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  1. Soaring Deaths From Pain-Relieving Drugs (William Faloon – Life Extension). The pain relieving drugs mentioned in his article are non-prescription pain medications, considered over-the-counter drugs. You may have already heard about them, but people continue to use them.
  • Acetaminophen – cause of acute liver failure in the United States. The regular use of this drug is associated with the increased risk of kidney damage, kidney cancer and dementia as well. This is not mentioned as a warning on the label.
  • Ibuprofen – regular use of this one can inflict stomach and kidney issues.
  • Among the prescription drugs was OxyContin – approved for routine pain relief in 1995. It was promoted as a time-released drug. The widespread prescribing of opioid drugs began around 1999.

“Poisoning inflicted by non-opioid” and I add prescription pain drugs, “continue to disable and kill.”

The over-the-counter drugs were meant to taken moderately for acute pain. However, many people become addicted, overdose, and eventually experience serious health side affects or death.

There are non-lethal methods to treat pain naturally. Do your research, they include plant extracts such as sesamin, Boswellia, Black sesame oil, and Turmeric.

2. Another reason to exercise. You have probably heard it mentioned that if you go on long plane flights you need to get up and walk around, because sitting for long periods of time are not good for you. That is being verified according to studies that evaluated sedentary behaviors. Most people today spend more than half their waking hours sitting, at work, commuting, or at home – such as me right now working on this computer for more hours than I care to. The studies showed that any extended period of time sitting increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis – dangerous clots that commonly develop in the legs, that can break loose and travel to the lungs or the heart. It happened to a friend of mine. One day he was here and the next he was gone. He had been told by the doctor, only a weeks before, that they needed to watch the clots in his legs. Apparently there is no forewarning of when they might break off, and when they do, they travel fast through the body system. As with many diseases today, folks are turning to natural means of healing. It is suggested that “a combination of the enzyme nattokinase and French maritime pine bark extract provides a safe, natural approach to combating leg swelling and clotting.”

Do your research . Scientific Clinical trials have proven the protective circulatory benefits of these plant compounds.

3. With the ‘Jab’ causing serious side effects to include death, in and of those folks who chose to take it, the talk, now, in the medical world both allopathically and naturally is ‘how to counteract it’s debilitating affects.’ Too many people are losing family members – to include children, friends, work associates etc. You see sports figures, news broadcasters, etc. falling over dead right before your eyes. Something has to be done.

Causes of death include cardiovascular disease, cancer, and accelerated already health issues such as diabetes, COPD,  etc. Non-death issues include brain damage, mental decline, lung weakness, migraine headaches, gut issues, etc.

Short, but sweet. The above information is important because of the situation the world is in today. Take it to heart and adapt it according to the lifestyle in which you live. Do your own research. The backup is out there . 


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