Connecting the Body Parts

I don’t remember the words exactly, but there was a song that went somethings like this…..

“The Head Bone’s connected to the Neck Bone,thumb16
The Neck Bone’s connected to the Shoulder Bone,
The Shoulder Bone’s connected to the Backbone,
The Backbone’s connected to the Hip Bone,
The Hip Bone’s connected to the Leg Bone,
The Leg Bone’s connected to the Knee Bone,
The Knee Bone’s connected to the Ankle Bone,”

And somewhere in there should be an Arm Bone, Finger Bones, a Foot Bone, and Toe Bones. I’ll add, and what’s 200px-anatomical_male_figure_showing_heart_lungs_and_main_arteries44952957-human-organ-anatomy-set-illustrationall that stuff in between?
It’s as the pictures show…it’s the muscle, connective tissue, tendons. membrane, cartilage, blood vessels, veins, all the internal organs, and etc.

Did you know that “the Brain and Nervous system cells are the highest energy centers of your body”?

Did you know that “Vegetables are builders of muscle and skeletal tissue. And, “that seeds and nuts are structural foods that strengthen the body as a whole”?

Making bad food choices can upset the whole body system…changing the chemical balance, which in turn causes toxin build-up that can permeate the whole body.  This is not how God meant it to be.

Here I will reiterate that if you are following the Detox Diet Plan it is for a committed 2-3 weeks. After that, Herbal Formulas and Supplements need to be integrated into the Plan for which you need the advice of a Detox Specialist. I can advise you in that process and gear it to your specific needs. Go to my Contact page and leave your e-mail and/or any comments or questions. I will respond ASAP.

We are in this together – building healthier bodies.  Life is good!

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