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OBESITY.  In a prior blog it was mentioned that there are many causes for becoming Obese – such as overeating, anxiety, stress, anger, andthyroid_parathyroid_glands internal issues. I mention this last because it needs to be understood first. When I say internal issues I am referring to the glandular system which consists of the adrenal, endocrine, lymph, and especially the Thyroid Gland.  Obesity can be a big issue when the thyroid is compromised. The thyroid can be overactive (hyper) or underactive (hypo). Hypo is related to obesity in that the thyroid is not working normally and the adrenal cortex has become hypoactive.  That is the connection between the adrenal and thyroid gland activity, which causes weakness in both glands, which causes obesity. Another gland involved is the pituitary.

Food sousugar-1rces in the diet that contribute to obesity include: complex sugars cereals-1417868__180(processed), and starches (grains) which are acid forming and not easily digested. Grains are gluey. That is why they feed grain to cattle and other animals – to fatten them up for market.  Is that what is happening to you? The genetic connection is that every cell in the body is a genetic cell….some strong and some weak. The weak ones are the ones passed from generation to generation.

All of this can bbrain-544403__180e changed.  It begins in your mind emotionally and mentally. Our nation has become a nation of “comfort food” eaters. It doesn’t matter whether one is happy or sad. Mankind has become “sit in front of the TV” snackers; and if not in front of the TV they are at sporting events, picnicking, or boating.  They are participating in activities which make them too busy to eat properly.  Excuses include: “but I eat out a lot and I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of my friends and family.” “I hate fruits and vegetables.” “People will just have to accept me the way I am.” We are all going to die anyway so what does it matter what I eat?” “Fruits and vegetable don’t have any protein and I need meat for protein.” “What do I feed the kids?” “I just don’t have the time.” “My husband/wife does not want to eat the way I do so do I fix two meals, one for him/her and one for me?” The answer to that one is YES if that is what it takes for YOU to rebuild YOUR body.  A frugivore diet is good for the whole family, which includes the children.

The Detox Diet Plan, can be adjusted to suit individual needs as the detox progresses.  It depends on where your health issues were at when you start the Plan. If you have only minor issues the Plan can be adjusted just for those issues.  If you start the Plan for losing a small amount of weight, the Plan can be adjusted for that.  After you have reached your goal and just need to maintain, the Plan can be adjusted for those needs. But in order to do it right it would be wise to speak with a Counselor who will help you make those adjustments based on your needs.  Doing it by yourself doesn’t work. Nine times out of ten you will end up in the same condition you were in when you started the Plan. Send me an e-mail on the Contact Page.  I will be happy to assist you with a free consultation.

What you are reading in my Blog is now being touted on the TV, and in the Media.  A caller just the other day told me “I heard on the radio this morning, everything you have been saying.  Now, I understand what you have been trying to teach me.”

Last, but not least, are the highly promoted High Protein Diets, of which there are many. Keep in mind that High protein diets are acidic and toxic to your system…especially when it comes from an animal source. The downside is that it can harm the Liver, Pancreas, and Kidneys. Muscle tissue also begins to break down and you experience weakness’. Your body can deteriorate to the point of death.  As mentioned in a prior blog, acidity causes inflammation and mucus buildup in the body, which in turn weakens the immune system. When the immune system is compromised the body’s cells become weak. Death can be the end result.

REMEMBER we are frugivores. The sugars in fruit are simple sugars. Humans can survive on berries, melons, many varieties of fruits, and vegetables.  Keep it simple. A diet changed to fresh raw fruits and salads result in feelings of, as my mentor put it, “thin, light and clean.”


Have a great day and GOD BLESS!

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