alphabet-3359584A lot of terminology has been thrown at you in my blogs. Some familiar and some not so familiar. In the dance studio I owned, terminology was taught as part of the curriculum. The lack of terminology made it difficult for a child/adult to learn how to dance. Terminology refers to specific words and terms associated with specific businesses or special subjects. It is a necessity for you to understand what I am talking about when the health terminology is over your head. The following is a review of some of the terms already used and some new terminology to be introduced.

ALKALINITY – disperses, moves and cleans the body. It is also the key to the bodies regeneration and restoration. 80% is preferable to nature.
ACIDS – coagulate, form mucus and stagnate the body. 20% is preferable to nature.
INFLAMMATION – in health talk, is a localized response to cellular injury as marked by redness, heat, and pain in the damaged location.
GASTRITIS –inflammation of the stomach.
ENTERITIS – inflammation of the small intestine.
COLITIS – inflammation of the colon or large intestine.
DIVERTICULITIS – inflammation of the bowel (intestinal pockets).
S.A.D. – the Standard American Diet, which is now being proven to weaken the body instead of strengthen it.

In the future, you might want to remember that anything with “itis” at the end is related to inflammation.

Are you overwhelmed yet?

Thanks for wanting to continue your education on health concerns.  As always….God Bless!

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