I have a tendency to analyze everything to the point of complication. Science, chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology etc. are not easy for most of us to understand.  Therefore, I will try to keep the understanding of the process of Detoxification SIMPLE.

The circle of life basically includes (1) eating, (2) being active, and (3) sleeping, over and over again. So what, how and why are questions, one might ask. Taking it one segment at a time –  let’s start with eating.

FOOD CONSUMPTION – EATING:  now that you know humans are frugivores….what do frugivores eat?  A frugivore is a species that mainly eats fruits, however they also consume nuts, seeds, sweet vegetables and herbs.  The caveman, who existed thousands of years before Adam and Eve, are pictured in one’s mind as people who killed animals and dragged them to their caves for dinner. Picture in your mind what that species looked like, rugged, squatty, hairy, etc.  Man evolved under God’s watchful eye and as I see it, He knew what he was doing when He re-created man in a new era and put him on our earth to live with complicated yet SIMPLE to care for BODIES.

The structures and functions of the body’s systems include the following:

* Circulatory System:  Heart, arteries, capillaries, veins, and the blood.
* Digestive System: comprised of the Tongue, Salivary glands, Stomach, Small Intestines and a Liver. Food is broken down in this system
Eliminative System: comprised of the Colon, and GI tract. The broken down food is eliminated in this system.
Intestinal System (Colon): waste and by-products are eliminated through the large intestine which is the Colon.
Lymphatic System: Spleen, thymus, lymph nodes-vessels and fluid. It is one of the most vital systems in your body. Its job is to remove wastes and fat soluble material from the gastrointestinal tract. It also carries nutrients to various parts of the body. It houses the Immune System, which is the basis of ones survival.
Extremities: (upper) Arms, Hands, Fingers, (lower) 2 Legs with Feet and Toes – used to walk in an upright position.
Integumentary System: the Skin with pores and minimal hairs, and Sweat glands used when you perspire which eliminates toxins.
Endocrine  (Glandular System): Adrenal glands, pancreas, pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, and testes. It regulates the various body activities to include breathing, temperature, nerve response etc.
Muscular System: muscles, tendons and connective tissue.
Nervous System: brain, spinal cord, sensory organs to include the eyes, ears, nose etc
Reproductive System: function is reproduction by way of conception.
Respiratory System: lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tubes, etc.
Skeletal System: Teeth – to chew the food, Jaws – provide multi-motional chewing, and Tail (some); and last but not least the…
Urinary System: Kidneys (urine) which excretes toxins from the body.

Food consumption is necessary for human survival, and for energy.  We eat, but not all foods are good for our bodies or are even used by the body. SIMPLY, the processes the body uses for our wellbeing are:
* Digestion – the breakdown of food.
* Absorption – how the foods after they are broken down, are absorbed as building materials and fuel.
* Utilization – the way we get nutrition and how these materials are transported into our system which includes the cells and blood. And
* Elimination – what goes in must come out.

The body is constantly seeking an alkaline/acid balance. statistically the percentages should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. In today’s world, and because of the convoluted eating habits of most people, those percentages are pretty close to reversed.  THAT IS THE WHY OF DISEASE (DIS-EASE).

So how does one get their body back on track?  Follow my blog and find out.

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