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Buy the Infrared Thermometer IR 988 - VIA Global HealthQuestions I am being asked on a regular basis now. Is it safe? Who is using it? Do they know how to use it correctly?

When I went to get my yearly check up, I asked to not have my temperature taken with an infrared thermometer gun. To my surprise the nurse, asked why… and could I enlighten him on the subject. After I told him what you will read in this blog, he was surprised. He told me he never knew any of this information, and then stated, “you learn something new everyday.” My temperature was taken on my finger.

With parents, out of work adults returning to the work force, and children and adults going back to school and college – taking a person’s temperature is becoming common place during this pandemic. This is being done by the means of an infrared thermometer gun. This is one of the most dangerous guns out there.

Having this gun pointed at the forehead on a regular basis, if you are working for a company that has mandated it, and for children who, because schools are mandating it, will eventually render you sick and lead to the calcification of the pineal gland. Infrared rays that are used in air fryers for cooking, cook the food from the inside out. That is why there is very little burning of food. This, in my opinion, is what an infrared (radiation) thermometer gun aimed at your head will do over a period of time when done on a regular basis. It will cook the pineal gland and render it useless. This will lead to a myriad of health issues.

What is the PINEAL GLANDThe Pineal Gland - Structure - Vasculature - TeachMeAnatomy

The pineal gland is a small, flattened, cone-shaped gland located behind and just above the eyebrows and is connected to the roof of the 3rd ventricle of the brain. The pineal gland connects the endocrine system with the nervous system in that it converts nerve signals from the sympathetic system of the peripheral nervous system into hormone signals. It synthesizes melatonin, which is a hormone that relaxes you and aids in the sleep process. Melatonin is inhibited by light striking the retina. The pineal gland is regulated by light – internal and external. The pineal gland is sometimes referred to as the “third eye”, because of its location near the middle of the forehead. It consists of ependymal cells and neuroglia embedded in connective tissue stroma. It influences immune system function and antioxidant activity. The pineal gland controls your emotions/feelings. e.g. love, hate, complacency, etc. When the pineal gland is injured or destroyed, you are rendered emotionless making it easy for other people/forces to control you. In short, you will no longer have – as it is often expressed – a mind of your own.

SYMPTOMS -of pineal gland damage generally starts with headaches, blurry vision – which can turn into blindness, forgetfulness, can’t think or analyze situations, and eventually further brain damage and death. You will definitely have a compromised immune system.

(Research: Dr. Robert Morse N.D., a copied post of an Australian Nurse, and the  internet)

OPTIONAL PARTS OF THE BODY FOR PLACING the infrared thermometer gun are on the wrist, on fold of the elbow, or under the arm pit. The reading will be much more accurate and the action much less harmful.

IN SUMMARY: An infrared thermometer must never be pointed at someone’s forehead, especially babies and young children and in my opinion anyone, period. Compared with forehead scanning – scanning the wrist temperature is really the ideal approach to measure the body temperature. Our pineal glands must be protected as it is crucial for everyone’s health both now and in the future.

Food for thought? Is this practice being used to desensitize us into getting used to it as a method, in the future, of extermination? Choosing how you want this done to you and/or your family, is your choice. However, and I repeat – when it comes to scanning, children, instruct/teach them to ask in a kind voice, can you please scan my wrist. Parents of school children you also might ask the Principal at the school, if your child and/or children can forgo this option entirely.


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