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Happiness Is A Choice Were All Free To Choose. - Quotespictures.comNew facts are emerging everyday which pertains to the Pandemic we are living. This is one of the latest…

FACT: Over-sanitizing and sterilizing every surface does NOT protect you from getting infected. And, the medical literature has shown time and time again, that it will also make your immune system weaker and puts you at risk of chronic disease…

How can you deal with the COVID virus? I hope the following will help you understand how the body functions in relation to not only the COVID virus but all viruses.

  • COVID virus – The two pillars of life are alkaline and acid. The more acidic you are the harder it is to breathe. This makes sense when you consider that having trouble breathing is one of the symptoms of the COVID virus. In reality, the more acidic your body is, the easier it is to get sick from any virus. Acidosis is the base of all diseases. The body should be 80% Alkaline and 20% acid. The life style most people live today makes them more like 80% Acid and 20% Alkaline – just the opposite of what it should be. Acidity causes pain, inflammation, swelling, corrosion of cells, dehydration, etc. Alkalinity is the healer, the body builder, the immune system builder, the blood builder.  Your health determines your quality of life. Your body is a natural healer if you treat it right by eating the proper foods, getting plenty of exercise and plenty of sleep. There is a saying that has been around for centuries, “Let your foods be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
  • The Lymph system is your main immune system. The Adrenal gland controls the autonomic nervous system. Fevers eliminate viruses through the skin (sweating). You cannot kill viruses, you only suppress them. A VIRUS is a protein…a protein called an exosome. Protein is an invader the chemistry of your body does not want. Viruses (proteins) do not attach themselves to healthy cells. If a virus does attach itself to a cell that means the condition of the cell is weak. You have the least immunity in your blood. The blood is always looking to clean itself, (the spleen does this).
  • So how does one avoid being affected by the COVID virus? The overriding principle to your health is your DIET. You must DETOX to get your body back to the correct Alkaline/Acid balance. Two things are essential to the body – consumption and elimination. The body must get rid of the toxic waste or you have what is called dis-ease. You have to clean up the Lymph System, the Adrenal gland as well the Kidneys, Endocrine gland, the bowels, thyroid, GI tract, and get rid of the parasites and worms in the system.  Dr. Robert Morse stated in one of his videos that “Microbes (germs) are the cleansers of life.” This means the immune system which literally eats germs, needs to be exposed to germs. My research led me to scientific facts that  ‘mask wearing’ keeps the immune system from being exposed to the microbes/germs that it needs to function properly in order to keep you from getting sick. As well, by wearing a mask -you are breathing unclean air… oxygen turned to carbon dioxide…not to mention the toxins in the material the masks are made of. Carbon dioxide is an immune system destroyer.  Free Happiness Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...

    DETOXING for COVID1) Start the detox with a 1 -2 day water fast. You can put fresh squeezed lemon juice in the water. This will start the cleansing process without shocking the system. 2) Fruit, berries, melons, grapes, are the ultimate diet for detoxing; building the immune system which is doing its duty trying to heal the body by getting rid of the protein – the flu virus. You can add a salad of greens once in a while.
    3) Hydrate. Alcoholic beverages, soda pop, sugary drinks, Gatorade – does not hydrate. WATER hydrates. 4) After 2-3 weeks of detoxing you can add supplements such as  herbal tonic formulas. 5) Eliminate red meats. If you need the stability of something heavy eat fish and chicken on a limited basis. 6) NO JUNK FOOD! 7) You should be feeling better – but don’t go back to your old methods of eating, keep on the new track. 8) Exercise – but don’t overdo. 9) Sleep – get plenty of good, restful sleep. 10) Breathe fresh air!

    SUMMARY: COVID is a virus of which there are many and different types. It is an acid which is RNA or DNA with proteins wrapped around it. It can be produced in a laboratory easily. For years viruses have been studied as a form of germ warfare. The medical books and the medical field of doctors are slanted to the concept of diseases as theory, because that is what has been taught in medical schools for centuries. A theory is not the truth of things. The truth of the body is that it is made up of exclusively cells (a 100 trillion or so). They are structured and have specific functions. Glands are added to control everything; then the organs which do all kinds of functions; then the connective tissues which hold everything together, and etc. Every cell is a little person unto itself – it is like it’s own little city. Also added is the mind, soul, and emotions, which the pandemic has affected in a myriad of ways to include suicide, violence, depression, and the taking away of personal freedom of choice.

    Food for ThoughtLife is cause and effect. Humans will always die, as nature has its own way of eliminating. Only you are walking on your own health journey. Don’t let the media and politics make your decisions for you taking away your God given freedoms. It has become a mind boggling doom and gloom game – don’t fall down the adversaries rabbit hole.

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