I shared this on Facebook and really believe everyone should be aware of what is going on in our Congress. Listen to this one closely. It is so true. There are some of you who would not and do not want to believe it. But as the old saying goes – “BUYERS BEWARE’. It is not only the CHOICE  you make for your children, but also for yourself, especially if you are a senior, as I am. I refuse to be vaccinated, unlike many of my friends and associates. However, who gets the FLU every year? MY FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED. There are ingredients in all vaccines they don’t want you to know about, and they can, will eventually, and do kill people. Two of them are Mercury and Aluminum. These are 2 highly toxic metals. They are the underlying cause of many diseases. Do your research and find out for yourself. I never get vaccinated and rarely get sick, accept for maybe a runny nose, which I nip in the bud with NATURAL SUPPLEMENTATION, because that runny nose is the result of my exposure to Environmental Toxins.

It is mandatory today, that a child be vaccinated in order to register for school, and what do I see. After the first week of school, a majority of the students get almost deathly sick. They go home and it spreads through the family, who I am sure have probably also been vaccinated at the same time the child was vaccinated. Is there something wrong with this picture? Would everyone not have gotten sick if they had not been vaccinated?

Big Pharma and Doctors will tell you anything to put dollars in their pockets, even if it is at YOUR EXPENSE. Can you tell I am adamant regarding this subject? But, as I keep saying, IT IS YOUR CHOICE AS TO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO YOUR BODY THAT WILL JEOPARDIZE YOUR HEALTH!

This is only a 5 minute Video, but has Vital Information that you all should be aware of.

In my opinion. FLU or any other kind of vaccinations ARE KILLERS. Man is in charge of his own destiny.



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