Detox – Colon – Cleansing

Colon IllustrationThe basic method for detoxing consists of eating a healthy diet along with drinking lots of water and engaging in an exercise program, which cleanses the bowels/colon. The purpose for detoxing is to cleanse the intestines and free them of toxins. Another method would be ‘colonic irrigation’, which I have experienced and should be administered by a professional. However, after the colonic irrigation you must continue the basic method of detoxing listed above.

A healthy colon reflects a persons overall state of health. For you who are not aware, colon cleansing (irrigation) is an ancient idea once applied by the Egyptians, and is still practiced today in natural medicine.

Bowel issues result in constipation, waste, toxin, and unhealthy bacteria build up in the colon. This waste etc. is absorbed by the bloodstream from the intestines and passed to all the cells of the body. The problems experienced because of this includes; headaches, moodiness, hormonal imbalance, lack of energy, cancer, heart disease and an unhealthy immune system, allergies, skin disease, rheumatic illnesses, metabolic disorders, restless sleep and depression.

Treatment starts with the diet, eating lots of fresh vegetables and whole fruits that do not contain pesticides. Avoid fried foods, highly refined sugars, processed foods….does this sound repetitious? It is. I have said this in earlier blog in a different way, but repetition is good. You also may have read about it elsewhere, heard it on the radio, and seen and heard it on the TV.

You might say…’I’ll just give myself and enema.’ That is okay if you know how to do it, but keep in mind it only cleans out a small portion of the colon and is only a temporary fix. Bowel/colon cleansing, when done the correct way frees the digestive system of wastes and toxins, constipation buildup, and allows the intestinal lining to regenerate and maintain a balance of beneficial bacteria, uses and absorbs nutrients from food as it should. Your metabolism then becomes more efficient, providing the body with renewed energy.

Again, check out my Detox Diet Plan – which starts with a fast…as should any cleanse. Make a decision that will keep you healthy for a lifetime. The time is now – GO FOR IT!

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