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I have said all along that everyone’s body and health issues are different. Our chemical makeup is different. Things to be considered are your gender, age, weight, height and once in a while the family genetics. YOU NEED TO KNOW YOURSELF! When taking supplements, ask yourself, how do I feel now as opposed to how I felt before. As with the allergies in the prior blog, what foods are you eating and how do they make you feel. When you back away from caffeine, smoking, alcohol…how do you feel. These 3 things, as most of you know are the hardest habits to kick. But, when you feel better, keep that feeling in your mind, be strong, be in charge, your body will begin the healing process so it won’t need to use caffeine to keep you awake, a cigarette to keep you from eating, alcohol to supposedly help you feel better about yourself – or get in the mood – or forget whatever it is you want to forget. GET ON WITH LIFE!

The TV and the radio, bombards us with many opinions about everything in the world, what we should or should not do, how we should act, where we should go, how we should do this or that, who we should associate with, what our political, religious views should or should not be…it boggles the mind. I even add to the ‘what should I do list’ with the advice I share. Well, here are some more BITS AND PIECES about health to add to the mind-boggling list.

PROTEIN – you hear about it all the time, what should you eat to get it into your system? What kind is best for you? Why do you need it?
Factually, protein is not necessarily your friend. It beats up the kidney and the colon – too acidic. On the TV show “The Doctors”, the statement was made that the best protein comes from fruits and veggies. Said also, was
that “getting sick is the beginning of acid retention”…in other words the building up of acid in the system which is known as “acidosis”. Also stated on the program was that “chicken 1 time a day is too much protein…and it was also suggested that you stay away from the red meats. Most folks think the best protein comes from beef and all the rest of the red meats (pork, and lamb). Not so. Oh yes, they all taste good when you doctor them up so you can eat them, but they are not the best protein builders. People, I tell about the proteins they can get from fruits and veggies, invariably say, I didn’t know fruits and veggies had protein.
My doctor tells me, “stay away from this fruit, that fruit, this veggie, that veggie”, as it is not even good for me. That blows my mind.

Back in the old days, the theory was meat, potatoes and gravy should be a staple in every household. If families couldn’t afford to eat meat (basically beef) everyday, they usually ate it on Sunday. I know my family did. We always had a red meat roast of some sort or steak on special occasions.

And today you have Protein Bars and Protein Smoothies, as well, as a way to get the protein needed to stay healthy. If you use that route for health choose the Protein Powders made from vegetable sources (peas is in my opinion the better of the sources).

  • It is good to remember we are herbivores – as are horses, cows, sheep, elephants, deer, and giraffes (powerful animals). They eat raw as we should be doing, as much as possible. 100% raw kicks out acidosis – powerful – the body then cleans itself.
  • All the parts of our body have a role to play. So it would be beneficial to take care of every part of your body.
  • Did you know the very act of dialysis cuts down your kidney…makes you stop peeing.
  • Bacteria often is a result from what you eat.
  • Most of the food people eat are acid forming

INJURIES: If you have an active lifestyle it should be remembered that the possibility of injury enters the picture at least once, if not more, in a lifetime. What we don’t want is repetitive injury. What do you do for an injury? REPAIR IT! Involved in most injuries are the soft tissues which entail the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, cartilage, blood vessels and nerves. They all work together as they allow the body to function properly. When an injury occurs the body goes into a 3 phase process of repair.

Phase 1 – Inflammation. Inflammation lasts up to 72 hours. A little known fact is that in any inflammation phase the blood cells rush in to give nutrients and clear up the damage. Pain is also felt and swelling. To help the healing process,  ICE, not heat is suggested for use along with elevation of the injured area (legs, arms etc.) for at least 30 minutes. Always protect the skin when applying ice.

Phase 2 – Repair Phase. The time it takes depends on the injury. Immune cells, protein and collagen take an active part in this phase. I’m not a doctor, but it is important to know that it has been scientifically shown that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil, Motrin, Aleve, and Ibuprophen, etc. damage cartilage and weaken collagen repair. A healthy diet and good herbal supplements, (FYI Healthtalk Store), along with hydration, supply proper nutrients to aid in the repair.

Phase 3 – The Remodeling Phase. This phase depends on the injury for length of time. Sometimes it can last up to 1 year or more. This is where strength is regained to make sure soft tissue, joint and muscle repair correctly. In case you are not aware, soft tissue, muscles, ligaments, etc. once injured generally do not heal back to be as strong as when new, but will always stay weaker than the undamaged tissue. In addition to applying proper healing nutrients, and herbal supplements, often, rehabilitation therapy is suggested via a properly trained healthcare practitioner. Other technicians include chiropractic, compression, shearing, foam rolling, therapy balls, and/or stabilization exercises. Just remember to use CAUTION don’t overdo. Keep in mind that you want to restore proper function and mobility  to the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.

I have talked about many things today. LOTS OF FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Just remember, you are in charge of your body. As you become better acquainted with it, you will know what you need to do to keep your body in good repair.


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