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DID YOU KNOW: With all the Organic Consumer information that is reported on TV, in the media, newspaper, and magazine, etc., it is now being said that millions of health minded Americans are finally understanding that organic food and a healthy diet and lifestyle are obviously key factors in preventing chronic disease, restoring public health and reducing out-of-control health care costs. Just the word ‘organic’ raises many questions. There are many concepts about what is ‘organic’ and what is not.

I hear folks all the time tell me, “I can’t afford to buy organic – it is too expensive”. A term associated with ‘organic‘ is ‘natural‘.So, what is the difference and what is the cost differential? Simply, ‘organic‘ agriculture produces the real thing; crops higher in vitamin content and trace minerals – unpolluted by chemicals. The term ‘natural‘ as used by the UNF (United Natural Foods) is a ploy to make one believe non-organic foods are organic, or in other words an organic alternative. The organic alternative terminology is, “chemical and energy-intensive factory farming using chemicals/additives/pesticides/preservatives and hormones, etc. Bluntly, it could be said that ‘natural’ is meaningless. ‘Natural’ has been broken down into 3 categories, natural, all natural, and sustainable. Today you will find all these mentioned terms used on food items in regular grocery stores as well as Natural or Whole Food stores. As well, many food items are labeled as “USDA Organic“. Are you confused? This is another government ploy to pull the wool over our eyes to make us think the food producer has followed strict NOP (National Organic Program) regulations and maintained detailed records. This is the government simply telling us what they want us to believe, and, what we want to hear. This leads to and/or predicts the price, so we pay organic or premium price for a conventional product. It is big business/profits at any cost. The unfortunate consequence is that it is very difficult for independently owned grocers or a coop trying to sell mostly real organic products, to compete.
(Info from: The Organic Monopoly and the Myth of “Natural” Foods: How Industry Giants are Undermining the Organic Movement – by Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association – July 8, 2009).

Since 2009, when this information first came to our attention, ideology has changed a bit. Organic food costs, in many instances, are being brought into line with the regular processed foods. I find the fresh fruits and vegetables might be more expensive, but not by much. Also, producers are trying to process their foods to seem to be healthier than what they used to produce by eliminating some chemicals, lowering the sodium, genetically modifying the food, making it gluten-free, etc…..again, making us think they are doing their part in making the food better for us, the consumer. This subject could be argued in many different directions. I will leave it be, for now.

Bottom line….do your own research; check out the company’s and their practices. We must “put our money and our principles where our values lie.” Buy “Certified Organic” not so-called natural products. Healthwise – we are what we eat.

We live in an era that stresses health through exercise, eating healthy and taking supplements on the one hand and the government trying to control all of these in our lives, young and old alike. CHOICES, CHOICES, and more CHOICES – what do you want? 


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