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MILK: from the Cow. This is one drink I frown on for overall health. New scientific studies are showing that drinking a lot of milk increases risk of prostate cancer in  men, and breast cancer in women. Milk of animals is the blood of that animal minus the hemoglobin. You are at high risk if you drink even one glass of milk a day. Mother cows wean their calves off their milk at six months.  We should do the same, and never drink it again. There are many alternatives for milk today, Almond, Coconut, Cashew, etc. (avoid Soy because of probable contaminants from the way it is grown). Nut milks are delicious and healthier.

BLACK: For Health….black beans, black rice, dark fruits and vegetables, black radish, black cumin seed oil. I love black cumin seed oil. It helps balance the immune system, is good for aging, the cardiovascular system, and lessening pain. Eat black garlic for the blood, and black pepper corn to alleviate sinus issues.

GLUTATHIONE – a term used when it comes to maintaining good health is not found in a supplement. It is found in broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, watercress, mustard greens, garlic and onions. If you don’t like these foods, it might be a good idea to learn to like them. They are all beneficial to your overall health, and maintaining a non-compromised immune system.

Did you know that the blood of many ‘blood donors’ is laced with caffeine, drugs from prescriptions, and alcohol. The blood bank asks for good, clean blood, but does not always get it, no matter how thorough they are on the questions folks have to answer before donating. People are not always truthful. The good thing. Before you get a blood transfusion the blood is checked. If anything is in the blood that might be harmful, that blood is thrown out. I am sure this is why blood banks are always asking for donors. (This info came from a Blood Bank in my area).

Did you know America is the most drugged nation on the planet. And, that America and New Zealand are the only 2 countries in the world allowed to advertise drugs on TV.

CDC – did you know that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is a marketing branch of the Pharmaceutical Companies? The CDC has patents on vaccines, many of which are dangerous to the health of many people. Isn’t this illegal?

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BEET JUICE – Red beets, a vegetable that many of you probably hated as a child, are now the rage as a healthy nutritional food source. I have always loved red beets, I pickle them, cook them with the green tops (when I can find a bunch that look fresh), use the fresh crisp tops in salads, put the tops in smoothies, and etc. Pickled they are a great probiotic. However, now the rage is BEET JUICE. Beet juice is a nitric-oxide boosting food. Nitric oxide (NO) helps to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. It also boosts your exercise performance, and enhances your brain health by forming new neural connections as you age. It is high in natural sugar so drink it in moderation.

EXFOLIATION – For you who are beauty conscious, who are aware already that dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your skin, be it your face or any other part of your body – usually arms and legs. These dead skin cells give you a dull appearance. Exfoliation is the way to remove the dead surface skin cells, which in turn stimulate your skin’s deeper layers to create new cells on the surface. The method used to exfoliate is the use of an exfoliating brush, scrub or cleanser. Microdermabrasion is another surface treatment for exfoliation, however, some dermatologists are saying that even though this type of exfoliation has been found to increase collagen synthesis, improving skin structure and promoting skin rejuvenation, it, as well, can do damage when this method is applied too often.

Homemade products can be used – to include: sugar, oats, salt or baking soda to slough off dead skin (but, be careful), again, to not overdo it. Apple cider vinegar, which contains alpha-hydroxy acid is also excellent for an at home gentle exfoliation.

More tips are yet to come in the future.


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