Detoxification In Conjunction With ACTIVITIES!

The question posed is, does Detoxing allow you to work out, or have a regular exercise routine? That depends. If you are doing a heavy detox you would probably not feel like working out. With a moderate to light detox you can work out as you usually do as long as you are not feeling the effects of the healing crisis associated with a good Detox Program.

Exercising and working out can include a variety of activities – of which some are more strenuous than others. Most activities require PREPARATION, the first being a good night’s sleep – whether you exercise, do physical activity, or work out in the early morning, afternoon, or early evening. I like to do my exercise regimen in the morning, because it gives me the energy needed for the rest of the day. There are different opinions as to whether a workout should be done before or after eating. My preference or routine is – after a good night’s sleep, rise at 6-6:30 a.m., drink an 8 oz. glass of water with fresh lemon juice added to get the blood cleaned out and flowing. After a 15 minute wait, I do an easy warm-up (10 minutes) consisting mostly of slow stretching, on the floor or standing, push ups for the upper body, and plies’ (a Ballet dance term – the dance in me) – when younger, full plies, as a senior demi-plies, which in the sports world are known by most as squats or knee bends. Last I do, releves’ (another ballet term) but also known as toe raises…done rising as high as you are able up on the toes and then lowering the heels. After the warm up, I do a Tai Chi or Yoga routine. I alternate them depending on how I feel. I do the stretching routine everyday and the Tai Chi or Yoga every other day but not less than 2 times a week.  When I complete my exercise routine I drink another 8 oz. glass of water, wait about 15 minutes, the time it takes me to make a smoothie (I make various kinds), which I take with supplements, and that is breakfast. Other activities I take part in include 18 holes of golf 2-3 times a week (all year), and bowling 1 day a week (in the winter). I walk as much as I have time for between the activities and work. Note: none of the exercise I do is strenuous. One doesn’t have to do high impact workouts like Zumba, etc. to work up a sweat. A younger person can handle extreme and strenuous exercise or activities, where a senior cannot and should not. For everyone age, physical condition, health and time should be considered in the equation. Moderation in all things.

Back to eating first…of course you will have eaten during the day if you work out later in the day, as many working folks do. A rule of thumb would be to rest for 15 to 30 minutes after you eat before you do any moderate or strenuous exercising. What you eat is important – follow my Detox Diet Plan and you will feel great.


Pro athletes have coaches who guide them through the necessary programs needed for their specialty. I am targeting the average citizens, both the young and the elderly who just want to be healthy but do not have the wish to be a professional athlete. You workout or are physically active by way of a specific exercise regimen – golf, tennis, running, swimming, etc. Any activity can be stressful or create stress – especially when just beginning or are in the learning stages of a regime. I keep hearing it said, “I sure do feel sore after I workout or do any kind of physical activity.” Everyone feels a physical soreness and even mental stress…why? Because of muscle use when doing any type of exercise. Muscles become depleted of nutrients and need to be re-built after stressful use. With nutrient depletion you experience PAIN.  It is crucial that there be recovery from the stress that the body experiences, so you can efficiently get on with the rest of the day’s activities. That is why I like to take supplements after the workout and throughout the day as needed.

Reduced fatigue and soreness is experienced with the consuming of antioxidants, which are the body’s defense against the free radicals released during heavy exertion. It is the free radicals that tear down the muscle’s tissue cells which results in muscle soreness and pain. Strenuous exercise causes the depletion of natural nutrients from the body. Two of the natural nutrients are the B essential vitamins and magnesium – key nutrients for cellular energy.

What is needed for this tissue cell, muscle recovery? This is where I like the ‘supplement intake after the workout, and the smoothie/shake with added nutrients, concept’, which includes the essential B vitamins, C, and magnesium supplementation. I use magnesium powder which is absorbed into the bloodstream at a faster pace. I also add, to my shake, a quality plant-based, easily digested protein powder.

Caution: Protein is not necessarily your friend. Too much of it beats up the kidneys and colon as it creates acidosis – especially if you insist on getting it by eating the red meats (beef, pork, lamb). That is why I recommend a good quality ‘plant-based protein powder’. Use it sparingly. Know your body. Some folks need more than others, and, keep in mind your age, weight and the amount of exercise you get.

Having been in the “exercise” business for most of my life – mostly in the field of dance, which is today considered a sport, I’ve experienced it all – the stress and the pain. You have to refuel and repair, regenerate the muscles to support good muscle health. After exercise breaks down the muscle tissue, the body quickly wants to repair and rebuild the muscle which can be accomplished with the help of supplementation. I like Dr. Morse’s herbal supplements and powders which focus on assisting the body in healing and regenerating, not just the muscles, but all the body’s cells, tissues, glands, and etc.

Check them out – at our FYI Healthtalk Store. I appreciate your comments. Send them along with your name and email address and I will respond to you.

The above protocol is beneficial even for those of you who exercise very little or not at all. As humans age, nutrients the body produces deplete at a natural rate – so they need to be replenished .

 Have a wonderful day and GOD BLESS!

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