What has this got to do with FLUORIDE – you ask? People have been being controlled for years – centuries.  COVID is the way today, but Science has been feeding us an abundance of misinformation our whole lives. The use of FLUORIDE  is one of the many so called ‘scientific discoveries’ that has side effects that we have never been told about. When you google ‘fluoride’ you find sites that tell you only the good about fluoride and very few sites that tell you of the adverse side effects, you may either immediately, or in the future encounter. As I researched this topic I found that there are sites that would have given you insight to the dangers of Fluoride that google has eliminated as a source of information.

Therefore, I would like to educate, you, my readers – on ‘FLUORIDE’ before you can no longer find the truth in regards to the good and/or the bad, in reference to fluoride.


  • FLUORIDE: is acid-forming
  • Fluoride is obtained in many ways.
  • Food sources for ‘fluoride‘ (F) include: carrots, turnips and beet greens, garlic, spinach, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, almonds, and other nuts, etc.
  • Toxic and dangerous sources of fluoride in America include: water, juices (that are not fresh squeezed), soda, wine – coffee, soups (all made with fluoridated water), processed foods, baby formula (for bottle fed babies), mechanically deboned chicken (e.g. chicken nuggets), food cooked in Teflon Cookware, Anesthetics, Fluoridated salt, cigarettes, and many pharmaceutical drugs. Fluoride is added to many water supplies and to food processed in areas containing high levels of fluoride. It is added to toothpastes, mouthwash, etc. As well it is obtained from the soil through the use of certain fertilizers. It is also toxic in seafood and oats. 
  • The Newest Information I found is that “the concentration of Fluoride in bones increases over a lifetime. (NRC 2006) Another source states that “Fluoride accumulates in the body typically in the bones and Pineal Gland. (Luke 1997, 2001) In the studies by Jennifer Luke (2001) she states that ” Fluoride affects the Pineal Gland; that fluoride accumulates in the human pineal gland to very high levels.” For you who do not know what the Pineal Gland is, I wrote about it in a prior blog. However, I will restate here that the pineal gland is a small pea-sized gland located behind the optical nerve in the brain. It is sometimes referred to as “the third eye”. The pineal gland controls the emotions, feelings of sad, glad, memory, etc. It also affects  other activities that go on in the brain. How does fluoride affect this gland?  It calcifies it – which means – hardens it. You can relate it to the term ‘a hardening of the arteries’. When this gland is calcified or destroyed it renders a person without feelings…you almost become robotic. It, as well, can cause severe headaches, and blindness. Lately, it is being scientifically noted that the destruction of this wee small gland may be the underlying reason for the increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease among not only the elderly, but also the younger generation.
  • CLAIMED USES IN THE BODY: Stronger tooth enamel and bones, fewer cavities, fewer bone fractures, less osteoporosis in older women, higher birth weights and higher rates of growth in children, reduced loss of hearing if caused by osteoma spongiosum of the inner ear. They say it is also needed for blood, skin, hair and nails.
  •  If you are DEFICIENT in Fluoride it is claimed by the scientists that you will have tooth decay, curvature of the spine, weak eyesight and etc.
  • DOSAGE: Needless to say, we consume Fluoride by natural means through the food we eat – if we are eating a well balanced and healthy diet, and not eating the STAD (Standard American Diet). However, when the consumption of fluoride is added upon and added upon (see the above Toxic notation) it becomes destructive. 

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the recommended dosage for humans is 0.7 milligrams per liter of water.  The problem is that the mantra for folks today is Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. This puts more Fluoride into the body for accumulation (the key word) than is necessary through the drinking water (if fluoridated), the drinking of soda (made with fluoridated water, and as listed above in coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices (made with fluoridated water), or processed juices, etc. What I am trying to point out is ‘that it is easy to overdose on fluoride‘. You don’t need to take supplemental forms of fluoride e.g. tablets, liquids.  If, however, you are taking Fluoride as a supplement, follow the directions for use carefully, and only under the direction of a qualified doctor.

There are side effects to taking Fluoride as a supplement. They include: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bone loss, hormone disruption, tooth decay, migraines, cysts, acne, cancer, periostitis, and even death.

  • Further Dangers – according to Global Healing/Natural Health, fluoride, especially if you are overdosed, does the following: 1) Weakens Skeletal Health, 2) Causes Liver weakness, 3) Causes arthritis, 4) Is Toxic to the thyroid, 5) Calcifies the Pineal Gland, 6) Accelerates female puberty, 7) Is harmful to Male and Female Fertility, 8) Creates Chronic Kidney disease, 9) Causes Cardiovascular inflammation and atherosclerosis, and 10) Has a negative Cognitive effect on Human intelligence – especially in children. This is SCARY! Since there are so many dis-eases in the world that mimic the same symptoms, and medications that mimic the same side effects, it is difficult – even for the doctors (as I am finding out when I interview people), to know what the cause is for many of the chronic mainstream illnesses that folks are experiencing today.

“Fluoride has been banned in many countries to include China, Austria, Belgium, etc. Nearly all of Europe’s water supply is fluoride free.” (Source, Cheeseslave.com)

I gave up exposure to Fluoride many years ago – even though my dad was a dentist and recommended its use in his practice when it first came out in Toothpaste. Dentist’s don’t like me when I refuse the Fluoride Treatment for my teeth. I have not experienced anything bad by not using Fluoride inundated toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc. or drinking water with it in it. I purify it out of my drinking water. However, after doing this research,  I will use more caution when it comes to other beverages.

I say we follow Europe’s way of thinking on this one. Don’t kid yourself. Everyone is in the overdosed mode. But, as I always say – after reading the above and/or researching it for yourself, the final decision is yours. What do you want for your body. It is the only one you have. And, before your freedom to choose, and make decisions for yourself, are taken away.



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