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Image result for free pics of exhaustionEveryday I hear comments referring to ‘lack of energy’, ‘exhaustion’, “being tired all the time”, ‘I am fatigued’,  etc. These comments used to just come from the senior population, however, I now am hearing them from the younger generation – even teenagers.

Generally, most of our society today lives on stimulants for energy. You see them being touted on the TV on a regular time schedule everyday. “Eat an energy bar, drink an energy drink, don’t forget that cup of coffee, or fancy Latte’, take this prescription med, use this over-the-counter medication, have a ‘now’ fancy new beer or alcoholic beverage. These types of stimulants will eventually weaken your true energy center and glands. When you try to stop your intake of these stimulants, it is as bad as trying to stop drinking and taking drugs. It whiplashes you to feel very fatigued. Along with this it is important to know that the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is weakening your physical body, as well, not strengthening it. S.A.D. foods create a lot of inflammation and toxicity in the tissues, and soon you have tissue failure.

It seems that using stimulants has become the public’s way of treating the symptoms and not the cause of ‘loss of energy’ and ‘exhaustion’. This loss of energy, etc., is caused by the toxins that are broken up and released from the tissues back through the lymphatic system, and thyroid and adrenal gland. When these glands, which are part of the endocrine system are weak, fatigue, depression, and anxiety are the result.

Basically speaking the older the person, the greater the accumulated toxins in the system. But, with the younger generation, beginning as youngsters, to ingest stimulants into their systems – chronic fatigue is slowly becoming a huge health issue for them as well.

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Simply – glandular weakness, chronic acidosis, unhappiness, chronic lung involvement, thyroid, adrenal weakness, malabsorption and sugar imbalance are all factors that can cause serious energy loss and change.

So, what is the resolution?  Cleansing the body of the toxins by detoxing the body with the ingestion of living foods (raw) and juices is a good start. This will help to rejuvenate the glandular weakness. This will not be an overnight event; it is not easy because as you go through the process of detoxification you will experience many aches and pains. Where there is a weakness and degeneration in the body, it will show itself through aches and pains. This is the body tugging, and drawing and pulling the toxicity out of itself. This is normal and should not be feared. This kind of aches and pains usually have a short life span from a few hours to a week. This is called a healing crisis, and you will notice the areas of the aches and pains becoming much stronger – after experiencing a healing crisis.

Also, Dr. Robert Morse – has in the past, and other medical doctors today, are saying “More rest, and a good night’s sleep is needed, especially if you are trying to detox, or change your lifestyle – in order to remove the bad habits you might have of using stimulants like coffee, tea, refined sugars and etc.”

If you can persist in the detoxification process, you will be successful at overcoming chronic fatigue, loss of energy, exhaustion, and many other health related issues.

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God Bless!

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