The Immune System

FREE ONLINE TALK: What is your immune system and how do you build ...Realization in regards to the immune system is being brought about by the current viral pandemic taking place in the chaotic now world that we are living in. You are hearing the words “immune system“, and “compromised immune system” referred to, as being a player in whether or not you can, or ever will be affected by any virus, as well as the Coronavirus. We are being told that those at risk are the elderly, and/or those people with pre-existing health issues. However, everyone is at risk in one way or another, because everyone has a compromised immune system in one way or another. If you have only ever had just your tonsils taken out – your immune system has been compromised. This is a topic that can take pages and pages to discuss. I only want you to become familiar, if you are not already, with the terminology. You can go on-line to delve into it deeper.

Health conditions and challenges to our immune systems are on the rise and have been for years. The widespread use of antibiotics and pesticides, dietary factors – to include too much sugar, arthritis, celiac disease, lupus, decreased intake of essential vitamins and minerals, overconsumption of calories in general and lifestyle factors – like not getting enough sleep, too little exercise, the excessive use of alcohol, stress, and smoking/vaping, to include second hand smoke etc., all break down and/or weaken the immune system.  The breaking down of the “microbiome” – the bacterial structure that supports a strong immune system soon weakens the system to the point of no return. All of these outer challenges are what pulls us off center for maintaining a strong and healthy immune system.

What, exactly, is the IMMUNE SYSTEM?

Let’s take a look in baby steps.

Structure of: the immune system is composed of various structures to include the lymphatic system – which includes the thymus and spleen, bone marrow, immune cells (lymphocytes, monocytes, basophils, macrophages, T-lymphocytes, B-cells, helper T and B cells, etc.), the liver and parasites (toxin eaters). (compliments of ‘The Detox Miracle Sourcebook’ – Robert Morse N.D. Biochemist, Herbalist)

The function of the Immune System is to protect the body from pathogens – which are foreign enemies, antigens (foreign proteins), parasites and the like, that could harm or destroy the body. The immune system is the police force of the body.

So what does all of that mean?  What is the lymphatic system? It is a glandular system that keeps things moving in the body. Let me remind you that the body is mainly cells, and all cells need to eat and excrete. This makes the lymph system your sewer system – it is important that the lymph system is in working order as it acts as your septic system. It provides not only protection for cells, but serves to remove wastes as well. The same, as do you, cells eat and excrete. Other parts of the lymph system include lymph fluid – which acts as the water that carries the wastes from your toilet to the septic system; lymph vessels – which mimic your blood vessels; lymph nodes – which are small bean-shaped holding tanks or septic tanks that are used by your lymph system to filter, neutralize, bond and destroy pathogens (toxins), antigens, etc.  When the lymph system becomes overburdened with toxins, parasites, weakened cells, mucus, metabolic wastes, etc., it begins to break down. When this happens your immune system (acting as the police force of your body) jumps right in there to protect your bodily systems from the mentioned invaders (toxins and parasites etc.) It eats them. They are the food the immune system thrives on. As with your car, it would not run without gas. It would break down or stop entirely. When the immune system is deprived of germs and bacteria to eat  in order to survive and thrive it breaks down, and eventually quits working. Remember the ‘boy in the bubble’ – he had no immune system.  Simply put, we would not be able to live on this planet without an immune system. A good working immune system means a good working lymph system as well as other good working glandular systems in the body; all working together to keep you healthy.

Illustration of large and small intestine: Royalty-free vector ...

Medical science tells us that “the greatest part of the immune system resides in the gut. We need those trillions of bacteria that live in the digestive tract.” Why?  Without them we are unable to defend ourselves from all the types of assaults the body is exposed to in the way of autoimmune diseases (listed earlier), which cause the body to turn upon itself. For you who do not know, the immune system lines the large and small intestines.. Dr. Susan Blum, author of the ‘Immune System Recovery Plan’ says that the ‘microbes in the gut lining speak to the immune system. Anything that alters the microbes in negative ways – like antibiotics or viral illness, among others – can also negatively alter the immune system.”

What has this to do with COVID-19?  What have we been told to do? SANITIZE, SANITIZE, SANITIZE – WEAR MASKS, WEAR MASKS, WEAR MASKS. Be sure you don’t come into contact with germswhich are microbes, bacteria and viruses. Didn’t we just say that the immune system needs these microbes, bacteria and viruses to eat on in order for it to function?  This overkill of sanitization is putting us in the same situation as the ‘boy in the bubble’. He did not have an ‘immune system’. In this pandemic, as they want to call it, if we started with a healthy, good, working immune system, it will not last long. It will soon break down, as it is not getting the food it needs to keep it nutritionally healthy. The result is ill-health, sickness – even if we would have never been sick, and soon death. Yes, those folks who do not have healthy immune systems are at risk. They are more at risk than those who have healthy immune systems. They are the folks who are dying because of having what is called a ‘compromised immune system‘. Most of them, in reality, are dying from the disease that comprised their immune systems, and not because of the coronavirus. The media would have us think just the opposite. A compromised immune system only makes it easier for the virus to take hold in their bodies and cause havoc, as would any other virus without the name of ‘corona’ attached to it. 

Sanitation is what I was taught as a child…but I played with and ate dirt anyway, and never got sick because my immune system was healthy and working as it should. In the civilized way of thinking, then, and should be today it was considered common sense to; “after you go to the toilet – wash your hands; before you sit down to the dinner table – wash your hands; try not to touch things you know might be contaminated, and if you do – wash your hands; if you are sick – stay home and away from other people; if you had a runny nose use a handkerchief – which today are known as Kleenex; if you sneeze, cup your face with your hand and then wash the hands.” These were all common sense ways to handle illness and sanitation, and we all survived.  The sanitized wipes, etc. that we have now are good. They and the masks are okay for those who wish to or need to use them because they have compromised immune systems. I have found that these people know who they are and do comply with being asked to use them. However, the use of either/and/or both, in my opinion, should NOT become mandatory or a law. We ARE capable of governing ourselves. Everyone all over the world has already proven this.

The ‘doom and gloom fear factor’ the media has bombarded us with; the do it our way or no way; the you will die if you don’t do as we say; are the ‘fear factor.’ Is there not something wrong with this picture? Do you feel your God given freedoms being taken away from you step by step, little by little? I do!

“You reap the consequences of the choices you make.” Have you heard that saying before. I would rather reap the consequences of the choices I MAKE AND NOT THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE CHOICES others have made for me. The bible tells us that when it comes to choices, ‘you cannot serve God and Mammon’. In other words you cannot sit on the fence with one foot on God’s side and the other foot on Mammons side. You must choose one or the other. Who do you want to serve obeisance to or pay homage to? I know who I have chosen. What is your choice? THINK ABOUT IT!

HOW? How can you maintain, build, and/or rejuvenate the immune system you have left after being compromised with other health/viral issues? According to Natural  Magazine, research tells us that “digestive enzymes are key to restoring gut health, and thereby healing the immune system. They are useful in reducing immune-mediated inflammation in autoimmune disorders.” Pneumonia, congestion, fever, runny noses are all inflammation oriented issues. Supporting the immune system helps heal inflammation and autoimmune diseases, of which there are many.

Digestive enzymes can be found in raw foods, pineapple and papaya as well as other fruits, and supplements. Probiotics – live beneficial bacteria help restore balance in the microbiome, effectively feeding and strengthening the immune system. Wendy Myers, a functional diagnostic nutritionist suggests that “declining levels of friendly bacteria in the gut may actually mark the onset of chronic degenerative disease.” Supplements include the, all of a sudden, controversial, Vitamin C – a great immune enhancer; Vitamin D3 – proven to be an upper respiratory infections inhibitor, good for bone health, supports normal insulin and blood-sugar levels; Zinc – zinc lozenges have been shown to inhibit the ability of certain cold viruses to latch on to the cells in the back of your throat where they multiply and can descend into your lungs to potentially cause pneumonia. Take only as directed; Aged Garlic extract (3,600 mg a day) – is a bacteria fighter, has unique immune-boosting compounds; Oregano Oil – bacteria eater; Magnesium – restores synaptic brain structures; Moringa – an all around multivitamin source;  dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and its metabolites have demonstrated immune-enhancing and antiviral effects.(50 mg a day); Beta glucanpolysaccharides, are known to prevent and shorten durations of colds, and FLU viruses, and relieve allergies, and sinus congestion which in turn regulates and overactive immune response in cases of autoimmune disorders; and Melatonin – can help rejuvenate immune function. There are others – do your own research. You may already being taking some of these, but might need to add to what you are taking. Most of them are found in the foods you eat, provided they are the right foods. However, because people today eat so many processed and junk foods they need to supplement.

SUMMARY: In essence, your immune system involves your total self; your entire physiology, your moods, thoughts, actions, how much rest you get, the environment you live in, what you eat and put into your body, how happy you are in your family, job and life in general. These all play a part in how healthy and effectively vital your immune system will work. When it comes to the COVID-19 virus – use your common sense. Through lifestyle choices, you can make healing decisions rather than damaging decisions. Don’t let FEAR rule.  A good decision to make would be to DETOX, followed by a serious change in your eating habits, lifestyle, etc. Don’t wait until you get sick. Start now, so your immune system will be prepared to fight off the virus. Find a good Detox Specialist who can help you with this task, help you stay on track, and be there at the finish. 

In this time of confusion, with pandemics popping up all around us – I really feel we will never go back to the norm we used to have. All we can and must do is REMEMBER what most of us have been taught all of our lives.

Free Jesus Christ Pictures And Verse Wallpapers, Free - Easter ...Love, God with all your might, mind and soul; Love thy neighbor as thyself; do unto others as you would have others do unto you; and, the light of Jesus Christ will lead you to live and have a good life. Only He can, and will set you free.



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