The human body is unique.  All the parts of the human body have a purpose. They work together in perfect harmony, like a machine, providedsk-female-anterior_1 none of the body parts have been removed.  In that case, alterations are usually made. Depending on the circumstances and/or issues, for various reasons, the Body Chemistry of all humans starts out the same. However, in time, because of each person’s lifestyle and eating habits the Body Chemistry changes.

Eventually everyone ends up going to a Doctor.  In the old days the doctor advised folks about the foods they should eat, their activities, and how important a good night’s sleep was for the healing process of the body.  During the war years (1940’s) everyone here in the United States was asked by the beets-1584454__180government to have a Victory Garden.  Almost everyone on the block on which you lived grew their own food. We did. I remember standing on the plow while Daddy pushed it (we lived in the city), making the row’s to plant the seeds – good seeds – not genetically modified (GMO) seeds. We grew potatoes, beans, peas, corn, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, all the good health basics.  We also had just about every fruit bearing tretree-304259__180e: to include peach, apricot, apple, pear, Bing cherry, plum and as well, strawberries, raspberries, all kinds of melons, grapes, rhubarb and anything else that would grow during the Utah summers. Then my mother would preserve all she could so we would have good food to eat during the winter. We had, what was called a Fruit Room, in the basement of our house, to keep the preserved food from spoiling. It was like having a built-in refrigerator, as it stayed cool all year. As a child, eating healthy was the way of life. I never had a cavity in my teeth until I left home. Once away from home I became exposed to all the processed foods and created bad eating habits. When I was too busy to eat healthy I took shortcuts – which put me on the downside of the roller coaster.

Today, doctors give you a pill for all your ill’s. There seems to be a pill for everything. In the 1960’s, a friend (a vegan) who was the wife of a doctor, was the first to alert me to how important it is to read the inserts, that back then, came with all the prescription medications. She pointed out that the inserts had warnings, which the drug companies were mandated by the government, to release to the public. Today you see and hear about the warnings in TV ads and magazine ads for prescription and over the counter drugs. It is a General Warning that if you take this or that medication, beware, as it can also do this, or cause that.  The medication fixes one problem, while at the same time, creates one or multiple other problems. WHAT IS ONE TO DO? WHO SHOULD ONE LISTEN TO OR TRUST?

LISTEN to and TRUST YOUR OWN BODY!  Learn your body, how it reacts to this, to that. e.g. My body stores. The directions on an Aspirin bottle says take 1 tablet every 4 hours for pain.  If I did that I’d end up in the hospital. The effect of 1 aspirin in my body lasts for 3 days. How much do you know about how your body reacts to prescription or over the counter medications?

Read the warnings. Do you want to deal with heart problems, kidney, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and a myriad of other issues?  START TODAY – LEARN YOUR OWN BODY!

Life is good!  God Bless!

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