Alzheimer’s Disease vs Dementia

Image result for pics regarding alzheimer'sIt seems like everywhere I turn I hear people talking about Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Each person talking about these diseases have a different take on what they are, and what they are about. The minute you or a friend or a family member forgets something someone will immediately say, ‘it looks like they are getting Alzheimer’s’ – especially if they are in their senior years – which can be anywhere from 50 to 100. But, what if they are only experiencing ‘brain drain’?

In the latter months of 2019, I watched and listened to 12 hours of discussions on Alzheimer’s disease. The discussions were conducted by various medical doctors, neurologist doctors, and ‘Functional Medicine’ doctors (the new term for doctors who treat chronic illnesses).  From the many pages of notes that I took, I will try to narrow down the conclusions the doctors came to concerning Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and temporary memory loss. The following reflects these conclusions.


Image result for pics of the brainThe diseases referred to – Dementia and Alzheimer’s stem from the BRAIN with one being the symptom and the other being the cause. The brain controls the majority of health issues people encounter everyday. The questions – can you Regain Your Brain, can you regrow your brain, and, are either of these diseases reversible, were the core of the discussions. 

The first day of discussion was basically and overview about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It was mind boggling, so I did a little research on my own.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease? According to the Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Alois Alzheimer, a German neurologist, 1864-1915 refers to Alzheimer’s disease as “Presenile dementia, which is similar to senile dementia but occurs in the 40-60 year age group. The disease has a relentless and irreversible course, but may take from a few months to four or five years to go to the stage of complete helplessness.” What does ‘presenile’ mean? Presenile dementia means “dementia beginning in middle age, usually resulting from cerebral arteriosclerosis. Symptoms are apathy, loss of memory, disturbances of speech and gait.” This leads to ‘senile dementia’ which is the progression of ‘presenile’ dementia and mental deterioration with loss of memory.” The end result is Alzheimer’s disease.

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What is the Difference Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?

  • In a nutshell, dementia is a symptom, and Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of the symptom.
  • Dementia presents as a group of symptoms, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common cause…
  • Dementia is not a disease – it is the clinical presentation of symptoms of a disease.

Realistically, then, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form or cause of Dementia. They each show with different degrees of memory loss and brain activity.

With that being understood, I went on to the second day.

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s discussion, the second day, went into more detail  informing those who were watching and listening, that there are 3 forms of dementia:

  • Type 1 – caused by eating a poor diet (mainly JUNK FOOD – Standard American Diet – SAD), the exposure to molds, and bacteria (such as in Lyme Disease), starts the memory loss. Symptoms are generally inflammatory. It is important to identify the pathogens in order to know the cause of the inflammation.
  • Type 2 – is when the brain atrophies because of the withdrawal of nutrients (SAD) that support the brain. This can lead to short term memory loss. The brain needs to be in balance in cell support, testosterone, protosterone, hormones, and nutrients. When the brain becomes atrophied – amyloid plaque is present. This forms when healthy proteins in the body’s organs lose their normal physiological functions and form fibrous deposits, as plaque, around cells, which can disrupt the healthy function of tissues and organs. The healthy balance is now interrupted, and eventually other diseases are formed such as Thyroid issues, diabetes, and Vitamin deficiency, etc.  which causes a decrease in cognitive recognition. Type 2 dementia manifests in people in their 70’s especially in women in menopause.  When the brain is deficient in Vitamin D there is a neural network change where one remembers old things, but not new things. The ‘perfect drug’ would normalize all body functions. One is in the research stages at this time according to Dr. Bredesen.
  • Type 3 – is a mixture of Type 1 and 2. In Type 3 the body becomes more impaired as the brain is inundated with metal toxins such as mercury, copper, and zinc, molds, parasites, and mycotoxins; (Wikipedia) – “a Mycotoxin is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and other animals. The term ‘mycotoxin’ is usually reserved for the toxic chemical products produced by fungi that readily colonize crops.”), and neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are toxins that are destructive to nerve tissue (causing neurotoxicity). Neurotoxins are an extensive class of exogenous chemical neurological insults that can adversely affect function in both developing and mature nervous tissue. The term can also be used to classify endogenous compounds, which, when abnormally contacted, can prove to be neurologically toxic. Though neurotoxins are often neurologically destructive, their ability to specifically target neural components is important in the study of nervous systems. Common examples of neurotoxins include lead, ethanol (drinking alcohol), glutamate, nitric oxide, botulinum toxin (e.g. Botox), tetanus toxin, and tetrodotoxin. Some substances such as nitric oxide and glutamate are in fact essential for proper function of the body and only exert neurotoxic effects at excessive concentrations (Google).  With Type 3 – Alzheimer’s, it is necessary to identify all toxin exposures.  Take care of your brain – cognitive decline is difficult to recognize.

Mentioned above in his brief overview of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia were some of the causes, in technical medicinal terminology. However, he went on to say that there were other things that contribute to the symptoms/cause, to include: MOLD – Studies have disclosed that 70% of Alzheimer’s patients have been exposed to mold. LYME Disease – Lyme disease and infections are major causes of dementia because of tick bites, parasites contracted from pets, herpes, and cold sores. DIABETES – high blood sugar is one of the major causes of Alzheimer’s. Diabetes contributes 50% to dementia and Alzheimers. BRAIN SHRINKAGE – it is what we eat, drink, how we live after the age of 18 that starts the brain to shrink. HORMONES – According to the Mayo Clinic, hormones are front and center as a lead to dementia because of estrogen and testosterone imbalance. STRESS – is also a factor. Stress is the result of when we live in conflicting environments – which applies to most of us.

The big question is – what can be done about lowering the risk of getting Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Dr. Daniel Amen M.D. continued the discussion stating that “you don’t just treat the symptoms – TREAT THE CAUSE.” Where have we heard that before when it comes to health issues? He further stated that, “just doing crossword puzzles doesn’t cut it anymore. BRAIN EXERCISES – in addition to puzzles are crucial, to include: walking, dancing, strength training, Tai Chi, swimming, etc. (all good coordination exercises). CIRCULATION is your friend, MOVE! And last but not least – engage in LEARNING NEW things. When you stop learning your brain stops growing.”

SLEEP – Every doctor talked about ‘sleep’, with Dr. Michael Breus M.D., Ph.d and Sleep specialist being the main speaker in regards to sleep. He stated that ‘ Lack of sleep in today’s age is an epidemic.’  Sleep is important because the “brain repairs itself at night. It is called ‘brain housekeeping’. It cleans and washes itself. Sleep is a brain tonic, but you need 7+ hours a night to increase the blood flow to the brain. Sleep medications were discussed with the conclusion being – less sleep medicine is better, prescription sleep medicine is NOT GOOD! If you wake up early ‘GET UP’, because going back to sleep causes sluggishness. Respect a consistent wake-up time – your brain is ‘done’ cleansing itself. Listen to your body. If supplementing – use Melatonin, 1/2 to 1 mg. Take 90 minutes before bed. Melatonin is not a sleep initiator, it is a Circadian rhythm regulator. Note: it can interact with medications, especially high blood pressure meds. Remember – mixing any prescription or over-the-counter medications with alcohol is a deadly combination. If stressed before  bed – write down what is bothering you. Then write down a solution. Keep a journal. Thinking makes it difficult to sleep. PAIN is often a big factor when it comes to sleeping – arthritis, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, joint issues. Over-the-counter drugs are the usual treatment, but over a period of time can become addictive, or they just stop working. Try drinking Banana Tea/magnesium – Rinse off a banana, leave the peel on, cut in half. Put the banana in 3-4 cups of boiling water. Boil for 4-5 minutes. Discard the banana and drink the water. The magnesium is in the peel.

Dr. Amen (Psychiatrist) can be watched on PBS television. His theme is “You are not stuck with the brain you have.” He continued his day’s discussion by stating that “risk factors are treatable.” Consider the following, from his discussion.

  • The ‘Hippocampus’ lateral ventricle of the brain is the first area of the brain that dies. The blood flow deteriorates and affects the critical memory center.
  • Take supplements – keep the Omega 3 fatty acids high to fight inflammation; Vit-D, low levels of Vit-D cause obesity. Obesity is a contributor to Alzheimer’s. Take supplements that support the 4 main organs for detoxification of the body – the lymph, kidney’s, gut, liver, and 1 more, the skin (the largest organ in the body).
  • Your ‘genetics’ can be an area for a wake-up call, but has not been proven to always be the cause of dementia/Alzheimer’s.
  • Don’t let your children play contact sports. The brain is the CEO of your life.
  • A John Hopkins study found that “people who drink alcohol, smoke (cigarettes, pot, etc.) have smaller brains.”
  • Eat healthy foods to include: cabbage, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, smoothies, etc. Eat foods that love you back by keeping you healthy. Stay hydrated on a regular basis.
  • Meditate at least 5 minutes per day. Being angry and arguing is the reality of hell.
  • MAJOR NEEDS – boost your Immune system. Remember that as your weight goes up your brain gets smaller.
  • Humans thrive on ‘natural’ sunlight and good quality air. DEEP BREATHE before lunch – breathe in 4 counts., hold 4 counts, breathe out 4 counts. If you do carbs – eat them at lunchtime.
  • Decompress after 5 p.m. Eat a light dinner. Play board games, limit TV, no computer, no phones, no electronics 1 – 1 1/2 hours before bedtime. These are your ‘Power Down” hours: (1) prepare for the next day (20 minutes), (2) Hygiene (20 minutes), (3) Meditate/Relax, Deep breathe, and if you read -read fiction.

MOLD – was mentioned earlier. Mary Kay Ross, M.D. specializes in personalized medicine with the holistic approach. She wrote a book called “Your Toxic Brain – How to test and treat Metals, Molds, Toxins, that are erasing your memory.” In her terms – MOLD is a biotoxin that can cause Alzheimer’s disease. It damages the immune system, and causes inflammation by breathing the mold (inhalation). Mold is always an indicator of a damp environment. Humidity, in the house, can cause mold throughout the house. Mold can be in the furniture, clothes, carpets, etc. Mold affects the respiratory system. The best choice to combat mold, is to leave the mold environment. Today, there are methods to demold a house – but it is costly. If you leave, don’t take anything that was in the moldy house with you such as the furniture, etc.

This is a lot to comprehend. I have covered what DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE are, but what is the bottom line on what can be done about it: Can you Regain Your Brain?  “Can you regrow your brain?” “Are these diseases reversible?” What plan or protocol is there that can be followed? 

If you think that you are a candidate for Dementia/Alzheimer’s – find a good doctor and get tested. Where are your hormones at, do you have a normal blood sugar reading, do the tests show toxicity – heavy metals, parasitic infections (Lyme disease), fungus, etc.,  how is your thyroid working? Ask these questions and more.

According to Dr. Mary Newport M.D., “Alzheimer’s should be a rare disease and is a preventable disease. You can make your brain better.” Things, she and all of the other doctors agreed on as being on the leading edge toward getting dementia/Alzheimer’s were diet, lifestyle, health issues, and medications.

We now know the cause, and the symptoms. What do you have to do to regrow your brain and/or reverse the disease issues. Genetics are not necessarily a cause in any, or, in all Alzheimer’s or dementia cases.

DIET: How can you change your diet? What foods will help to improve your brain? Dr. Newport talks about a Ketogenic Superfood that reverses memory loss, and tames blood sugar. What is it? COCONUT OIL. Yes, there have been many pros and cons in the health society regarding ‘coconut oil’. I for one am a great fan of ‘coconut oil’ and coconut in general. The doctor stated that “Coconut oil contains 50% medium chain fatty acids which are partly converted into ketones which are an alternative food for the brain, and serve as a preventative to Alzheimer’s disease. This is specially linked to Type 3 Alzheimer’s where there is decreased glucose to the brain in the early stages. The medication used for this stage of dementia/Alzheimer’s  is usually MCT Oil. MCT oil has Coconut Oil in it. How does this work – the MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) are converted by the liver into ketone bodies which supply an alternative fuel to the brain preventing further damage to the brain. She further states that one needs to provide Ketones to the brain 24/7 if possible – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This sustains the glucose (ketone levels) and improves cognition. You can use coconut oil in place of butter, on eggs, toast, over veggies, in smoothies, salad dressing, add to tea, etc. Coconut water does not have elevated ketone levels but does have a lot of nutrients and is a good hydrant. Coconut milk – good organic thick, canned and without other ingredients added or processed in, is a great source of coconut oil. MCT oil is now a brand, and is sold in stores. It is a prescription medical food, but you don’t need a prescription to buy it. It is available over-the-counter. Not good for cooking. Other coconut products that are good to use are Coconut flour for baking, coating chicken/fish, etc. and Coconut sugar – a great alternative to refined sugar. If taking the coconut oil by itself start slow taking 1-2 Tbsp with food and build it up. If you already have Alzheimer’s, try taking 3-5 Tbsp per day.

Some of the benefits of raising the ketone levels in your brain include: an increase in mental and physical endurance; muscle – promotes, tones, and regenerates; weight reduction; and better sleep. It also improves – diabetes and pre-diabetes conditions, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, MD, neurodegenerative diseases, aches and pains, heals skin conditions, and is good for hair. Use as a massage oil – absorbs well into the skin.  The outcome for improved heart disease issues is still being studied. It is suggested that you keep the ketone levels high and the carbs low. If you find you are allergic or have liver problems – consult your doctor before using.

Another topic discussed was Cortisol – by Dr. Joseph Maroon Ph.d (neurosurgeon), and Iron Man Athlete. He states that too much Cortisol which is mainly caused by stress, destroys the brain.

STRESS can cause a person to develop depression, become overwhelmed – burned out, have a difficult time coping, become irritable, depersonalized, and want to commit suicide. He states there is good stress and bad stress. Stress is good when controlled, when out of control – it is bad and can be dangerous. When a mother is pregnant and stressed – the stress goes to the babies brain. One needs to eat a good diet, to include Omega 3’s, fish oil/Krill oil. Mitochondrial supplements for neuroprotective cell protection, Vit-D3, magnesium for cellular support, resveratrol as an antioxidant, probiotics – for gut health. And, again. “THE DIET IS IMPORTANT“. He states that the most effective antidepressant is EXERCISE. If you exercise you don’t need drugs. Exercise creates NEW BRAIN CELLS AND HELPS THE BRAIN RE-HEAL ITSELF. Exercise releases anandamide into the brain – our own cannabis (marijuana effect), naturally. God gave us this – “We are built to actually create all these positive biochemical interactions just through exercise.” He as well stated:

  • Watch your diet, your lifestyle, incorporate a Wellness program in your life.
  • Get essential SLEEP

He went on to say, “Reflect on the most important things in your life. They should include HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS WITH GOD, FAMILY AND FRIENDS, WE SHOULD SEIZE THE DAY THROUGH PRAYER, SPIRITUALITY/GOD. And, as in the book ‘AS A MAN THINKETH’ by James Allen, quote, “We turn our genes off or on by how we think.”

Another discussion included information on a new way to alter the brain physically without surgery and drugs called ‘neuroplasticity‘. It repairs and reverses degenerative brain disease. According to Dr. Norman Doidge, M.D. – psychiatrist, “neuroplasticity is a property of the brain that allows it to change its physical structure and to function in response to mental activity.” This is a complicated subject to discuss and one should really read his book where he talks about the brain cells, how strokes affect the brain, the electrical connections of the brain, brain diseases, how light affects the brain, sound, autism, program, brain exercises, stimulation for the brain, the effect of sleep on the brain. His book: ‘THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF.’

Other doctors that shared their information and knowledge included: Dr. Shari Caplan – Functional Medicine, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum M.D. They each discussed many of the same topics that have already been addressed, and added topics such as tuning up your brain to improve cognition; low brain energy (how when you forget something or where you put something, it is not dementia/Alzheimer’s, it is brain fog, or brain drain – mostly from stress); and functional protocols for real life recovery, and detoxification.

Dr. David Perlmutter M.D. – Neurologist left us with the following ‘food for thought’.

  • The BRAIN can grow new cells. A new scientific concept is that the brain is continually in a state of rebirth.
  • The brain has a growth hormone protein BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), that makes this happen.
  • He, as well, states that a lifestyle change will encourage the production of BDNF, to include, as the other doctors have stated: Exercise; Supplements to include herbs – sage is great for enhancing BDNF, Turmeric – for inflammation as it reduces the plaque in the body. Today we are led to believe this is a brand new concept, but it has been known for 2000 years; Omega 3; BHA; the Keto diet; and detoxification of the gut to get rid of acidosis. Mayo Clinic research also tells us that” it is the gut bacteria that determines the health of the human brain, and determines amount of inflammation in the body.” Again, Sleep is restorative – as mentioned earlier.
  • The doctor says that currently there is no pharmaceutical treatment or prescription drugs out there that will fix Alzheimer’s Disease. He claims it is a PREVENTABLE disease and that prevention must come first.
  • Sugar is dangerous. Carbs are detrimental.
  • Fasting at least once a week is good for the body and lessens the stress on the brain and body.

What is the scientific viewpoint in regards to Dementia/Alzheimer’s? This was discussed by Dr. Michael Fossel, M.D., Ph.d. – scientist. In his book “New Frontiers in Genetic Expression” he states that “there is an injection being worked on now that would cure Alzheimer’s, and is soon to be used in human trials.” This could happen in 3 years. This would bring a person back  pretty much to normal.” How will this work? Read on.

  • It will start with a 1 time injection to be done about every 5 years. This will reset the cells to act like young cells again.
  • The injection will be done in other areas, as well to include all dementia, arterial disease, Parkinsons, ALS, and heart disease, because they are all connected to the brain and the blood system. These are mostly aging diseases.
  • Cancer cells don’t age, just divide and make more cells. Germ cells don’t age and other cells age at different rates. Aging and non-aging cells are all going on at the same time.
  • There are cells in the brain called ‘glia’ cells. They nurse the neurons. – are the housekeepers.
  • GENES – are like a symphony orchestra – all playing different instruments and for different tunes. The injection will make them back to young, but, they will age again so the injection would have to be done again.
  • The goal is to reset the ‘glia’ cells that surround the neurons which are the cells that age and die. Need to read the book to find out more about this.

My consensus of the discussions, came down to the same message I have been blogging about for years. “Because of the health results of the SAD people need to CHANGE THEIR LIFESTYLE AND EATING HABITS, which in essence will help to eliminate the CAUSE of all health problems/issues. You need to have a healthy immune system. Without a healthy Immune System, the body functions seem to go out of control. With PREVENTION being the bottom line, you have to be COMMITTED to making these changes.”

It was interesting though, that one of the doctors stated that “Jack LaLanne (if you remember him), had it right many years ago.” Jack’s protocol entailed the following basics: To prevent mental and physical illness you must EXERCISE both the physical and mental body; EAT RIGHT for nutritional soundness; SLEEP: 6-8  hours for mental repairment; HAVE HORMONAL BALANCE – not by prescription drugs, but naturally. He also proclaimed that heart health and brain health are connected; that a high protein diet is a major risk factor for heart disease, that as well, it can be an indication of infection. Inflammation is considered part of the healing process in certain cases of injury, but must not continue after the healing. HEAVY METALS = toxic exposure.

This information was new to us then, but should not be new to us now, since so much research and testing in the field of health has been a continuing process since the days of Jack LaLanne.

IN SUMMARY, going back to Dr. PerLmutter, I think he said it best.

PREVENTING disease makes the best sense, is less costly, and creates more healthy people in the first place. EMPOWERMENT happens when we receive knowledge. When you have knowledge, then you can take action and reap the benefits. GRATITUDE – BE GRATEFUL for what you can do and not what you can’t do. Celebrate the glass that is 1/2 FULL. Don’t lament what no longer is available.” This answers the questions of the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW!

Can you Regain Your Brain, can you regrow your brain, and, are either of these diseases – Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, reversible?  The conclusion of the  above discussions is ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ depending on who and what you want to believe, as the whole process is still a project in the works – one that can take anywhere from 6 days, to 6 months, to 1 or more years.

Image result for pics of the brainOnly YOU can decide for yourself.


Health Tid Bit Tips

Live Life Naturally! Most of us have good intentions, but get side tracked due to this issue or that issue. Make staying on the path to GOOD HEALTH your goal.


Image result for pictures of healthy foods

Heart Health – If you are not allergic, make nuts a daily part of your diet. Nuts that grow on top of the ground – on trees, contain the most nutrients. These include walnuts, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts and pine nuts. The nutrients benefits are more heart healthy than peanuts which are grown underground and seem to be the nut most people are allergic to. Eating these nuts will also reduce inflammation, improve blood vessel health, control blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Eat them raw and unsalted.

Brain Health – Eat well now, when you are young for a healthy brain which will carry you into your senior years. I will be doing a blog in more detail on this subject later on.

Thinning Bones – are usually an issue with women, but studies show that middle-aged men should be more concerned. According to researcher Allison Ford, ” Low bone mineral density and osteoporosis affect men, and should not be overlooked.” Start with a well-balanced diet, rich in calcium, adequate Vitamin D and Exercise especially weight-bearing exercise.

Diabetes – Diabetes is slowing becoming the most prevalent disease on earth today, and is quickly becoming a danger in the health of our children. That should not be the case. You need to diabetes-proof not only yourselves, but your children. The STAD (Standard American Diet) is the culprit in most cases. The Journal of The American Medical Association comparing the STAD to the Mediterranean diet concluded that the advantages of the Mediterranean diet is better in terms of blood sugar control and cholesterol optimization.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 are on the rise and are diet related. It is acknowledged that “a high-carbohydrate diet, liberally spiked with sodas, candies, and refined grains is co-implicated with lack of physical exercise and device dependency to produce obese, insulin-resistant kids.” Prevention should begin at preconception of a woman’s pregnancy. Mothers should be more aware of what they eat, because what they eat and put into their bodies is carried into the body of the child through the umbilical cord.

The GUT– on the lighter side we all need to keep the Gut (colon) in good condition. HOW?

  • Eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat slower – chew your food well before swallowing
  • Eat in moderation to avoid overfilling your stomach
  • Manage your stress – do relaxation breathing, meditate, do stress reducing exercises which will have a positive impact on the digestion.
  • Get a lot of sleep
  • Set a bedtime for your gut – DO NOT EAT AT NIGHT, basically after 6pm, to avoid digestive distress.
  • Keep the beneficial bacteria in check along with the harmful bacteria. Eat probiotic foods (sauerkraut, Kimchi, pickled beets, etc.), or take Probiotic Supplements, as needed, to aid digestion and nutrient absorption, and support the immune system.



EMFs – What are they?

Image result for pics of EMFs

Like most all of you, I have gotten caught up in the technical era we live in. I was introduced to electronic type devices  and became intrigued with them since the first electronic typewriter  back in the early 1970’s. From there I was introduced to my first computer in the late 1970’s when you had a green screen with white or yellow lettering. I never dreamed I would see the mass use of these items, which today are totally different from what they were like when I first used them. WOW – how they have grown and been added to, first with CB’s, bulky car phones, etc., and now cell phones, WiFi’s, machines you can talk to, all sizes and types of computers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, and etc. These items are all wonderful but are they as great for us as they are touted to be? A term that comes up frequently is EMFs. I had no idea what that meant so I decided to research it.

What are EMFs and how are they harmful?  Image result for pic of emfs

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. It is a byproduct of an electrical current. The electromagnetic spectrum shows the spectrum of emissions released by this field. Ionizing waves, like gamma rays and nuclear energy, X-Rays, radiation, and even some extreme UV Rays can instantly cause damage to the body.
I want to discuss the personal use of electronic instruments that affect the average individual through everyday use.
Everyone needs to understand the how and why some of the above mentioned various energies, can and do cause damage to the body. It is a slow damage, starting with the use of the TV, since this item is what most families have in their homes. We have been told by the media that the rays coming from the TV can cause a person harm. To avoid this we were warned not to sit close to the TV screen, etc. Next comes the computer, that some of you use on a daily basis all day long, especially if it is part of your work. Others of you only use the computer during short periods of the day, and some of you maybe never.  The EMF electronic waves coming from computers have been shown scientifically to have a damaging effect on a person if they use computers consistently everyday. Then, last but not least, there is the Cell Phone which many people use or carry around on their person all day long  I can remember when as a child we had to wait for the person on the Party Line of our home phone to get off the line before we could use the telephone that plugged into the wall. If you were away from home you used Pay phones to keep in touch with friends, families, etc. But, today, not only adults but children and teenagers have Cell phones that seem to be, as I like to say, ‘glued to their hand or body somewhere’.
I am guilty – I have a cell phone too. It is not glued to my person however, meaning I do not carry it around with me at all times, but it is where I can get to it when I need it. I seldom give my cell number to anyone. I do have a bad habit, though, of using it to play games, take pictures, check my email, and text with. I text, because my family will answer a text quicker than they will answer the phone. More frequently people are using their cell phones as their main phone source. I still have a ‘landline phone’ in my home that I like to use for important or long winded phone calls or conversations.
The question I pose, is, can this much use and/or the ‘glued to the hand’ use of cell phones be a dangerous thing? We know, by seeing it on TV, and hearing it said on the radio, that cell phones are dangerous to use when driving a vehicle, but, do you ever hear it said that cell phones are hazardous to your health.
Image result for cell phone picture
Truths about Cell Phones are: The safety standards were last updated in 1996; Cell phone radiation is on the list of Class 2B “possible” carcinogens, next to lead and the insecticide DDT which got banned 40 years ago; reducing cell phone use doesn’t cut the risk because “wifi networks, bluetooth devices, “smart” utility meters and cell phone towers all expose you to levels of EMF radiation a quadrillion times higher than in nature.” This is just a short list of the hazards of cell phone use.
Other countries from around the world are working on solving this problem. Are we? Can you be shielded from this danger and if so how? Two of the newest items of interest that you may or may not have heard about yet, are the WiFi, and “Smart” Meters. I have only recently heard about the “smart” meters which the local power companies are putting  have in our backyards to replace to old electric meters. I was told by the meter man that they are doing this to “eliminate having to send people out to read your electricity use on the meters”, which electric companies have been doing for eons.  When I asked about the radiation, I was told, “the radiation level was not as dangerous as it is being touted to be, and that I shouldn’t worry about it.” My research tells me otherwise. Our meters are pretty far away from our houses, however, there are meters that are being put on the side of the house, in the garage, or in the basements. This brings the radiation closer to the people who might be affected by it. Case studies show that people that are exposed to the radiation from “smart” meters can suffer from early menopause, hot flashes, uncontrollable weight gain, severe insomnia, mood swings, as well as many other symptoms leading to health issues. 
Image result for free pics of cell phones, wifis
Studies show that radiation from WiFi Routers, especially in close proximity to humans can cause fatigue, and depression, among other symptoms.
Another device, that to me is really scary is the Baby Monitor. They have been in use for many years to monitor  babies as they sleep in their cribs during the night, and as well, during the day. It has been proven through studies in Switzerland that the radiation emitted from these devices can cause long term health issues in babies. I quote. “The dangers of Electro Magnetic Fields or EMFs – are now widely recognized as a serious 21st century health threat by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Reports, The Cleveland Clinic, and independent researchers from Harvard, Columbia and Yale.”
Image result for emf pics
Can this problem be fixed? As  mentioned earlier, the effects of EMF radiation on the human body doesn’t just happen overnight. It happens over a long period of time. At first, your body can and does handle toxic exposure. Depending on the frequency you are exposed, you can heal from it and feel great. It is only, and I quote, that “after being exposed to EMFs 24/7 for several years, independent researchers have found that the human body starts deteriorating rapidly.” They are calling this the Rapid Aging Syndrome. The electronic term for this toxic pollution is being called “electrosmog.” From the Trent University in Canada, we are told that “symptoms of excess electromagnetic pollution includes, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, confusion, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and a host of other symptoms that doctors mistakenly treat with pharmaceuticals.” Doctors as well as the people themselves who experience these symptoms (as they are similar to many diseases), attribute them to aging, or the stressful lifestyle many folks live today.
This is turning into a lecture, but I can’t resist informing the public regarding this subject. Other things you should know are: EMFs weaken your good bacteria, making potential invaders  like viruses and parasites stronger; EMF exposure weakens the thin barrier which protects your brain against toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and viruses; EMFs even stunt plant growth, etc.
Reducing the dangers of EMFs can be as simple in some instances as taking the cell phone out of your pocket; taking the baby monitor out of the bed/bedroom; using the Airplane Mode on your phone – which I have heard works pretty good; cleaning out your house – getting rid of devices that emit radiation; and as the electric company service person I interviewed told me, DO NOT BUY AN “ALEXIS” or any of the many devices like it. They emit dangerous radiation, and as he said, and I quote, “are being used to spy on an unassuming public.”
Radiation has an effect on your red blood cells – clumping them together, causing poor blood flow, and it has an effect on oxygenation and regeneration. You want your blood cells to be healthy so they can circulate freely to perform their key functions in your body.
Think about it folks – wouldn’t it be great to feel healthy again; look younger; have high levels of energy; not be exhausted or have to depend on caffeine, sugar, pharmaceutical meds or over-the-counter meds, or expensive supplements to fuel your body; sleep well so you don’t wake up groggy; have mental clarity; have a vibrant body that moves well, and etc. etc. I don’t need to tell you how you would like to feel or should feel. It has to be your decision.
Take the information I have given you, and do your own continued research, find your own solution and act on it. There is a book out there called “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.” You might want to check it out. It really delves into how EMFs are damaging our/your health and further tells you what you can do to protect yourself.


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OILS are a big thing today. There are many companies making and selling oils, natural or otherwise.  The thing to watch out for are companies that diffuse the oils with oils of no value. If you are using oils or making your own combinations be sure you use pure, natural, unadulterated oils. This blog will be the first of others to introduce you to oils and the use of oils – oils that can be used topically, internally, and aromatically.

With so many oils on the market, it is hard to know which ones are good for you and which are not. A company I have found to be legitimate and trustworthy is ‘doTerra.‘ Their products are mostly sold through multi-level marketing, but their products are pure. Another company I have confidence in is ‘NOW‘ essential oils. Their products can be purchased mostly in Health Food Stores and sometimes in Super Markets. I have not seen them in Super Markets in my area. I purchase the ‘Now’ oils at the Health Food Store.

There are lots of books and a lot of information on the internet about oils. It can be mind boggling. There are so many oils that can do basically the same things if absorbed into the skin and body or taken internally that it is hard to remember which is which. So, with my OIL BLOGS, I will be featuring one specific oil at a time to help educate you on what it is.

Questions you might ask are:  What does Essential Oils mean? Are they safe? Are they effective? Essential Oils are natural extracts from the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, bark and other parts of plants. Pure grade essential oils are distilled from the plants. Essential oils have been used throughout history in a variety of wellness applications to include medical, beauty treatment, food preparation, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, promote health and personal hygiene. Essential oils in our day were rediscovered in 1937 by a French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who accidentally healed a badly burned hand with Lavender oil. Since then a lot of scientific research has been done on essential oils to validate the numerous health benefits of pure and natural essential oil. Are they SAFE? Essential oils that are natural and therapeutic grade are safe. Always look for this type of oil. They provide all the health benefits, but without side-effects or addictions associate with many prescription medications.  Are they EFFECTIVE? Yes, they are effective because essential oils are able to get inside an infected cell, are effective against threats found on the inside of cells and the outside of cells.

There are 3 ways to use essential oils, Aromatically – using a diffuser, topically – a few drops of the oil applied directly on the skin and rubbed in, and internally – 1 to 2 drops placed under the tongue, mixed in a glass of water, or taken in capsule form.

field of lavender flowers

I am starting the list with an oil many of you have heard about, already use, or are familiar with – LAVENDER. In the description of the oil, there will be information on the use of the oil, how often to use, and how to use, etc.

LAVENDER OIL: Lavandula angustifolia – native to the mediterranean, is now found around the world. Lavender is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing and is safe for all skin types. It is a shrub with purple flowers. Extraction method steam distillation.


  • Apply to the bottom of the feet or on a pillow before sleeping – calms, relaxes, relieves stress.
  • calms the reaction to a bee sting or bug bite, relieves itching.
  • A few drops used in the bathwater along with the bath salts creates a relaxing spa bathing experience. Calms emotional anxiety.
  • Applied on the inside of the wrist or inhaled eases motion sickness when traveling.
  • Soothes sunburned or scalded skin
  • Apply to back, hands, or feet of a restless or agitated child to calm them down.
  • A few drops soothes diaper rash, or other rashes.
  • Can be applied to dry lips before using a lip balm.
  • Use with peppermint for a healthy scalp massage.
  • Add to lotion for a stress relieving hand, leg or foot massage.
  • Relieves muscular aches and pain, backache, swelling from sprains. You can make your own special blend for these issues using lavender added with other oils and blended into a carrier oil.

This list is minimal. There are other uses. These are basic. Lavender is known, basically, for it calming and soothing effects.


Note: Keep out of the reach of children. If you have an adverse reaction to this or any oil, discontinue its use and consult a physician. Avoid contact with the eyes. If you get it in the eyes rinse the eyes well with clean water. Use all oils with caution. For more information DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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Organic vs Natural

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There has certainly been an organic movement all over the world.  It is now being said that millions of health minded Americans, are finally understanding that organic food and a healthy diet and lifestyle are obviously key factors in preventing chronic disease, restoring public health, and reducing out-of-control health care costs.

The other term we hear to indicate ‘organic’ is ‘natural’. What is the difference and what is the cost differential? Simply, ‘organic’ agriculture produces the real thing; crops higher in vitamin content and trace minerals unpolluted by chemicals. The term ‘natural’ is used by the UNF (United Natural Foods) as a ploy to make one believe non-organic foods are organic. Another term related to ‘natural’ – ‘Organic Alternative’, is chemical and energy-intensive factory farming using chemicals, additives, pesticides, preservatives and hormones, etc. Bluntly ‘natural’ is meaningless, meaning conventions with a green veneer. It is broken down into 3 categories, ‘natural’, ‘all natural’, and ‘sustainable’. You may see these descriptions mentioned on foods in the regular grocery stores as well as the Natural, or Whole Food stores. Many are labeled ‘USDA Organic’. This is another government ploy to pull the wool over our eyes to make us think the producer has followed strict NOP (National Organic Program) regulations and maintained detailed records. They are simply telling us what they want us to believe and what we want to hear. This leads to and/or predicts the price, so we pay organic or premium price for a conventional product. It’s big business/profits at any cost. The unfortunate consequences is that it is very difficult for independently owned grocers or a coop trying to sell mostly real organic products to compete.

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Bottom line…what to do. Do your own research. Buy ‘Certified Organic’ products. Healthwise, we are what we eat.  We are the masters of our fate. It is up to us to know how we want to live out our lives.

We live in an era that stresses health through exercise, eating healthy and taking supplements on the one hand, and the government trying to control all of these in our lives on the other hand.

CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES – what do you want?



Dental Health

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THE DENTIST – DO I HAVE TO GO?  Then the tears start to flow. I have seen this in children as well as adults.

It used to be that a trip to the dentist was not a traumatic adventure. And besides, if you needed something done that would cause pain, the dentist always gave you Novocaine. For some it was the sight of the shot needle that caused the trauma, even though the patient knew it would take the pain away.

I am a rarity to my dentist as I request no novocain or knock out medication of any kind. The dentist tells me most people beg for the novocain shot.

With Dental Health being the topic, what about dental health is there today, that is different from the past. You go to the dentist to have the teeth checked for cavities, to have teeth pulled, straightened, beautified, and for many other reasons. Dentists today push to give you fluoride treatments – supposedly to keep you from getting cavities or rotten teeth in general. However, fluoride is a poison to the system. Another poison is mercury, which all fillings used to be made from. These 2 chemicals ‘fluoride and mercury’ are not biocompatible with the human body and can lead to chronic disease in susceptible individuals. So, what can be done to avoid this? Eliminate them from being a part of the dental procedures. Most dentists are doing that now by using other mediums such as Porcelain to fill the teeth. The metal Mercury can impair both immune and brain function over time. Mercury is the second most dangerous toxin to humans after radioactive plutonium. We as patients have not been educated to this information. Dr. Martina Mallery, DDS tells us that “when a patient receives a mercury filling, a trace amount of mercury is vaporized on a recurring basis and released into the bloodstream where it can bioaccumulate in the organs and cause numerous chronic – or even terminal – disease in some people.”

Dentistry today is slowly getting on the ‘bandwagon idea’ that if you maintain a healthy body it will include the good health of the teeth. This is referred to as ‘conservative treatment and/or preventative education. I have been talking about the toxins in the body causing many overall health issues. It is the toxins in the mouth that cause most mouth and teeth problems. It is important that you as patients make sure your mouths and bodies are protected from toxins in the environment. This includes ‘organic nutrition, naturopathic remedies and biocompatible modalities’ or so says Dr. Mallery (DDS). She also feels the “patients health should be the focus of attention more than the financial gain.” How can this be done? Examples include rebuilding a tooth and restoring its function instead of just telling you that a crowning of the tooth is needed, which is an invasive procedure.” The use of a composite resin material will preserve as much of a healthy tooth structure as possible which will help to restore the tooth. “Teeth are organs connected to the rest of the body – they contain their own blood supply, nervous system and lymphatic drainage.”

“Root canal therapy can also be problematic.” This information is for those who are not aware. A root canal is done when a tooth that is infected or abscessed is embalmed in the mouth, so it can be preserved without needing to be extracted. I just had that procedure done to a tooth that was neither infected or abscessed, however, it had been crowned. The old crown fell off after 19 years and the dentist would not put it back on. Instead, he insisted I needed a new crown. He put on the new crown and then directed me to an Endodontist who said I needed a root canal procedure done to alleviate any pain I might encounter. I tried to avoid this procedure, but since the tooth was old and already had been disfigured I let him do the procedure. I am praying that all will be well and stay well, even though I know the tooth is now a dead tooth. According to Dr. Mallery, however, I could end up with an autoimmune disorder after all these procedures.  God help me with this one.

This is all “water under the bridge” which cannot be changed. I am now looking for a holistic dentist – which are few and far between in the field of dentistry. Maybe I had better go to Dr. Mallery….but she resides a long way from where I live.

Wishing you all only happy experiences in the dentists chair. GOD BLESS!