It’s Spring, and what comes with Spring? Allergies. Here in Florida, it has seemed like summer all winter, during which we have experienced a lot of pollen. The pollen is continuing into Spring….and it is bad. The people I talk to are blaming their allergies, illnesses and everything else on the pollen. I have to wash the pollen off my car at least once a week. If it rains, even if I don’t need to go anywhere, I drive my car around in the rain to let the rain wash the pollen off the car. Usually the rain helps to lower the pollen count, but this year, it didn’t. So the cry is Allergies, allergies, allergies. What do I do?

What does Allergy mean? According to the Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary – Allergy is “an altered reaction of body tissues to a specific substance (allergen) which in nonsensitive persons will, in similar amounts produce no effect.” What is an Allergen? ” Any substance that indicates a state of, or brings on manifestation of allergies.” Among common allergens are “inhalant’s (dusts, pollens, fungi, smoke, perfumes, odors of various materials); foods (wheat, eggs, milk, chocolate, strawberries); drugs (aspirin, antibiotics, serums); infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, animal parasites); contactants (chemicals, animals, plants, metals); physical agents (heat, cold, light, pressure, radiation);” etc. Allergic conditions include eczema, hay fever, bronchial asthma, hives, mumps, measles, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, etc. which, also, considered symptoms, stem from a cause.

Most folks are familiar with all the above, however, I would like to focus on fungus and nasal issues – generally considered to be hay fever or sinus problems.

The cause of many health problems are fungi or fungal infections. A study from the Mayo Clinic “showed positive fungal cultures in those with chronic sinusitis.” Many health issues drain a person of vitality, resulting in fatigue, etc, but once the cause is cleared up their vitality returns. I have experienced this a few times, but many of my friends experience fatigue and energy drainage daily. They go to specialist after specialist and receive little information on what is wrong with them or how to fix their health issue complaints.

Since ‘fungal infections‘ are in many instances misdiagnosed, Orian Truss, MD, in his research paper The Missing Diagnosis, argued “that fungal infections may be at the root of many ailments like stress, fatigue, depression, pain and especially autoimmune conditions.”

Everyone is at risk for fungal infections. One scientifical explanation, is ” that fungal infections are caused by toxins such as ‘Aflatoxins‘ a byproduct found in moldy grains and other foods.” And, “that fungi play a role in many health problems – to include sinusitis.”

When I was a child, it was common practice to take out the adenoids when the tonsils were removed. “Adenoids are lymphatic tissue forming a prominence on the wall of the pharyngeal recess of the nasopharynx situated above the soft palate (post nasal space)”. The adenoids were removed whether they needed to be or not. The removal was, supposedly, done to end possible nasal inflammatory issues, aka sinusitis. I question the need for the adenoids to be removed as they are part of the lymph system. The removal of my adenoids did not keep me from experiencing sinus issues.

Today, Chronic Sinusitis is a common reason to go the doctor. The doctor commonly treats sinusitis with antibiotics, steroid nasal sprays, prescription antihistamines and eventually surgery.

Many fungi are airborne and once in the nasal cavity – turn to mold. We breathe them in daily and the fungi/mold can cause many health issues to include: sinusitis, sleep apnea (stop breathing while sleeping), halitosis (bad breath), wheezing, seasonal allergies (dust, pollen), snoring, animal dung allergies, sawdust allergy, and even flu-like symptoms, etc.

What to do? How do you treat the cause of allergies? As noted above, antibiotics, steroid nasal sprays, antihistamines etc. But, are these methods full proof and the best?

Antibiotics are considered to be toxic, yet useful substances for treating certain infections…but NOT nasal infections. I learned in my research that when dealing with fungi, the underlying cause needs to be treated. The generally accepted method used to address this medicinally, is by cleansing the sinus cavities with safe antimicrobial agents. What are the agents? For many folks, ear, nose and throat doctors prefer the saline (salt water solution) for nasal irrigation. In tune with the alternative method, the Life Extension Magazine research team have come up with a nasal solution composed primarily of “four ingredients, in a homeopathic pH balanced isotonic blend to include wild indigo, grapefruit seed extract, oregano and nano silver.” Alternatively as well, a mix of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Colloidal Silver water or Distilled Water in a solution can be used for nasal irrigation. Allergies also affect the eyes (which I am most prone to), and can be mucus forming.

The nasal irrigation method cleans away the fungal bacteria, if done on a regular basis. But does that method totally treat the cause? I am not a doctor, but as a Detoxification Specialist (believing in natural healing, I believe that fungal infections must also be cleaned from within the body systems. So in addition to adhering to a strict detox program daily – when I experience allergy symptoms from exposure to dust, pollen etc., I do use the nasal irrigation method for the sinusitis, but I take, as well, herbal supplements to keep my body clear of mucus and impurities and to strengthen the cells. These supplements include formulas for the lymph system, adrenal glands, kidneys, immune system, gastrointestinal tract, bowels, eyes, skin, and I always include garlic (the natural antibiotic). Click here for formulas: FYI Healthtalk Store

To keep up a healthy internal body, you must keep the pH and alkaline balanced.  It is necessary to lower the fungal overload to increase your overall wellness.             GOD BLESS and HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!        


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