Survival Tips – Ants

Image result for free pictures of antsI am adding this topic because we are bombarded on a daily basis with ideas to fix this and that, or to change this or that. People are always asking me, probably because I live in Florida, ” how do you get rid of the ants?” We have a lot of ants of every variety, fire ants, red ants, black ants, carpenter ants, sugar ants, Pharaoh ants, big ants, small ants – you name them we have them. With the war on pesticides taking place everywhere today, what do you do. Being a naturalist, I found a few ideas of how to get rid of ants with things you might have in your kitchen. You might want to try them.

  1. VINEGAR: Mix it with water in equal amounts into a spray bottle. Spray on the ant’s entry paths (if they are in your house). Ants don’t like the smell and avoid it. Also spray in corners, and on your counter tops, sink, and windows. Allow the vinegar to dry completely.
  2. TABLE SALT: Boil some water and add salt to it. Pour the salty water into a spray bottle and use where you see ants.
  3. PEPPER: As effective as salt, you can use black pepper or cayenne pepper. Again, mix with water and spray on areas where the ants appear or travel in your home.
  4. LEMON: Mix some lemon juice with water and spray it around all of the areas in your house where you see ants traveling. I did not know that this is one of the most effective way of getting rid of ants. I plan to try it.
  5. CUCUMBER: Guess what? Ants can’t stand the taste of cucumber. Cut a cucumber into pieces and place a piece in any ant affected area. Will they leave your house? Yes!
  6. BABY POWDER: You may not have this in your house, but if you want to try it, buy it and sprinkle it wherever you see ants. Ants are suppose to hate scented talcum. If you can figure out where the ants are coming from – sprinkle it at their place of entry.
  7. CORNMEAL: Spread the cornmeal over the affected areas, mainly the entry. Ants cannot digest cornmeal and they will die. I have used this on the ant bed in my yard and garden. It does seem to work. The ants explode as the cornmeal expands in their stomach.
  8. DISH SOAP: Liquid dish soap is an item most of us have in our homes. The components of soap are very harmful to all types of ants. They break down in waxy layers of the pests’ exoskeleton, causing dehydration. Mix the soap with water and spray it at the entry point. I also spray it on the counter tops and let it dry. As well, after cleaning my kitchen sink (this is where the ants are in my house), I use it full strength on the sink area. I spread it on with my hand and just leave it. Walla, no ants.

These are methods that I found can be used outside the home as well as inside the home. The best way to not have ants is to use preventative measures to keep them out.

  • Clear away liquid and food spillage immediately
  • Always cover the food you leave in the kitchen. I do not leave food in the kitchen, covered or uncovered.
  • Check you garbage bin lids. Be sure they are tightly sealed.
  • Clean off the counter tops to be make sure there are no food particles hiding underneath appliances, etc.
  • If you have pets, be sure you keep their area clean as well.
  • Outside? Keep compost covered if you are into making your own. Inside, keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it.

The SECRET I have found is to keep all areas of your home CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. Ants seem to be scavengers.


The Best You!


Healthy Person Cartoon

  • Healthy Living Everyday
  • Better Nutrition Everyday
  • When Life gets too busy – SLOW DOWN
  • The Spice of Life is HEALTH
  • Run or walk everyday, but never run out or down
  • Put Balance in your life
  • Nurture your memory
  • Be Innovative
  • Work for Ultimate Longevity in Life
  • Keep your body in motion

What do you suppose I am referring to with the above statements? If you guessed a CHANGE IN YOUR LIFESTYLE – you are correct. HOW?

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  • Change your eating habits – eat more fruits and vegetables, and wean yourself away from all RED MEATS. NUTRITION is changing in these latter days – or should I say is ‘returning to the old ways’ NATURAL!
  • Change your party habits – Avoid alcohol related drinks, eat healthy snacks, do not smoke or vape. Scientists and most health counselors are saying that VAPING destroys the lungs and will eventually kill you. Watch for the campaigns against vaping on the internet and TV.
  • Drink lots of water, not soda pop, beer, wine, coffee, etc. Water clears the toxins from your system. Helps to regenerate the cells as it slows down aging. Prevents dehydration. Dehydration can trigger the start of many diseases, such as UTI, etc.
  • Add good unadulterated Fish Oils (Omega 3’s and 7’s)  to your diet – for heart health, brain health, inhibits inflammation in order to support the cardiovascular system.
  • Omit all processed sugars from your diet. This protects your blood, and inhibits Diabetes, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, among other health issues.
  • Nurture your Memory and brain with Magnesium – lots of it. It is the proteins that accumulate in your brain as you age that causes memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Magnesium facilitates healthy brain sell signaling pathways. Magnesium is probably the most important mineral that you are NOT getting enough of. You need at least 250 mg per day if not more, depending on your body size and weight.
  • SLEEP, helps the body to regenerate itself. When the body is in the reset mode, that is when the body starts the healing process, that we are all so direly in need of.

This is just the beginning. DETOX, DETOX, DETOX. Most people, because of the fast paced lives we live do not get the nutritional value needed for optimal health from the foods we eat or the drinks we drink. Supplementation is okay and recommended at least until your body gets back to the normal body you were born with….and it will. This does not happen overnight.  It takes not days, weeks, or months, but years depending on how old you are when you decide you are not ready to die yet.

When it comes to supplementation PURE matters; purity of product. High quality nutrients mean greater health benefits.  TRUST matters; trust in the company that manufactures the supplements you choose to take. SCIENCE matters; this is the approach the manufacturing company takes to develop and make the supplements you choose to take. Their research determines the ingredients, and dosages in the products you take. PRICE matters; it doesn’t have to be the most expensive product in the health market to be the best. Do your HOMEWORK!

For WHOLE BODY HEALTH, everyone needs the best there is in real-natural foods; supplementation for vitamin/mineral/amino acid, enzyme intake to regenerate the cellular structure of the body which will help eliminate most disease (dis-ease) from the body, to include the heart, the brain, Energy, Stress and Mood, skin, gastrointestinal system, nasal issues, digestion, muscle/bone/joint issues, inflammation/pain issues, aging, eye health, and etc. I personally trust, use and recommend Herbal Health Formulas by Dr. Morse and Supplements by Life Extension.


The above information is to help direct and guide you if you are looking to BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!

Image result for FREE PICS OF healthy peopleGOD BLESS!


I shared this on Facebook and really believe everyone should be aware of what is going on in our Congress. Listen to this one closely. It is so true. There are some of you who would not and do not want to believe it. But as the old saying goes – “BUYERS BEWARE’. It is not only the CHOICE  you make for your children, but also for yourself, especially if you are a senior, as I am. I refuse to be vaccinated, unlike many of my friends and associates. However, who gets the FLU every year? MY FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED. There are ingredients in all vaccines they don’t want you to know about, and they can, will eventually, and do kill people. Two of them are Mercury and Aluminum. These are 2 highly toxic metals. They are the underlying cause of many diseases. Do your research and find out for yourself. I never get vaccinated and rarely get sick, accept for maybe a runny nose, which I nip in the bud with NATURAL SUPPLEMENTATION, because that runny nose is the result of my exposure to Environmental Toxins.

It is mandatory today, that a child be vaccinated in order to register for school, and what do I see. After the first week of school, a majority of the students get almost deathly sick. They go home and it spreads through the family, who I am sure have probably also been vaccinated at the same time the child was vaccinated. Is there something wrong with this picture? Would everyone not have gotten sick if they had not been vaccinated?

Big Pharma and Doctors will tell you anything to put dollars in their pockets, even if it is at YOUR EXPENSE. Can you tell I am adamant regarding this subject? But, as I keep saying, IT IS YOUR CHOICE AS TO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO YOUR BODY THAT WILL JEOPARDIZE YOUR HEALTH!

This is only a 5 minute Video, but has Vital Information that you all should be aware of.

In my opinion. FLU or any other kind of vaccinations ARE KILLERS. Man is in charge of his own destiny.




Did  you know that your hair stores the history of your health? It is said this is only true in animals, but I believe differently. Being a cosmetologist (hairdresser), I am bombarded with questions from my clients regarding their particular hair issues. I hope I can enlighten you all on some of the issues encountered.

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As my Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines it, “hair is a thin flexible shaft of cornified cells which develops from a cylindrical invagination of the epidermis, the hair follicle. The shaft consists of three layers of cells: the cuticle or outermost layer; the cortex, forming the main horny portion of the hair; and the medulla, the central axis. The color of your hair is due to pigment in the cortex. Hair in each part of the body have a definite period of growth after which they are shed. In man there is a constant gradual loss and replacement of hair. Hair of the eyebrows last only three to five months; that of the scalp two to five years. Baldness or alopecia results when replacement fails to keep up with hair loss, which may be due to hereditary factors or pathological conditions to include injury from irradiation.” I add, disease – such as heart, thyroid, nerves, etc., prescription medications taken for these diseases, improper hair care, and even though the ladies don’t want to admit it – coloring, perming, and bleaching – which over a long period of time weakens the hair cortex, and can cause hair loss and thinning. I could go on and on.

Image result for free hair loss pics

The concern of most folks, however, is the greying and thinning of the hair. When the hair turns grey the texture of the hair changes from fine, medium fine, to coarse and sometimes even brittle. Dry hair can be caused by many things to include; drug use, over the counter meds, the shampoo you use, sun damage, etc. My research tells me that not getting enough iron and lysine, can cause early hair loss, especially in women. You can get iron from dark leafy green veggies, beans, seeds and grains, and iron supplements. Lysine, is an amino acid that helps the proteins in your hair grow thick and strong. It is important for thick, healthy hair. Your body doesn’t make lysine. It is hard to come by, but you can get it from certain foods to include; mung beans, haddock, pumpkin seeds, salmon, crab, cod, chickpeas, and supplements. I find the supplements to work well provided they come from a reputable supplement company, such as Life Extension.

Image result for grey hair pics for men

Grey hair is due mainly to the absence of hair pigment in the cortical layer of the hair. Grey hair is mottled hair – spots of white or whitish yellow scattered about in the hair shaft. Normally, grey hair grows out in this condition from the hair bulb. It does not take place after the hair has grown out. In the majority of cases greying hair is a result of the natural aging process in humans. It can also happen as a result of some serious illness or nerve damage, stress, emotional tension. I had a friend in the hair business who said his hair turned grey when he was a teenager. Premature greying of hair is usually the result of a defect in pigment formation occurring at birth.

Over time hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair follicles, which leads to what is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can be caused by smoking, not getting enough vitamins, breathing bad quality air (mostly in large cities, etc.

The  Scientific community is working to find ways to slow down the greying process induced by oxidative stress. They have come up with an oil called Amaranth. This oil is a vegan, non-GMO, single ingredient oil that contains a powerful antioxidant that reverses oxidative stress.The single ingredient in this oil is called squalene – considered to be a basic component of human skin, which regulates oxygen in cells that need it most.

So what is squalene?  Squalene has been around for centuries  used around the world as an ancient beauty secret. It has been found to help build and balance hormones in the body, like estrogen, testosterone and vitamin D which can reduce thinning hair. Other benefits include: its boosting your skins production of collagen, improving the skin’s natural moisture, metabolizing fat, protecting cellular health, ensuring slow and healthy aging. Research suggests that squalene may lower your risk of cancer, protect your heart as you age. They also say that squalene in Amaranth oil is even better for your hair and skin than olive oil. Where can you purchase Amaranth oil? To my knowledge -Health food stores. It is also found in hair care products. If you take it as a supplement, be sure the oil is pure and is indicated as to whether you can take it internally. Check with your doctor, do your homework. The internet is full of all kinds of information. GOOGLE IT!

After reading all of the above think wellness. Soft skin, and strong, healthy hair are only the beginning.



Inspirational Thought

I have blogged about health now for 3 years. The blogs have been geared to help you folks help yourselves with the health issues that are unique to each of you. Many have enjoyed reading my blogs and learning new things about themselves and their health. In ending my blogs with “God Bless You”, and etc., it has been done with my love for you all. I know that you can be your own best doctor, and that can only come about with the help of God. He does perform miracles. Many of you may be recipients of His miracles. I know I have been. When I listened to the You Tube Video that follows, I could not help but want to share it with you. ENJOY!






Image result for pics of wrinkled facesIt is hard to talk about wrinkles…but it is on everyone’s mind regardless of how old they are. It’s on my mind. It’s on my children’s minds, those under 30 and those over 30.

Image result for pics of wrinkled faces

As you age, your body naturally produces less collagen and elastin, the connective tissues that make your skin firm and supple. The fat underneath your skin also begins to disappear (unless you are overweight). The result, especially on your face…it starts to sag and wrinkle. It  has been said that “your genes, in general, determines when this occurs and how fast it progresses.” I am not so sure about that. Other things such as smoking, too much sun, illness, etc. can speed up the process.

Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is a huge target for free radicals – unstable molecules which form as you process oxygen. These free radicals travel throughout the body, damaging cells and causing all sorts of havoc – one being wrinkles. You can’t help producing free radicals, but you can help neutralize them. HOW? Read on.

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  • Eat smarter. Certain foods can actually protect your face from wrinkles. Dr. Mark L. Wahlqvist of Monash University in Melbourne, found that foods containing powerful antioxidants can fight wrinkles. The list includes eggs, spinach, asparagus, celery, garlic, onions, nuts, lima beans, olives cherries, grapes, melons, prunes, apples, pears, water, etc. FOODS TO AVOID include: milk, margarine, red meat, soft drinks, butter, ice cream, potatoes, cakes, pastries, etc.
  • Worry less about your wrinkles. Doctors in England say that “if you have wrinkles, you might actually be protected from skin cancer.” They go on to say that, ” ultraviolet rays from the sun destroy the elastic collagen fibers in all types of skin.If you are wrinkled, that means your skin type repairs itself doesn’t replace the collagen. If you have smooth skin, on the other hand, your skin is replacing the damaged collagen.” He further states, that a weakened immune system has trouble fighting off the factors that cause cancer, especially skin cancer.

Image result for pics of skin cream products

Today there are many products on the market for use in targeting wrinkled skin. I have tried most of them from collagen creams to sirums of all kinds. My conclusion on these is that if you are young when you start using them, they might slow down the wrinkling, but if you are in your senior years, they do little to remove or even subdue the wrinkles you already have. I do find, however, that when I get a good night’s sleep my face looks less wrinkled in the morning. As the day goes on, and I get tired the wrinkles seem to look as big as caves on my face. I was so concerned about my wrinkles that I asked my doctor what I could do to alleviate the problem. His answer – “wear them as a badge of honor.” He stated that short of plastic surgery, they will never go away. He did not suggest I do plastic surgery, because once you start that routine, you have keep doing it, and keep doing it, and pretty soon you don’t even recognize yourself. Also, many things can go wrong in the process.

In summary, unfortunately, you can’t control the type of skin you have. So it is important to start young in taking steps to protect your skin from not only the sun but, all the other things that can hasten wrinkles. If you must be out in the sun – use a heavy duty sunscreen. I have seen them advertised with a protection factor as high as 103.

Good old fashion Folk remedies suggest you zap your wrinkles with a homemade, scented moisturizer. Choose an essential oil, such as lavender, lilac, or rose, from the health food store. Pick up an atomizer and then follow these directions. (1) Fill the atomizer with 1 cup water. I suggest purified or distilled water. (2) Add 2 or 3 drops of an essential oil. (3) Refrigerate the solution overnight. (4) Simply spray on your skin, then blot your skin with a tissue. I don’t blot. I want the mixture to be absorbed into my skin.


New Health Tips

The following are short health tips – they are for your information only.

  • Fibromyalgia: multiple problems lead to fibromyalgia – one being Urinary Tract Infection, which puts you at risk for a stroke.
  • Diabetes: Due to the toxic environment we live in, our cells are relentlessly attacked by damaging and poisonous airborne toxins on a daily basis…no matter where you live. This can lead to Diabetes as well as other things. There are foods that help to fight diabetes. They include Kohirabi (similar to cabbage), sulforaphane & glucoraphanin, marjoram (beta carotene), Laural leaves, jujubes dates, bergamot oranges. Some of these are easy to obtain and some are not. [google Halki Diabetes remedy]
  • Eyestrain: Today there are more things to give a person eyestrain in addition to just reading a book. As you exercise faithfully to transform a weak body into a strong or muscular body, your eyes may need a workout too. Eyestrain is a temporary soreness or fatigue of your eye muscles, usually due to overuse.

Vision does tend to weaken with age, but the nerve connection from the brain to your eyes can be stimulated. Blood flow to the eyes can be increased. The following is a list of things you can do to strengthen your eyes.

  1.  Blink. The simple act of blinking moistens the eyes, stretches the eye muscles, massages your eyeballs, and forces your pupils to dilate and contract. The recommendation is to blink every 3 seconds. This is not something we normally do.
  2. Practice Eye Aerobics. Six muscles connect to each of your eyeballs and help them move up and down, side to side, and inward and outward. A good exercise for this is to sit with your feet flat on the floor. Get relaxed by closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths. Looking straight forward,  stretch your eyes upward as high as they will go while you breathe in; hold your breath for a few minutes; then stretch your eyes downward as you exhale and hold for a few minutes. Do this without tipping your head down. Remember, you are exercising your eyes – not your neck. Do this 3 to 4 times.
  3. Next stretch your eyes sideways to the right, then up to the right. Then stretch down to the left, up to the left and down to the right. Your eyes will be making a figure 8. Repeat this 3-4 times. Note: the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body – including your left eye – and the left side of your brain controls the right. You need to use both sides to keep your eyes working together.
  4. Cool the stretching exercises down by rubbing your palms together to warm them, lace your fingers together over your forehead with the palms cupped over your eyes, completely shutting out any light. Rest your eyes in this warm darkness for a few minutes while taking 20 to 50 breaths. These exercises are a good way to take a break from watching TV, using the computer or a break from using your cell phone. Note: whenever putting your hands or fingers next to your eyes, be sure they are clean. and your fingernails should be cut short. If you have an eye disease or skin problems such as pimples or acne on the face, you should avoid exercises for the eyes where you put the hands or fingers near the eyes.

Most eye specialists agree that eyestrain won’t weaken your eyesight or cause permanent eye problems. However, the signs to look for are tired eyes, headache, irritated eyes. If you have other problems with your eyes, consult your eye doctor. He can suggest eye lubricating eye drops or tear substitutes for dry or itchy eyes. Eye issues can also be a symptom of an immune system disease that needs special care.

There are some foods that will help with your eye care such as blueberries, and of course spinach.

NOTE: Also tell your doctor about any medicines you are taking. One research study found prescription medicines were responsible for about 2 out of 3 cases of dry eyes and dry mouth in people between 65 and 85 years old.

God Bless!