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PEACE! We are all looking for this in the non-peaceful world in which we are living today. But how do you find it? A great start would be by being mentally, spiritually, and physically stable. 

At this point in time, this is difficult as we are experiencing a ‘holocaust’.  Modern day dictionary’s offer this meaning  for ‘holocaust’ – “great destruction or loss of life or the source of such destruction, e.g. fire, or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.” 
Synonyms: cataclysm · disaster · catastrophe · destruction · devastation ·

There is little ‘peace’ among people at this point in time, because we the people are being forced to live in a catastrophic state of destruction from the big ‘CO-19’, and the big ‘V’. The destruction is on the verge of killing and/or having a devastating effect on the whole human race, no matter where you live, what color you are, or what nationality you are, both physically, very much mentally, and as well, spiritually.

Where does one begin in order to circumvent the ‘destruction’ – the ‘holocaust’, and find peace? I am seeing a great change in the attitude of people from being complacent, to finally seeing the light, and fighting back against the ills of this satanical disaster. People are finally seeing that their PEACE and their FREEDOM is at stake. They are seeing that you either wake up before you lose that ‘peace and freedom’ entirely, or you sit back and say “it will all work out in the wash.”

If you want peace and freedom it is time to make a choice! It is not a choice between liberalism or conservatism, it is a choice between right versus wrong, a choice between good versus bad, a choice between God versus Lucifer.  It is  time for everyone to choose a side. It will be an important choice when you stand before God on the final judgement day and the book of your life is opened. With GOD, it must be either a positive or a negative choice, for as the lyrics of a song long ago said, “Don’t mess with mister in between”. The ‘mister in between’ is the gray area, the little white lie side…that people think makes it all okay. There is no peace ‘in between.’ You will either return to live with God in Heaven or be condemned to live in the fiery furnace of Hell – where in my opinion, Satan will be laughing at you and not with you.

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Folks – the loss of your peace/inner peace mentally, spiritually and physically is not your fault, it has been triggered by the sneaky mind altering ability of the evil people, who are in, what is suppose to be a governing position of our country and the world, putting FEAR in everyone’s mind  in order to gain CONTROL of each of you in order for them to gain satisfaction from their evil purposes.



LET GOD! However you worship, there are spiritual centers everywhere. Find one that is right for you, for your healing, your transformation into the spiritual realm of God. Work on overcoming those self-destructive, out of control behaviors, as well as negative thoughts, stress and fears. Work on improving your mental, spiritual, and physical health. 

In this pandemic climate, we must push for ‘optimum health’. Most folks want a fast road to recovery. To overcome the down side of the virus and vax, will be a challenge. The brain, the heart, the gut, the nervous system, the whole body needs true restorative nurturing. 

Keep a journal, take classes if you feel you cannot enter into this HEALING project by yourself; take vitamin supplements, herbs, etc. DO NOT TURN to alcohol and drugs, prescription or otherwise. Set goals. Make it ‘your purpose to establish a heart-mind coherence and state of calm to create harmony in the physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic body.

Natural methods, and supplements can help everyone through this ‘health’ holocaust. They include: 

  • Exercise – Return to nature – walk daily, run, do yoga, Tai Chi, massage, etc.
  • Breathwork – check out the videos on You Tube. There are many.
  • Diet change – to totally healthy eating. There are many sources to guide you on this.
  • Supplement: In addition to the regular supplements you may or may not already take, a supplement you may not know much about is Nitric Oxide. It plays a significant role in healing the body from the vax, in both the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Stored and made in the lining of blood vessels, it is also key for a healthy immune system, mitochondrial function and energy levels. The symptoms you may experience that indicate you are low in ‘nitric oxide’ include fatigue, high blood pressure, mood swings, sleep issues, lack of energy, memory issues, poor lung function, and/or weak bones, etc. 
  • Simplify your life – an article by Ronica O’Hara suggests ways to live simpler and lighter on Mother Earth. How? Start with “decision; own less; improve the quality of your life by not indulging in consumerism; live more simply with less; develop deeply held values, not money and possessions; focus on life-enhancing experiences, inner growth, spirituality, natural health, creativity; nurture relationships and social action.” 



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