What does it mean? If you haven’t already heard this terminology on TV, in ads, magazines, etc., do you have any idea what it means? I could not even find a definition for it. My conclusion is that it refers to the new technical gadgets that have come into being since the technical age was introduced into society many years ago.

So what gadgets have humans all over the world become addicted to? I’ll start with the electric typewriter, which turned into the desktop computer – of which there are many different types to include laptops, tablets, hand held, and last but not least, the CELL PHONE. With the computer came the need for a service/device to make COMPUTERS and CELL PHONES work which is called WiFi. Thus came the influx of Intel, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. you get the picture.

This discussion will be about WiFi and Cell phones – which in essence have turned into mini computers that you hold in your hand, talk to for information (replacing the Encyclopedia/Dictionary), directions (GPS), text (non-talk to friends and family), etc. Cell phones seem to be causing us to lose human contact with each other by speaking and/or seeing and visiting. Is it any wonder the powers that be, have been able to take over our lives, and take away our freedoms by telling us what we need, have, or should be doing?

I’ve proclaimed for years that the only thing you can be sure of in this world is CHANGE. I’m all for technology, but when it leads to danger to humanity, that changes my perspective.

Cell Phones have changed from lower frequency EMF emissions – 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and now, to 5G. We are being inundated with TV ads that 5G is faster and more efficient than the other G’s- but what do we really know about 5G.

What does the ‘G ‘stand for? The ‘G’ stands for the generation for wireless technology. The generation count increases when new technology comes out. In short, it denotes the advancement of technology from older to newer.  1G was the first cell phone; 2G was digitized and did not allow you to receive or send texts; 3G became mobile broadband, and 4G which is the current technology permits you to do many things. You use your phone as a computer, you text, you use it as a GPS, keep in touch on FaceBook, and etc.

With all of this technology comes EMF (Electromagnetic field) exposure which seems to have become a big problem with the many mystery illnesses in humans today. What people need to understand, is that the body is a very electric organism. The heart, brain, and many cellular and metabolic processes operate through electrical charges, which are interrupted by EMF’s. I have spent many days watching, listening to and reading about EMF issues regarding the 5G  – which has already become the next generation in Cell Phones. EMF issues started with the microwave oven – so it is nothing new. With Cell phones, the WiFi Router became the problem. A WiFi router is the access point that allows you to connect a computer or phone to the internet wirelessly. A router lets you connect many devices to the internet and to each other e.g. more computers, a printer, a smart phone or two, and a security camera, etc.

Is there a safe zone for radiation exposure on a Wifi Router?  Wireless routers give off electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency, this level is considered potentially dangerous to people. The danger from WiFi routers is intensified by several factors, such as age, duration, general health, and your overall wifi EMF exposures. Up until recently with the new 5G cell phones, the EMF exposure has been relatively safe. So why the hype about 5G cell phone radiation?

Over the past few years people have been experiencing different health anomalies that doctors have not been able to pinpoint the cause of, or why. With use of the 5G, which some folks already have purchased, the health issues have worsened. New means of distribution boxes (as I call them) for receiving 5G have already been put into place – on Cell towers, light poles, the top of building, schools, and even homes. 5G and 4G work simultaneously with one another as 4G uses lower frequency waves, so reception towers can be set up miles apart and still work fine; while 5G reception towers need to be much closer together because the network uses much shorter and higher frequency wavelengths.

If WiFi and Cell phone radiation affects a person’s health, how do we know and, what can we do to protect ourselves? Basically in everything I researched the scientific conclusions were the same…

SYMPTOMS: of radiation exposure…

With radiation exposure the symptoms can include the following: Head feeling hot, dizziness, confusion, altered spatial awareness, pain in the ear of which the cell phone is held to, fatigue, light sensitivity, constant headaches (especially migraine), burning sensations over the whole body, prickly, tingling skin, stomach pain, gas, loose stool, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and other cardiovascular problems, a stiff neck, joint pain in shoulders/arms, tight/stiff muscles, a metallic taste in the mouth, dark circles under the eyes, deterioration of eyesight, cramps in feet and legs, anxiety/irritability, depression, pain in the back of the ear, tinnitus, hormonal disturbance, sleeping disorders, and the list goes on.

You might say that ‘if cell phones are so dangerous, why am I not affected? It is not because you can’t feel anything that you are not affected. Any kind of radio-frequency radiation (which started with microwave ovens), have adverse biological effects on the health of the body’s cells, which determines the health of the body and ultimately how a person feels. There is a lot of science which shows that cell phone radiation has a detrimental effect on a person’s health. Check it out. (US National Toxicology Program (NTP) – So what has been found?


Symptoms indicate the condition of many dis-eases (as I call them). In the event of radiation toxicity they can and are known to scientifically include the following: the big ‘C’ Cancer – specifically, brain but also other organs (adrenal, kidney, etc.), and tissues in and around your head and all over your body, autism, infertility, Alzheimer’s, Thyroid,  inflammatory issues, impaired immune system, mitochondria damage, blood and brain barrier breaches- especially in newborns, skin (your skin has little antennas all over it that attracts microwave radiation). EMF Radiation, in essence, disturbs the chemical balance of the body making it more vulnerable to the biological invasion of bacteria and viruses, which in turn, weakens the body, and the list goes on and on., 

Are you experiencing any of the things on the lists? If you are, you might want to assess your personal situation where WiFi and Cell Phones are used. Another means in place today that emit dangerous levels of EMF radiation – what is being called ‘dirty power’ include the smart meters that are replacing the old fashion electric reading meters on your house, TV entertainment systems, Cable TV, Roku, wireless printers/mouses,
keyboards, Bluetooth, baby monitors, fit bits, your neighbors exposure, etc. 

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF: What can you do to protect yourself?

  • INTERNAL protection should be first. There are several natural products that hugely enhance the ability of the body to not absorb the waves. They include: rosemary, propolis from the bees (can be purchased in liquid form), coriander, a supplement called ‘Ray Wave’, skin creams that makes the skin reflective of WiFi. They contain saffron and several other herbal ingredients, with nothing chemical in them. Creams and lotions are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Essential Oils can also be beneficial. Do your own research.
  • DETOXIFICATION. Since metals are absorbed into your system by radiation as well as other means – it is necessary to detoxify for metals. Everyone has a significant toxic metal burden to include Lead; Cadmium from the car exhaust; mercury – of which most are already aware of from eating fish and having mercury fillings; ambient air; iron – from eating too much red meat), and many other sources. Per Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, “it’s the metals that are mostly resonant with the WiFi. A big strategy is to detox people from heavy metals.” He also said, “it is interesting that with the announcement that 5G is going to be the new deal – that same day, the FDA in the US stopped the availability of DMPS – the main drug that we need to get these metals out of people. The FDA (when they did this) said that 5G is safe. They ruled out the use of metal detox agents, and the main metal detox agent was removed from the list of things available.”  He further stated: “Detoxing METALS is a huge issue, since when exposed to WiFi, your white blood count goes down. If your white blood count is lower than 5,500 of which 5,500 to 6,000 is the normal, goes down to 4,000 or 3,500, it can be an indicator of a chronic viral infection, parasites, and etc. But, most likely it’s an indicator of too much high WiFi exposure.”
  • MOLDHow?  Biotoxins. “The mold sensitivity of people who have mold in their homes, is largely driven by the WiFi environment. And also, homes that have a little bit of mold, that were never a problem before, are now a problem. Why? Because the little bit of mold that’s there is producing hundreds of times more biotoxins than before. The treatment is to clean up the home from mold. You have to turn off the WiFi because that mold on the walls grow as they are upset. They can use the radiation for their own growth.”(Per Dr. Klinghardt)
  • DISTANCE yourself from the EMF exposure. If not using your cell phone, turn it off or put it in another room. Limit your usage. Don’t sleep with it in the room. Put it in airplane mode when not using it. Turn off the WiFi.
  • DEVICES for external protection. There are many internet sites where you can purchase protection for smart meters; Pendant necklaces for your body; clothing, etc. Do not purchase direction talking appliances for the home to include an Alexis, doorbell, camera, etc. Decline a ‘smart’ meter from your electric company if you are able. Limit your time on the computer. Don’t buy a self driven automobile. The new ones you already have are radiation traps. If you start now you can reverse damage that’s already been done and avoid new damage. 
  • CHECK  your living area – how close are you to power lines, cell phone towers, dirty electricity from the neighbors, etc.
  • TAKE SUPPLEMENTS – Magnesium (of which most of us have too little of) acts as a natural calcium channel blocker which EMF’s disrupt in the cells of the body – which in turn puts stress on the heart. 300-400 mg. is the usual recommendation – or consult with your doctor.
  • INFRARED SAUNAS – kill any cells that have been weakened by radiation from EMFs.
  • GROUND yourself daily – which means giving your body  a negative charge. How? Take a walk in the woods, at the beach, swim in the ocean, walk barefoot in the grass or around the house.  The goal is to reduce exposure and help your body detox and recover. START TODAY!

SUMMARY: Educate yourself on facts. Some of you may be affected by EMF immediately and some 1 – 10 years from now. As it seems, we are subjects of a huge experiment with studies going back as far as WWI. Satellites are already in place 350 feet in the atmosphere, to direct the dangerous radiation waves. From what I could find out through my research, there is no regulation on EMF radiation at this time. The FCC has done no testing and has not scheduled any safety testing to be done any time soon. Leonard Hardel PhD, Researcher stated “the FCC  is ignoring any health issues that might be in the making.” My question is, will they do as was done with Pharmaceutical companies, come out with a statement that “they are not responsible” if, in case, there are health issues connected to radiation danger? “Radiation doesn’t just affect people, it also takes a toll on the birds, insects, plants (making them prone to spontaneous combustion), and animals. All study information is currently being suppressed.”

The final CONSENSUS is that we need to go back to fiber optics to give us relief from this massive amount of radiation exposure. Contact your Congressman – people in charge of your communities. Many are not even aware of what is going on with this issue. Encourage them to make changes for the betterment of humanity. The government may be far more liable than they think they are. 



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