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Image result for pictures of good health and wellbeingThe health tips I research are the result of a continuing barrage of questions I receive regarding, what some people would consider a silly question, to serious concerns. I will address them individually as follows.

  • ITCHING and SWELLINGS:  These issues are experienced when you are detoxing and  when you are not detoxing. They can be the contraindication of prescription drugs you may be taking for various health issues. There can be many swellings that erupt from the skin, to include, blisters and tumors. Tumors can become larger before they are dissolved. Most swellings are very short lived. This is a good time to eat lots of fruit.  Itching, as a factor in detoxification is mostly caused by a fungal or candida involvement. Itching can be a redness of the skin anywhere. It can be the result of insect bites, food allergies, etc. If caused by the detox process, it will be short lived. If it is caused by other factors, it is necessary to find the cause. Mercury fillings can cause severe itching. This also affects the brain as does other foods and chemicals to include MSG, Aspartame, Sucralose, Aluminum, etc. These are all neurotoxins. Itching can also be Adrenal gland failure.

If using a topical product, for itching, to be put on the skin, choose one that is natural. I find Aloe Vera gel right from the plant to be beneficial. If it is caused by fungal infestation, that infestation needs to be killed. A good herbal parasite formula supplement is extremely valuable at this time. Fungi live in lymphatic congestion so work on the lymphatic system as well; herbal formulas along with exercise will help with this. (Check out Dr. Morse’s Botanical Pharmacy)

  • BOWEL MOVEMENTS: If you don’t already know, it is vital that you have at least one bowel movement per day; however, 2 or 3 times would be better. Optimal  bowel health is having a bowel movement about one to two hours after each meal. More than 3 bowel movements is referred to as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This is inflammation within the GI (gastrointestinal) tract to include the stomach, the small intestine, the colon or large intestine, all of which can result in Diverticulitis which is the inflammation of the bowel, a formation of intestinal pockets, where food tends to get trapped and ferments. You can have loose, runny stools, or difficult stools, both of which can be referred to as constipation, but each in it’s own way. Both are very hard on the body, including the absorption of putrefaction from foods that are being held in the intestines. The destruction of the intestinal wall can begin as well if these food residues become impacted. To keep the bowels moving it is imperative that you consume lots of fresh raw fruits and veggies. You need to move and restore those bowels! They are the “hub of your body!” The ‘Botanical Pharmacy’ has excellent formulas to help this problem.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: also referred to as Hypertension. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss can all be connected to High Blood Pressure. Studies today inform us that optimal blood pressure be 120/75 or less. High blood pressure shrinks the brain, is a killer of the eyes, is a killer of the arteries, the kidneys, etc. Symptoms include: dizziness, ear ringing, fatigue, nose bleeds, tingling in hands/feet. Seek a good natural Blood formula supplement, such as Pressassure for High Blood Pressure. I bought mine at Walmart.

  • CHOLESTEROL: There is a lot of confusion regarding Cholesterol. There are a myriad of prescription medicines prescribed by doctors to alleviate this issue. But do they work and what do they cause otherwise? Scientific studies have shown that Statin/Cholesterol lowering drugs can cause many diseases to include the kidneys, muscles, destruction of the liver, and inflammation in many parts of the body. Inflammation can be a cause of High Cholesterol levels in the body’s system. Your body makes its own cholesterol to be used as needed naturally. If you act on the knowledge you are receiving about good nutrition, cholesterol need not be a problem.

This is a lot to absorb. Check it out for yourself. HAPPY RESEARCHING!

God Bless you all!

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