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Even I learn new things every day. I have often wondered if there was anything you can use in the place of eggs when cooking. There is!

  • EGG SUBSTITUTES: a few suggestions…
    1/4 cup of applesauce equals 1 egg.
    1/2 of a banana equals 1 egg – if using this one add a bit more of the leavening agent you use in the recipe, e.g baking powder.
    1 T Ground Flaxseed to 3 T Water equals 1 egg – mix well before adding to the recipe. This works great as a substitute when making pancakes.
    (This info is compliments of Danny Seo)
  • GREEN DRINKS! They are back.  You ask, “Did they ever go away?”
    To me they seemed to have gone away, at least for a little while. Why? Because ‘Green Drinks’ were difficult to make without a ‘juicer’. There are some new Juice Guru’s out there who want you to get back to the basics with vegetables. The only thing that bothers me is that they are selling you on vegetables only. What happened to the fruits? Think and research before you decide to go and buy a new juicing machine; end up using it once or twice and then it just sits on the shelf collecting dust.

      Think about it. What is food – is it just a list of ingredients that we do not know the meaning of? FOOD is a code that regulates your body – it sends different messages to the body – it knows right where to go to regulate the organs and glands and health of the body. This can be called Nutritional Healing – where the body through proper nutrient intake through the foods you eat and/or supplements you take – heals itself. You might want to start by making a great salad with a homemade dressing the main meal of the day (veggie or fruit).Image result for free pics of salads

1. Get rid of your food addictions – the STD (Standard American Diet)
2. Disease, or as I like to call it Dis-ease, isn’t always genetic. People often use that as an excuse to be sick. Natural foods already have the ingredients to help prevent disease. Your body is naturally disease proof. Don’t mess it up with wrong food choices.
3. When it comes to meat – especially the red meats, which I am asked about all the time – YOU ARE WHAT YOUR MEAT EATS!
4. Detoxification resets your body!
5. REMEMBER: Nutritional excellence promotes ‘super immunity’. That is how you stay healthy.
Image result for free pics of salads



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