Christmas Prayer!

Christmas is a special time of the year. The following message was sent to me by an extraordinary person in our family. It is a message she gave me permission to share with you – my readers – and the world.

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My prayer for this post is…
•it blesses you
•it helps you look at your Christmas tree this season and every season in a whole new way
*MOST IMPORTANTLY, it encourages you to STAND OUT in your walk with The Lord!!
It’s lengthy, but worth it!!

As I was waking up the other morning, praying and thinking on the things I have to do for the day. God brings a Christmas tree to my attention. With having one in my room, I look at it half asleep and start thinking on it. Then God reveals to me….“That’s YOU!!!  You are like a Christmas Tree!

As I continue to think on that statement, God starts showing me….
“When looking for your tree, you go to the Christmas tree lot and look through the masses of trees, just to find the one that STANDS OUT. During that process, you can’t just look from the outside, you have to open them, shake them out, and look at the INSIDE of the tree, to see what it would look when the branches fall. You know when it’s “the one” because that tree pretty much speaks to you…..That’s YOU!!  I have been WATCHING you and looking on the INSIDE of you…..waiting for the moment when your heart was ready to speak to Me. I PICKED you out among all the masses. I had to shake your world up a little to get your attention, but all that shaking was to PREPARE you to STAND OUT!!!

After picking your tree, you PAY for it with anticipation to bring it home where it will become a part of your home and a part of your family…….
That’s My Son…Jesus! He PAID the price for you and when you accepted Him into your heart, you SECURED your future home in heaven with Me, and you are now a PART of MY FAMILY!!!

When you get your Christmas tree home, the first thing it needs is a stand, a FOUNDATION that will HOLD it upright because without one, your tree would fall…..That’s ME! I’m YOUR STAND!! I’m your FIRM FOUNDATION, and I PROMISE to keep you upright through the ups and downs of your life.
Next you start giving your Christmas tree water CONTINUALLY to keep it alive and growing….That’s MY WORD! If you CONTINUALLY turn to My word and READ it, you WILL GROW, and I will PROVIDE you with MY LIVING WATER and You will THIRST NO MORE!!

You allow your tree to sit for a couple of days so the branches can fall FREE FROM THE BONDAGE they were in from the netting (or chains) they were transported in. And When those branches fall, out emerges a beautiful, fully blossomed Christmas tree….That’s YOU!  When you first accepted Me into your heart, there were some things that you had to work out, some bad habits that needed to change. You were in bondage, and you had some chains that needed to be broken. But I WILL FREE YOU from that bondage, and you WILL OVERCOME them because Of Me. And when you did out emerged a wonderful, fully devoted, RIGHTEOUS LIVING Christian. Saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled!!

You then start decorating your tree starting with the lights….That’s ME! I’m the LIGHT of WORLD, and when you follow me, you NO LONGER walk in darkness, you ARE the LIGHT of LIFE!!! You then put beautiful ornaments, ribbons and many more decorations….Those ornaments that you see are the blessings I PROVIDE for you!! You start stacking presents under the tree to GIVE to family and friends….Those are My spiritual gifts I GIVE to you!! They are for for you to use to BLESS OTHERS!!

As Christmas Day approaches, life happens, your Christmas tree takes some bruising. Limbs get bent or broken, ornaments fall, lights burn out….That’s YOUR LIFE!! Things will go wrong. You will have trouble. You’re going to fall and you’re going to have to get picked back up. Your light may dull from time to time, HOWEVER….When you step back and look at your tree from a distance, you ONLY see the beauty of it! An ordinary tree, PICKED OUT from the crowd of trees. It turned EXTRAORDINARY when you CHOSE it and you were GIVEN CONTROL over it. Now that Christmas tree is BEAUTIFUL from the inside to the outside, STANDING TALL, FULL of LIFE, SHINING BRIGHT, BRINGING JOY to ALL of those who look at it, with gifts to GIVE to BLESS others…That’s you My Son, My daughter. That’s your LIFE when you ABIDE IN ME…
FULL of Beauty!
FULL of Joy!
FULL of Light!
Decorated with blessings upon blessings! Gifts ready to SHARE and BLESS OTHERS with! There may be a few broken limbs, but above all of that beauty…look at the JOY you to BRING OTHERS that encounter you!! ❤️❤️❤️

“For Many are called, but FEW are CHOSEN!” (Matthew 22:14)

It’s easy to be a Christian in today’s standards, there are many people who call themselves a Christian….but being CHOSEN is DIFFERENT, being chosen is ALLOWING Him to be the one who rules OVER your life. It’s ALLOWING Him to decorate you, GOING TO HIM for His living water, ALLOWING Him to light up your life, and ABIDING in Him so He can PROVIDE the spiritual gifts to BLESS OTHERS with! It’s allowing him to take your Christian walk from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!!

It’s time to BE BOLD in your walk with Christ! It’s time to give Him the CONTROL, ALLOW Him to light you up like a Christmas tree for ALL to see and for ALL to RECEIVE the Joy of the Lord….THROUGH CHRIST IN YOU!!!!

What more needs to be said. THANK YOU – Marin Davis for letting me share your beautiful thoughts with my readers, and bring your message to all the people of the world. GOD BLESS!

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