID and ALKALINE. These are the ‘PILLARS of LIFE“.

ACID OR ACIDITY IS REFLECTED BY pain, inflammation (which must be eliminated), swelling, corrosion, and dehydration. FACTS: Most of the foods you eat are acid forming. Acids weaken the cells. The more acid your body is the harder it is to breathe, to fight off germs. Protein – an acid, is an invader, the chemistry of  which your body does not want.”

What is the COVID virus?  Protein. In order to get rid of this virus or any other virus, we have to bring in the good guys – the immune system. There are two types of immunity – acquired and inherited. Acquired immunity is learned immunity. Inherited immunity comes from the genetic line. It is the acquired immunity that comes into play as it learns ‘what to get rid of’ in the instance of the COVID virus. It tries to eliminate it with a fever causing you to sweat on the outside; and on the inside by mucus secretions through the kidneys, the belly button, bowels, and vaginally. You have the least immunity in your blood. Blood is always looking to clean itself – the Spleen does this. Sugar, which is acidic can give you lots of mucus. So you need to eliminate sugar. Other things that cause mucus build up are milk products, cheeses, and pasta products. The ACID MEDIUM  cannot heal.

So, IN COME the ‘good guys’, THE ALKALINE MEDIUM. The body must be 80% alkaline and 20 % acidic in order to be and stay healthy. An ALKALINE body is a healthy body. This is done with the DIET. The foods you eat are important in getting rid of the acidity in the body. Your body is a natural food processor. Let your foods be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Your health determines your quality of life. An ALKALINE body has a healthy and hard working IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The working staff in the IMMUNE SYSTEM helps the body’s cells function. They include the gland systems, and organs – which are added to control everything, to function as building blocks. These and everything else is held together with connective tissues. Every cell is a little person unto itself, and they have their own little cities. Other add-ons in the body’s system include the mind, soul, and emotions. The cell parts of the body know what shape they are suppose to take and what job they are suppose to do. Each cell has its own reason to be there. Two things essential to the body’s function are consumption and elimination. When the body does not get rid of toxic waste, you develop what are called cell diseases, (COVID).

As has been stated by the media regarding the COVID virus, if you have a compromised Immune System your chance of picking up the COVID virus is greater. That is fact. The Lymph gland is your main ‘immune system’. The Adrenal Gland, its helper controls the autonomic nervous system. In the case of the COVID or any other virus, you must “go after”, as Dr. Morse stated in his video, the Lymphatic System. The Lymph system cleans itself through the kidneys, colon and skin. The lymphatic system is one of the most vital systems in the body. It’s jobs is to remove cellular waste from the gastrointestinal tract, and serve as the ‘house’ of the immune system. It serves as part of the body’s septic system. It becomes heavily congested with excessive mucus, which most people are not aware that they have until their sinus cavities or lungs let them know. It also carries nutrients to various parts of the body.

Viruses (proteins) do not attach themselves to healthy cells. When a virus does attach itself to a cell, it will cause inflammation of some sort somewhere in the body.

Do you see the correlation between the COVID-19 virus and the Lymph System? What part of the body is the virus attacking? What are the symptoms of the virus they talk about the most – fever (which is common with most colds/flu’s, pain, and coughing – which is associated with the lungs – pneumonia. By the way there are two types of pneumonia, ‘viral’, which the COVID is, and bacterial. When I worked for a medical doctor, he told me “viral pneumonia won’t kill you”. “There has to be other  circumstances involved in order for it to kill, and this will only take place in a compromised immune system.” Sounds to me like the mucus is the problem with the COVID virus. You must now question, what body systems need to be fixed to resolve these issues, which in turn will strengthen the immune system. Read on.

FEVER eliminates viruses through the skin – sweat. It is best to not suppress a fever. Ride it out if you can. The body can handle a temperature up to 104 without too much danger. At this point, however, it is necessary to bring it down, but by the use of cold packs, not drugs. I seldom get fevers, but when I did I would bundle up in bed with lots of blankets and force my body to sweat until the fever was gone. I would then take a nice warm to cool bath, and all would be well. Sweating helps to eliminate the toxins and acidity from the body. It is not easy to do this, because it is not comfortable and you feel miserable. 

Along with the Lymph system which cleanses (detoxifies), and strengthens the immune system, you have to work on the Bowels to remove mucoid buildup and restore the gastro-intestinal tract; the Kidneys– for elimination of toxic waste; the Thyroid – which controls the skin and fever. When you get a fever it is the body telling you it has a problem and the fever is the first step of the body trying to heal itself; the Endocrine glands to eliminate other weaknesses and imbalances. KEEP IN MIND – TOXINS IN, TOXINS OUT BY ‘ALKALIZING.’ 

To get the process started you must DETOX – to include at least a (1) day FAST; HYDRATE with WATER; and then implement a healthy DIET. For some of you this will be easy, and for many of you it will  be difficult. You must decide how badly you want to be healthy and stay healthy.

Life is cause and effect. When the Lymph system becomes stagnant your IMMUNE SYSTEM cannot remove the damaged cells.

NOTE: When you hydrate – do not use sodas, and Gatorade. They will not hydrate you. Gatorade is not a hydrator in spite of what they advertise or what sport coaches say. It is a DEHYDRATOR. Gatorade might replace electrolytes lost during exercise, but it is full of sugar which with long term use causes weight gain; is full of sodium which overtime could cause high blood pressure; it contains dyes derived from petroleum; it increases the risk of hyperactivity in children. It DOES NOT HYDRATE EFFECTIVELY.

The problem with the COVID-19 virus, as I see it, is that the medical doctors are using medications that are stopping the immune system, which is trying hard naturally to heal the body by getting rid of the PROTEIN. 

The media continues to bombard us with death figures. Humans will always die. Nature has its own way of eliminating. It’s the negative FACTS the media puts emphasis on, not the positive, that is putting the FEAR into us. FEAR = STRESS. Stress will compromise your immune system making you a prime target for the virus to invade. DO NOT WALK WITH FEAR – WALK WITH GOD!

PS: For information on how to DETOX go to my  2017/08/14 – BASIC STARTER DETOX CLEANSING PROGRAM. After you have followed the program for a couple of weeks you can add supplementation with herbs being the best, or by other means. I like the Herbal Formulas from Dr. Morse’ Botanical Pharmacy, and/or the supplements from Life Extension. I suggest you buy your supplements from reputable Health Food outlets such as Richard’s Food Emporium, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and the few others out there. What you buy at the drug or grocery store are not always reliable, as many of the supplements they sell are chemically made and not made from natural food sources. Experiment and find what works best for you. You are your best doctor. 

Also, click on the ‘FOLLOW  FYI-HEALTHTALK’ link on the right side of my blog and you will receive my blogs automatically. I will be doing a follow-up with more information on the COMMON COLD in the future. 

JUST INPresident Russell M Nelson, the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in a conference talk Saturday night, April 4, 2020, to the people of the whole world, asked for EVERYONE, ALL DENOMINATIONS AND CREEDS TO JOIN in on a DAY OF WORLD WIDE FASTING (as you are healthily and physically able), AND PRAYER ON GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 10th. We are to pray for and end to the COVID virus and the quick healing of everyone who is suffering from this virus and/or any other afflictions from it. President Nelson suggests that we abstain from eating 2 meals in a 24 hour period. I, for one, will be participating on this special day. I hope you will join me. MAY GOD BLESS ONE, AND ALL ALWAYS!


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