Cause and Effect

If anyone has tried the Detox Diet Plan, let me know how you are doing. Just leave a comment. And, I thank those of you who are wanting to know more.

Many are trying the Plan to lose weight. Obesity has always been a problem here in the United States.  It used to affect only the adults but now it is leaking down to the preschoolers. You say this is old news.  I say old news with a different perspective. Obesity can be avoided, by changing old life habits and eating clean.  Repetition in my opinion, is good as it helps one to stay on track. Detoxing is the best way to start the fight against obesity. It is thought of by many practitioners as a disease (dis-ease), and should be treated as such.  You must address the cause not the effect.  It can be caused by internal problems, mental problems – such as stress, and rarely is genetic.  However, I heard on the radio just the other day that “Scientific evidence is now saying you can no longer blame FAT on your genes.”

It is important for you who are braving the Diet Plan that you understand the purging of toxins process.  I like to call it as my mentor calls it, “The Healing Crisis”.

The Diet is the mild form of the detox process. You will experience only the mild or minor effects of the “Healing Crisis”, which are listed below:

1.  Cold and Flu like symptoms – sinus drainage, coughing, etc.
2.  Sore Throat, congestion
3.  Low grade fevers 99-100
4.  Minor aches and pains
5.  Mucus in stools and urine
6.  Itching and rashes
7.  Mucus in eyes
8.  Mild Headaches
9.  Ups and downs in emotional feelings
10.  Minor short term nose bleed
11.  Minor blood in urine
12.  Weight loss (8-15 lbs. average: but can be as little as 2 lbs.)
13.  Loss of energy
14.  Numbness/tingling in hands and feet
15.  Etc.

All of the above are easily old symptoms of past diseases or weaknesses resurfacing. However, they are short lived and disappear quickly as the body starts the healing process. During the process, observe your body – keep a daily diary with the following information included on it:

What did you eat today?
Midmorning Snack

Make notes: How are you feeling?  Any stress? Did you experience any physical effects? What other cleansing procedures are you doing? Are you getting Exercise? What is your Water Intake?

Also, you need to understand that the Plan is only the beginning. You will hit a plateau whereby you will want to go back to your old ways of eating. That is when you need to contact me regarding the adding of herbal formulas and supplements to the Plan; and the restructuring of the Plan to fit You as You progress to becoming a healthier You.

RESULTS of following the Plan can include: Weight loss, normalized blood sugar, normalized blood pressure, less stress, fewer headaches, etc. 


kitten-rope-small-striped-scottish-tabby-breed-animal-hanging-isolated-white-background-35813269HANG IN THERE – THE RESULTS ARE WORTH IT!

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