“All diseases may by sure means be prevented or cured, not excepting that of old age, and our lives lengthened at pleasure even beyond the (current) standard…”

This was in a letter written by Benjamin Franklin in the year 1780. What do you suppose he was talking about?  Why AGING of course.  I decided years ago that I wish to live beyond the age of 100.  Some folks do as well, and some folks just say “not me.”

The  Life Extension Magazine has a fascinating article about Rejuvenation (age reversal). To quote: “This article describes how Life Extension Foundation and others have joined to launch a new company called Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc.”

The Company, quote “has been established to rapidly transform already developed medical technologies into the human clinical arena.” It’s objective, quote “is to engineer cellular DNA so there will be no upper-limit threshold whereby maturing humans will be deprived of youthful health and well-being.”

WOW!  This is huge.  In biblical times peoples lived to be well into the hundred’s of years old. Can that actually happen today….or will it in the future?

A lot is already known about biological aging, with many years of scientific research going into the study of how to eradicate old age. Many seniors are wanting to find an Anti-Aging Drug.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am sure there will be and already are ups and downs involved in the process of this research. As I read the article I was fascinated by one statement, to quote “If one is fortunate to make it to advanced age in relatively good health, their most dangerous vulnerability is a deteriorating  immune system.”

I know, but do you know, or understand, the importance of a healthy immune system. This will be the topic of a future blog. In the meantime will therapeutic age reversal alter the course of Medical History?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next time, may God Bless!


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