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  • Amaranth Oil – it is said by some health practitioners that “amaranth oil” taken as a dietary supplement restores oxygen to the blood and body. Before you take or use, check it out for your self.
  • Hair Loss: is acidosis in the brain.
  • The body is bilateral – each side responds differently. Blood pressure is not the same on both sides.
  • Coke, sodas, coffee, alcohol all deprive the body of nutrients.
  • Oxidation in the body is the aging process…compare it to the rusting of a car. If not taken care of deterioration takes place. Can it be fixed? YES!
  • It is the red blood cells that carry oxygen in the blood.

SEEDS – That are good for you:
1. SUNFLOWER: Heart health, Hair color, Energy
2. CORIANDER: Digestion, Vision, Strong bones
3. PUMPKIN: Immune system, Healthy blood pressure, sleep
4. BLACK SESAME: Stress, Skin, Pain
5. FLAX: Thick hair, Inflammation, Brain health, (the nutrient value is                 stronger if taken as an oil)

PRESSURE POINTS to heal what ails you:
According to Reflexologists these acupressure points done for 10 to 30 seconds with help heal what ails you.
Base of the skull: relieves itchy eyes, and exhaustion.
Outer edge of the crease of your elbow : decreases tension and congestion.
Spots under your collarbone: helps clear up a sore throat and anxiety.
Halfway down the outside of your upper arm: to fight nausea and clear          your head.
An inch below your belly button: beat the period bloat.
– The web between your pinkie and ring finger: eases dizziness and back            pain.
(Source: Valerie Voner, Director of the New England Institute of Reflexology)

You can also rub essential oils on the above mentioned areas to enhance the pressure point healing.

As a Bragg Crusader – I am able to share the following information with you about – ASPARTAME. This artificial diet sweetener is unhealthy and can make you fat. “Because Monsanto’s artificial sweetener Aspartame (sold as “Nutrasweet, Equal, and Spoonful”) is over 200 times sweeter than sugar, it’s a common ingredient found in “diet” foods and has become a sweetening staple for dieters. Besides being a deadly poison, aspartame actually contributes to weight gain by causing a craving for carbohydrates. A study of 80,000 women by the American Cancer Society found those who used this neurotoxic “diet” sweetener actually gained more weight than those who didn’t use aspartame products. Find out more about the deadly health risks posed by Monsanto’s toxic sweetener on this web: Stevia, an herbal sweetener is a healthy alternative for diabetics. 

I am here to help you help yourself!

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