The Common Cold!


Senseless Ramblings of the Mindless: September 2011

Is there such a thing any more. When I was a little girl and you got sick you had a ‘cold’ – a Common Cold. Today the ‘common cold’ has been deemed the flu (1, 2, 3 and so forth), and many other names, illnesses, and diseases you may or may not have heard of.

The ‘common cold’ usually starts with a runny nose, chills, fever, aches and pains etc. The body – with these symptoms is doing what it does best. It is starting the healing process  by liquefying the toxic material that has gotten into the lymph system where it causes trouble. The runny nose liquid can be called snot, mucus, and ‘catarrh’ – something few of you have ever heard of. Running to the drug store and buying over-the-counter drugs that will suppress the cold symptoms is doing your body a disservice. You need to let the catarrh run. Catarrh comes from the Greek word ‘katarrhein’ which means “to flow down”. Let that wonderful body you have, do its work – liquefy the harmful wastes and toxins in your body and let them ‘flow down’ and out of the various body orifices.

As doctor Robert Morse N.D explains, “the common cold is a great life-preserving elimination process that your body uses to get rid of disease-causing toxins that would normally settle in the inherently weak organs, glands and tissues of the body, causing low-level inflammation.”

A cold is a catarrhal discharge. Don’t fight it or try to stop it, or get rid of it by the use of antihistamines or other cold remedies.

Catarrh can be eliminated in many ways, through the nose, the eyes, urination, the lungs, skin (sweat), etc. You do need to get rid of it, because if it is left in the body, catarrh can lead to pneumonia, kidney problems, bladder issues, and gastrointestinal problems.

How to get rid of it –

  • Drink juices and water to keep the catarrh liquefied
  • Get plenty of fresh air and stay in bed (if you can)
  • Sweat it out (it works – I do it). Sweating it out also gets rid of the fever and aches and pains.

You also can drink herbal teas and take herbal supplements. (visit our store)

Using the ‘common cold’ to your benefit gets the body clean. The catarrh gets rid of waste your body doesn’t want to use. ‘Catarrh’ is a blessing and should not be stopped with drugs. It helps you from developing other chronic illnesses. Fresh fruits and vegetable will not develop catarrh in the body, but those foods which act like ‘glue’ will. They include dairy, pastries, made from processed white flour, cheese, and pasta, etc.

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