World of Wellville……

….in the New Year!

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As my Tag Line says – ‘WAKE UP TO A NEW YOU!’ New Year resolutions are made by most of us and yet they are seldom adhered to. We get busy and forget that we made them until sometimes it is almost too late.

In conversations I’ve had with many acquaintances over the past few weeks, they all wished they had kept their last years resolution or their resolution from years before that, to do something about getting healthier. Their intentions were on the right track, but their willingness to act, to change, to apply what was necessary to improve their health never happened.

Don’t let this be you in the NEW YEAR – 2019. Your life may depend on it.

I’ve already had many requests for topics to be discussed for my blog. I will do my best to address each and every one of them…and hope many of you will be inspired to become a NEW YOU!

May your new hopes and new wishes come to fruition in the year 2019!

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The following information from my mentor and friend, Dr. Robert Morse, can be a good way to start, now – or later!


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