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It has been indicated in the past and is still the knowledge of today that energy is the life force that fuels our physical, mental and emotional well-being regardless of age, or sex. The world is full of folks who complain everyday that they have no energy, are tired and experience fatigue on a daily basis, and feel they are just making it from day-to-day. Many factors can cause this such as pollution, stress, improper eating habits such as skipping meals, eating too many processed foods, pushing our body’s support system to the limit when exercising, chronic low-grade health problems developed over a long time which can include, headaches, weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, nutritional deficiency, etc., etc.

What can a person do to reverse this downward spiral from being energetic? Detoxify, rebuild, re-energize, commit to free oneself from addictive habits – substances, and dependence on prescription drugs, any drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, toxic foods and beverages (soda). In simple language…it is changing ones lifestyle. Getting back to the basics in all aspects of your life.

Detoxification will lead to you getting to know yourself, your body, your needs, your wants and putting them in an order you can live with. Prioritize. The young folks are full of energy, the seniors want to be as energetic as the young folks….but aging seems to get in the way. So I suggest if you are in the senior bracket you take it one step at a time. It can be done…getting your youthful health back…maybe not in total looks, but in energy, vim, vigor and vitality. I know because I am doing it, and have been for over 12 years.

Twelve years ago, I could tell my body was getting ready to take the downhill spiral. I was gaining weight, losing energy, getting sick if someone sneezed in my direction, thinking I needed an over the counter medication to fix everything.  Then I discovered Dr. Morse and his Detoxification Plan and his School. I took the plunge, enrolled in the detoxification course offered at his International School of Detoxification, became Certified Level 2 Detoxification Specialist, and have done the Detoxification Plan on myself now for 12 years. As a senior, I am finding my vim, vigor and vitality returning.I can hit the golf ball further than I did 12 years ago, I have participated in 5K runs and Won (in my age bracket, 75 at the time), and my bowling score is getting better and better, just to name a few improvements. I continue to detox, and still experience healing crisis’ which is the body reverting back to experience issues in the past, e.g. all of a sudden my right wrist hurt as if I had broken it. Well, I had in the past. The pain was excruciating…I thought maybe I hurt while trying to lift a heavy box of groceries out of the shopping cart and putting it into my car. It was while I was doing this that I felt the same pain I felt when I fell from a ladder while hanging a picture years ago which ended up with me breaking or rather fracturing the main bone in my right wrist. I was seriously considering going to the emergency room to have it ex-rayed. But as quickly as the pain started, it as quickly came to an end. Because, I experienced the pain for only 2 days, I knew I was going through a healing crisis. I tell you this because I hope it will help to ease everyone’s fear of Detoxification. The body has to go through this reversal process to regenerate and rebuild itself. This process is, in my understanding, the process of the body healing itself back into a youthful healthy body, which over a time will allow an older person to feel young again and allow that person to do some of the same things he/she did in his/her youth. I played golf this morning to assure myself that my wrist was not injured when I lifted the groceries. I had no problem and no pain with my wrist. I was over hitting the greens and kept saying to my playing partners, “I don’t know where all of this energy and strength is coming from.” My friends said, “it’s a good thing you are eating those “Wheaties”!

Wheaties, in my youth, was considered to be the ‘Breakfast of Champions’. I told them, “No, it’s the Smoothie I am drinking.” The one I had today, I made with fresh frozen strawberries, organic fresh frozen (I picked them myself) blueberries, pineapple, Lytchee nut (a fruit), a couple of tablespoons of homemade yogurt, a small scoop of vegetable protein powder, a banana and pure water. My energy level is still way up there and it is 5 p.m. in the afternoon. I didn’t take any other supplements other than the Herbal EYE WASH formula I sell in the FYI Healthtalk Store. I like to keep my eyes healthy so I don’t have to wear glasses.

Someone might ask, “do you take the herbal supplements everyday?” My answer is, “Yes, I did when I started to detox. However, after 12 years of detoxing, I know my body and how it reacts to supplementation. I know when I need to detox by taking supplementation. So, now, No I don’t take supplements everyday and when I do I don’t use them all….I only take the herbal formulas  I think my body is in need of for a certain purpose or issue, e.g. when I eat out or eat things that my body is not accustomed to (which I do when I go to other people’s homes), such as pizza, sweets, salads not made by me, with commercially processed salad dressings, etc., I know my body will become overly acidic. I then take the FAB FOUR to get the adrenal glands, lymph glands, liver, bladder, and kidneys back into action to clean the colon and get rid of the toxins and acidity.

In Summary: You need to know your body, so you can experience Healthy Aging. This requires a good Detoxification Diet Program….such as the “Plan” in an earlier one of my blogs. Then don’t be shy. Click here –FYI Healthtalk Store. Check it out for the best (in my opinion) herbal supplements you can buy. Read the description for each product.Healthy Joints Tincture Dr. Morse has developed an Herbal Formula for every part of the body. I have tried other supplements for comparison, but always come back to these herbal formulas. Why? BECAUSE THEY WORK! Herbal Supplements in liquid form enter the bloodstream faster – go right to the cause of the issue one may be experiencing and kickstart the body into the healing itself mode.

If you have any questions, please send me your email and comments. I will respond as soon as I receive your email.


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