Summer is the season for allergies which sometimes can cause SINUS issues. The Sinuses – located in the nasal area, are referred to as the paranasal sinuses: Frontal, Maxillary, Ethmoidal, and Sphenoidal. Anterior group: Frontal, Maxillary and Anterior Ethmoid. Posterior group: Posterior Ethmoid and Sphenoid.

Where is each part located?Image result for free pics of sinuses FRONTAL: is an irregular cavity in the frontal bone on each side of the midline above the nasal bridge. One may be larger than the other. A duct carries secretions to the upper part of the nostrils. MAXILLARY: A cavity in the maxillary bone opening at upper part of antrum into the nose. SPHENOIDAL: are the air sinuses which occupy the body of the sphenoid bone and connect with the nasal cavity. The function of the sinuses is not definitely known. Various theories give them the same function as nasal cavities, namely, warming, moistening, and filtering the air.

SINUSITIS – is sometimes allergy Image result for Where Are Your Sinuses Diagramrelated. Sinusitis is inflammation of a sinus, esp. a paranasal sinus. The causative agents related to sinusitis includes viruses and bacteria. Predisposing factors involved with sinusitis can be inadequate drainage which may result from presence of polyps, chronic rhinitis, deviated septum, etc. These issues need a specialist’s care.

Sensitive sinuses, usually associated with allergies, can make it difficult to breathe. Doctors prescribe steroid sprays and antibiotics, but use of these on a regular basis often lead to serious health consequences.

The required treatment for sinus health of sinusitis is conservative shrinkage in the nasal mucosa to ease ventilation and drainage in the sinus. Years ago, also required was bed rest, forced fluids, and something for pain, as sinusitis can be painful in the sinus area, and cause fever, chills, and headaches, etc. The following video is an excellent source of information on the sinuses and treating SINUS ISSUES the natural way.

As noted in the video – Sinus health/sinusitis as related to allergies can be treated naturally. It requires the use of an antimicrobial agent that kills the offending microbes, but is harmless enough to use. Two mentioned are Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Colloidal Silver. There are many other natural ingredients/products also noted for use to treat sinus issues. For over 12 years I have used  both the Apple Cider Vinegar and Colloidal Silver (which I make myself) to clean my nasal passages. It was said in an article I read recently that “Colloidal Silver can be used to relieve the burden of the immune system and prevent chronic irritation of the sinus passageways.” The video reiterated, as was mentioned previously that “One function of our sinuses is to filter the air we breathe” which is filled with viruses, bacteria, and fungi. You need to kill these pathogens to maintain sinus health.

Colloidal Silver Liquid can be purchased at Health Food Stores, or you can make it yourself. It can be delivered through the nose with the use of a Neti Pot (refer to video), nasal spray bottle or dropper, which I prefer. Before using these methods – blow the nose first to get rid of mucus, then coat the tissues of the nasal pathway using methods mentioned. Allow the liquid to stay in the nose as long as possible. If the liquid drips out, wipe away, but do not blow the nose again. You can repeat this a second time and leave in. If you swallow, don’t panic…colloidal silver is not toxic and will just remove bad bacteria on its way down your throat. I drink an 8 oz glass, for as many days as needed, of colloidal silver water to ward off flu and cold symptoms. IT WORKS!

 NOTE: Other natural agents mentioned in the video as being useful in treating sinusitis include: ginger, garlic, grapefruit seed extract, cayenne pepper, licorice, eucalyptus (the oil, which can be dropped onto a kleenex and then the essence inhaled into the nasal passage), the eating of antioxidant foods, Echinacea, and Vitamins C and Zinc, and, I add, herbal supplements.

As I did the research on this subject, many of my questions regarding the sinuses were answered, and I hope it has answered some of yours.



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